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Some Ideas


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Ships-clan ships to travel to other star systems to geather resorses and explore maybe start a villige or somthing to add to the game.


Diffrent armor peces-funny cool silly armor peaces like holiday peaces and epic amor maybe have it effect your warframe in a way.


Music-add music to the clan dojo let the leader import his music to the main loby so everybody can hier it


Living corters-Let the clan bild some rooms to live in were they can rest in there little pods and chang the look of there room with some ferniture.


Robots-give us some robots to build so we can use them to fight echother place bets on them or use to take over some locations in other star systems hmm.


Syber dogs-even warframes need a companion why not a syber dog even if u cant take it on missions be fun to visit him in the clan dojo


Chess-something we can play well waiting for are other clan members in the dojo


pvp-well everybody already discuste that


well here or some of my ideas that i would like to see in game.

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