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Stopmotion with Reactants


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It is incredibly annoying. If one gets one, he will usually be behind a lie in fast play and you have to roll back. This disrupts the entire game flow. That must be different! It can not be meaningful that I have to make a bending at every Reactant. Sure, if you have not killed the Npcs. But as a killer, one should have the right that the Reactant is collected. It's not just like that. The Game feeling must have no walkbacks. It is impractical and causes epelepsy. At least it partly feels so, because this back of the camera creates a very annoying contrast for nothing. This applies, of course, only to melee. In the distance, this is something quite different. Although it is there, through the very slow drop spawn rate it can also come to the walkback.
I find here DE should work with high pressure. For me, this is an eye-catching time distortion bug.

Solutions: The Reactants drops very faster. So that of that time window, passing over to the drop.
Or a 1 meter automatic drop function, not by the player, but by the Reactant.

This would be a very pleasant change and would dramatically increase the gameplay. Even the game would be flowing.


Thx and sorry for my bad Englisch ^^

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