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Request: FashionFrame


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So with Operator's & with soon to be able having armor sets & syandannas to not share colors. I think there should be another tab in the codex thats named "FashionFrame". Within FashionFrame, There will be different pictures of different frames & how they are dressed. There would be also infomation in the picture when you click it such as what colors & armor pieces they have used used.

There could be different set poses that you can choose from such as holding a weapon or with your operator beside you or activating one of the set frame powers. The default one will be set to your warframe just standing with a stance you choose. You can also click the top right corner to set a specific warframe you wanna view within the gallery. 

Just thought this would be a cool thing within Warframe where we can see pages & pages of creations from players since the true endgame is ......



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