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More Endgame Ideas :)


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Wasn't sure if this would fit in dojo or gameplay feedback but I think it's both so whatever.

Ok so what if there was another room in the dojo that was like a ship and with this ship people of high enough rank in your clan could schedule missions that are only accessible with this feature it would kinda play out like raids in other games there would be 4 and 8 players missions or maybe even within your clan the leader could make squads and assign leaders and the leaders would assign the missions for their squad so depending on how many ships you have that's how many squads you could have these missions would be very long and difficult and this would involve not only attacking ships but bases on planets as well I think it would be cool if when you won the mission your clan got ranked overall the clans in your respective divison I.e. the whole shadow clan thing they were talking about where smaller clans are shadow clans and whatnot but yea the higher rank your clan is in your division the bigger and badder missions you can do and the more important the missions you can do meaning they will be harder this way you will probably fail a couple of them that way other clans can surpass you and try the harder missions also the harder the missions the longer it takes to setup so you can do 2-3 easy missions over the time you can 1 hard mission devoloping more points for your clan and raising the rank.

Pretty much I think this will bring more things to do in turns of the dojo and also the game itself not to mention it will add some sort off competing in this game which people love

What do you guys think and don't be afraid to ask questions and btw if your wondering why I didn't use periods or paragraphs it cuz I'm lazy :)

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