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A few Questions


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Ok there maybe spoilers in here for people that haven't completed the quest.

The quest had several game breaking bug's with controls. I'm using a Z-Board Fang due to needing the large buttons to play the GAME. It has worked perfectly for the game. Parkour in the game has always been a problem for me. (I'm Disabled and my hands do not work well )

1. due to the Bugs with transference that i had and reported. These were addressed in the next update as well as some other things i had reported on. I have a 7 day Affinity Booster on and have lost 3 days to the bugs. is DE going to remedy that or are those just costly lost days ?

2. I got none of the Kuva weapons out of the Queens fight. (Even though i have seen were others ended up with at least 2 of each, in there inventories ) was this intended or just another bug that has to be addressed as it shows that you were suppose to be able to get these weapons during the quest. ( The Queens fight was even more bugged then the transference section of the quest had to wait a couple of days before i could even do it.) the problems seem to have cleared up.

I did not just run through this, i explored the fortress and fought and killed a lot of other Grineer. I killed all the Kuva Guards in the Queens chamber and they were also shooting me with the Twin Rogga. Did not receive any of their weapons. Much of this has been lets just say very disappointing and frustrating to say the least.

All i ended up with is a Riva mod, the Broken Scepter, a Orvius Blue print, and the Queens Glyph.

Also the Promo Glyph i never Received even though i use the Promo Code on either of my accounts. Will this be fixed ?

So will i be reimbursed or given 3 days of Affinity Booster that were lost  due to the bugs?.

Will i get the weapons that others seem to get from the Quest ?

Will i be able to do the Quest now without the Bugs on my main account ? ( I'm rank 20 on that account but can not rank any higher due to the extreme Parkour required to do it. ) I've been playing this game for over 2 years. It is my Main game, though lost a couple of months when my system went down.

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Ok well the way they worded it, And the Hype they used about getting the weapons during the quest, as well as some of the video's i have seen showed differently. And i was all hyped up after all the disappointment and days of waiting for the game breaking bugs to be fixed, and the loss's during the quest to get some of these, like the weapon Tesson gives you turns out to be a BP and you have to farm for everything including the Kuva blood,( You need 4,000 ) of which you didn't even get a drop of from doing the fights.  not even one of the Bladed staffs from the Kuva Guards you killed.

In the Neza BP's it requires 1200 Kuva Blood, it didn't require any before to build.

Well i just did a survival ( SEDNA, Selkie: Survival rank 30-40   ) at rank 30 to 40 enemies to unlock the Riven mod, It didn't unlock. So just another Bug. Requirements: You couldn't kill anyone or go down. No one was hurt, i wasn't ever even damaged or went down, and i completed the mission. Prize i got was nothing, the New Riven mod didn't unlock. Again another disappointment. 

Another point the Riven mod's are MR locked. i did the mission again and it finally unlocked. But is useless on this account as i don't plan on increasing the MR past 12 on it. Have had it at this rank for about 6 to 8 months. It unlocked for Deth Machine Rifle. so it's only good on a Sentinel weapon......what.....really.....a Sentinel Weapon that i won't even use, which i consider as ranking fodder, much less it's weapon. 

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