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Post WW operator customization UI bug


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To achieve this bug you must complete War Within, so, spoilers?

When in your ship and you switch to operator mode, then from menu go to Operator: Customize you stare at an empty chair.

Notably, if you interact with the chair instead the operator sits back down.  But if you go through menu while in operator walk-around-mode, you can change appearance hypothetically but are doing so blind as the operator is not visible.

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Followup: if you enter operator mode then physically interact with the chair... you get an interesting bug for a second.  Head spinning around at impossible speeds.

Edit - Follow to followup, this part seems to be more complicated and I can no longer replicate it.  The original bug about customizing the operator and (s)he's not there is still happening.

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Exorcist mode cleared up inexplicably
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