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Riven Bug


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I just cycled a riven mod, the stats are garbage on the new configuration,  Only option is to hit confirm at the bottom.  So I press that and then NO on the dialog box.  I am now stuck in a loop, I hit no, it goes back to the display screen, I can only hit Confirm below (no escape or whatever to get out of it, no cancel etc, )

So I  hit confirm again, new dialog box, hit no, back to beginning


I can only seem to hit yes to cycle riven into current selection, no doesn't work

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I can confirm the same happening to me. I can also say that pressing enter to type in the chat counts as hitting the big "confirm" button on the bottom for some reason.

Edit: Now region chat says I could have clicked the old riven mod on that screen. But this did not seem obvious to me at all, and the escape key doing nothing reinforced my belief that something had gone wrong.

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