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Question On Mod Sorting


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I am planning ahead, and upging a variety of mods to certain levels for various weapons that i am working towards building in the foundry. But due to the large amount of mods i am getting every mission i play, and the large amount of mods i am saving in general, i am having a rather hard time not accidentally fusing my hard earned mods with other mods that i want to save for the same weapon, having forgotten why i was saving it.


So to the point, i wanted to ask if you guys on the Dev team could implement a "custom" tab/tabs so i can sort the mods myself, not just for mods i am saving, but when i equip and unequip mods for my various warframes whenever i switch them in and out. Something so small as a "don't fuse this" or a custom named marker on specific mods would be very helpful.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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