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What If There Was A Mod That Directly Boosted What You Received From Pickups?


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hah. I came into this thread expecting a suggestion of a mod which increased the chances of getting rare mats and mods, and was going to make some snarky comment about sacrifices. 

Well, to be honest I reckon this is what ammo packs, health packs, Energy Siphon and Affinity Boosters are for.
Honestly, when are you ever going to burn through eight ammo packs (Or even four, given that you might want to equip some other stuff) even in a boss fight? Unless you're soloing with Dual Vipers or something. 

And also, what ammo problems? Rifles start off with base 540 rounds. Shotguns start with 120. If let's say I'm running with my Hek and Despair, I've got 210 rounds on my Despair and 120 rounds on my Hek. Given that pistol and shotgun ammo drops are fairly common, I reckon I'd have about 200-250 shots for my Hek and around 300 for my sidearm. Ammo problems aren't really all that much of a problem.

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Aren't there already artifacts that do this? Why have a mod for it? And, as CheeseHasLeafs pointed out, the only time you might run out of ammo is on Dual Vipers, and even then, you have other weapons (and drops) to supplement. -1

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