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Warframe Crossbow Idea


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I were thinking about a hybrid of a sniper rifle and a bow, and thought about this.


Something like Paris, fires armor ignoring bolts, here's the stats:


Name: Arthemida


Mastery Level: 4

Type: Hunting Crossbow

Base Damage: 175

Accuracy: I have no idea what these numbers mean, but imo accuracy a of Paris is fine.

Base Clip Size: N/A

Base Ammo Size: 72

Base Reload Speed: 2.4s

Base Charge Speed: N/A

Base Stagger Chance: 100%



+ Doesn't have to be charged

+ Huge damage when compared to Paris

+ Higher bolt speed and less drop

+ High zoom(that of a Vulkar)

+ Silent

+ Better ammunition efficiency when compared to Paris/Dread

+ Can pin corpses and deal column-AoE damage, caused by flying corpses


- Reload takes a considerable time

- Can't be hip-fired

- High zoom level makes close ranged fight nearly impossible

-* Maybe no random critical hits?




I think something like this should be implemented, but in more ninja style of course:



All opinions on this are welcome!

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one problem is that sniper rifles are already largely undesirable because they do a ton of overdamage to small units and the rapid firing guns have better dps for bosses, the only place they really excel are enemies they can just barely 1 shot... 


for a crossbow concept, i was thinking of what some people want the flux rifle to be changed into. Where it is basically an accurate high pucture weapon, that just goes through tons of enemies in a row even if its not lethal to the first enemy. Historically higher puncture capabilities has always been the advantage of crossbows over bow and arrows. It could really either be fairly slow firing or rapid firing, would probably have to test to see which seems to be more fun.


edit: also really like the last pic in Valkrein's post.

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