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Activating your focus ability is impossible on PC when playing with a controller.


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when you press and hold in both bumpers to activate your focus ability, it only registers the press as if it was a tap, so it spawns your operator instead of activating the ability.


also, there's a LOT of ui that just flat out does not work if you're using a controller. the controller in question is the xbox one controller.

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Hm... I don't not believe you, but I can confirm that it's working for me, which means the bug doesn't affect all controllers/configurations. Using the 360 Controller here w/ the MS dongle, Win7 x64 fully updated. Controller bindings mostly unchanged, save a swap of aim+primary fire.

edit: In case it's a method problem, I'm activating it by pulling up the powers menu via RB, and then long-holding LB to activate the power.

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