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Some operator's Bug in mission


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Hay DE ! they are Taiwan Tenno


1) The operator's energy color is fixed in black,but my friend say  they see is not black

  so i report here ,  I hope you can see this little voice

2) operator will wear two pieces of clothing when I am not the host,and sometime operator can't run in mission

3) operator cant shake hands with each other(Warframe or opreator)

4) Others can't see the correct clothes of operator in Profile ←Google translation

They are some picture to help understand the situation






Here is Chinese version

1) 操作員的能量顏色會固定在黑色,但是我的朋友說他們看到的不是黑色


2) 操作員將會穿上兩件衣服當我不是主辦人,另外,有時候指揮官在任務中不能跑步 

3) 操作員不能互相握手

4) 其他人不能從個人檔案當中看到正確的操作員服裝

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