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Dojo Construction Tutorial/Quest


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Can there please be added some kind of tutorial or quest when you start a dojo, which teaches you how to built a dojo and gives you tips?

It is truly frustrating to start a dojo with your friends as a new player, and having to slowly built an oracle lab and then when you finally construct it to only rip it down because you can't built anything else other than a reactor.

Maybe have a small non mandatory quest, which guides you through how to start out with building a dojo, so you don't built yourself into dead ends.

I know I probably should have looked up guides and such, a guide should really be in the game especially when you can so easily build yourself into a dead end. At least I get to keep my components, but still the hours that are wasted because of a small beginner mistake:/

An example could be to have quest that starts you out with building a reactor, then a cross connector and then an oracle lab (or however is the best way to start out with building a dojo). Then as you are building the rooms, the game could come with basic knowledge and tips, like "Remember to not built yourself into a dead-end" and things like that, kinda like when you got the components for your ship in the start.


Anyway, that is more or less the only complaint I have with the game atm other than that the game is so good and fun:)


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