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Sortie defense as regular mission types

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So I like sortie defense.  I like the fact that I can't fail it, or really its very hard to fail it.  Regular defense, something goes side-ways for a second, game over, heavy gunner destroyed the core in 4 seconds.   Done.  Which is why I like sortie defense, the AI isn't the best but his health drops, I can reviving him.  I would love it if this was a regular mission type, or if in defenses we had a option which style we would want.

Honestly, a new endless escort mission would be nice either based on that (as soon as I said escort peoples blood pressure went up).  So basically a hybrid of sortie defense and mobile defense.  Basically our Ai would run to mobile defense targets, and hack and recover data.  Our job would not only to be protect him but get him there.  Every time he does a hack, we get a reward.  Could be a new tile set, like a derelict orokin tower which is not overrun by infested or corrupted but instead we are trying to get the data before the corpus or grineer.  The enemy type could even chance mid mission.  Just a idea

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