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Weaker enemies, but more of them?


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Problem 1:

Some of the levels have really amssive halls, but there are like 8 guy in them.

Problem 2:

It kind of diminishes the power of the warframes when you have to whail on the enemies for a bit sometimes before they die.

I'm not saying make them all one-hit kills, but making them a bit weaker and a bit more numerable would solve both these problems I think :)

Anyoen else?

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The only enemies I wouldn't mind seeing a bit weaker are the Corpus walkers, mostly because the game seems to love spawning them in groups of 4-5. Since they have 200 life a piece, can't be heavy slash one-hitted, and do massive damage quickly.; add in shield drone and doors that you just came through suddenly being blocked by lasers they tend to become a bit over powered.

Similar but side-note: shield drones should only be able to shield one enemy, not all of them. Having to rush into a room full of shielded enemies because the drone is in a place where you can't possibly shoot at it from outside sort of sucks.

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