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Orokin Void Second Parkour Course


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Just had that massive parkour course in the orokin void with that awesome leap of faith.


Couldn't find a thread about it so I wanted to open one myself and say:

This course is awesome.


I had a fair share of the normal parkour course, and I was expecting a different third stage. Doors opened and I was standing in an empty room, with just a hole in the middle of it which was glowing bright orange due to the massive amount of lasers.

First thought:

Where am I supposed to go? I cannot jump down there, right?

Well guess it is leap time!


Then that pillar of pure light which tosses you right back into the second room... full of Death Orbs with spinning lasers and multiple ice fields on the ground.

So aim for the normal ground and avoid lasers as much as possible.

Finally ground... oh my... door half closed already and so much ice!

Guess it is jump and slide time...


Barely made it!


Some pictures:



I will try to upload a video of me leaving the course.



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That course is great. The first time I went through, i was using Nova. I got down to the door first but didn't have enough time to get through, so I put down a wormhole and teleported through the small crack and made it just in time.


It was like a movie!

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