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Regarding the waypoint changes / fixes


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For those of you that haven't had the time to go through them yet, today's hotfix has disallowed people from placing two waypoints (one with warframe, one with operator) Although this was, I guess, a bug fix (as it is listed as such), I want to petition DE to reverse this change, or make it an official feature, for multiple reasons:


1) It was a useful feature (ex: lures for eidolon hunting, teaching new players, syndicate medallion hunting)

2) It was not exploitable- wasn't even ever able to be used selfishly (basically all of its applications were either to teach people or to ensure other people don't miss out)

3) In regards to teaching people content, it was extremely useful.


I am a bus driver on WFRSB, and as someone who has driven literally hundreds of people through LoR, LoRNM and JV, I can definitively say on behalf of all the fellow bus drivers that the ability to place two waypoints has been extremely useful for teaching people the raids. There are many points where multiple waypoints are required to express the interwoven mechanics and how they work. For this reason, DE, please please please revert this fix, as it will make the jobs of all people teaching new players the game (and especially the bus drivers on RSB that give hundreds of hours of their time to voluntarily teach people the raids) just that much harder.


for this purpose, i'd also  just like to put out a quick strawpoll; http://www.strawpoll.me/14254608

As this post was put out on reddit a few hours before this one, i'd just like to post the results (of the strawpoll) as it is currently;



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