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How do I get speed drift mod?


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Go to Lua. I would go to Plato for drift mods. Find a room that looks like this.


「speed drift warframe room」の画像検索結果

Don't actually go inside, not really because you'll die, it's because this part doesn't matter until the very end. 

I can't exactly remember what you're supposed to do afterwards, but you have to shoot a pad, then run through a short corridor, then go to the next little section, shoot a pad, run through, and once you make it, go inside the actual room, climb up the middle, and claim your prize. Sorry that i couldn't give like... Specific & accurate details, but it's been a whi;e since i've done this

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First off, have you completed the second dream?


If so, RIP, you missed a drift mod. Not sure if it was speed, but it gave reach and - friction I think.


Anyway, the trial thingys on lua are the only place to get them I think. You have to find the trial based around speed (who woulda guessed :P).


Apparently its rarer then the others though. Not sure if its true or not.

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