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I added Range to my Zaw, and it got shorter.


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And I took a lot of screenshots to prove it. (TL;DR below.)
My recorded weapon lengths were measured by quick-meleeing a Roller Eximus, using a sniper scope to accurately measure the maximum distance at which a hit would register. Below are the results with various +Range bonuses.

Note that this is with a Cyath+Seekalla POLEARM. I haven't tested out the behaviour of other weapon classes yet.


Here's the weapon with just a Riven mod equipped (stats shown below).



So with +111.9% Range, quick melee can reach around 6.5m.


Here's the weapon with just Primed Reach equipped.



So, with +165% Range, quick melee can reach around 7.9m.


Here's the weapon with both Primed Reach and the Riven equipped.



So, with a total of +276.9% Range, quick melee clearly misses at 6.1m.




Why does this happen?

Well, this is all with the camera aimed more or less at the center of the roller-- but, for some reason, aiming the camera even slightly to the left or right of the target will have major impacts on how far the Zaw polearm can reach. Slight changes in the direction you're facing will cause wildly erratic hitbox behaviour-- too erratic for me to understand exactly what's going on, let alone be able to document the whole thing with screenshots.

This behaviour is HIGHLY different from regular polearms, which have a consistent maximum reach as long as you're looking in the general direction of the target. For example, an Orthos Prime with a maxed Primed Reach will (if measured using the exact same method) consistently land hits at up to an ~8.1m range, regardless of aim. Most other polearms (Orthos, Sydon, Tonbo, etc) will consistently land hits at up to a ~5.5m range, regardless of aim.

Is it because the Zaw polearm is rotated by 90 degrees in literally all of its animations? Is the Strike somehow contributing to the hitbox? I don't know. All I know is that this is really intrusive and it'd be great to see a fix.





  • Zaw polearm hitboxes are REALLY wonky and erratic. They even interact strangely with Range mods.
  • Regular polearm hitboxes are wide, consistent, and reliable... even those with a higher base range than Zaws.
  • To fix this, could you give Zaw polearms the hitbox behaviour of regular polearms? (Easier said than done, of course; but I think this would be the ideal situation.)

Thanks for reading. Until this gets fixed, it's back to the Orthos and Tonbo for me. :sad:

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