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Stackable Mods And Drag-&-Drop Crafting


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The current fusion system is a little clunky. It's also prone to making terrible mistakes, killing your highest rank mods while fusion spamming unranked mods to build up your Serration or Redirection, or whatever.


I suggest that the mods should be stackable, based on rank of the mod.


i.e. if you have twenty unranked point-strike mods, one rank 1 point-strike and one maxxed rank point-strike mod, then you would see three different sets of point-strike mod card in your inventory. One stack of 20, one single rank 1 mod and one max rank mod card.


Additionally, i would like to suggest that a drag-and-drop system be implemented for combining cards in the fusion process. For example, if you wanted to use up your twenty unranked point strike mods, you could just drag the stack of 20 mods into what ever other card you wanted to use them to increase the rank of, say another "V" card, such as Serration.


If you want to only use 10 of them to boost your Serration, then when you highlight the stack of twenty point strikes, a slider would appear to allow you to choose the desired number to drag-and-drop.


Thinking of posting a photochop mockup if what i'm suggesting is not clear enough.


Let me know.

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Ahh. Well my apologies for creating a new thread about it, however in my opinion this is something that still deserves discussion, if it hasn't already be done to death. I think the idea of making stackable mods based on the rank of the mod also worth mentioning.


Another good idea to stop people trashing their good mods would be the favoriting(locking) system discussed here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/56971-let-me-lock-my-most-valuable-mods-so-they-cant-be-sold-fused-etc/page-3?hl=%2Bstackable+%2Bmods#entry686954


I know that DE is engaged with the community, however i'm not entirely sure the relationship between regular open beta players, the "founders" and the dev team. How closely do they monitor the feedback section of the beta forum, if you don't mind me asking?

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