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Flames Of Eternal Chaos - Recruiting


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Flames of Eternal Chaos is a new clan. We have 5 members all rank 5+. We are looking for people to have fun with while we play. All ranks are welcome. We got our labs up so we are researching in all 3 fields. We also have a vent server for chat.  We enjoy the small setting where we know each other. We are a close knit group of people we play many MMOs and FPSs. We are all on daily and play together. Most of us are live in the Central Time Zone.


 We have lots of T2 and T3 void keys. We need some players that are interested in the end game or working to the current end game to run the keys with and farm missions.


Send a Pm to me on here or in game my IGN is the same as the forum name. Hope to see ya in game.

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