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  1. I’m paying attention and taking notice. Land “speeders” and their variations were very much popularized on another level and made synonymous with and by Star Wars. Horses have been around forever and were popularized decades before, regardless of genre spin. Throw “speeders” into Duviri and it will NOT be able to divorce itself from Star Wars. Throw horses in and no one is going to claim they ripped off Star Wars...or Avatar for that matter for using some version of a “space” horse. It so completely predates these iterations that your argument doesn’t hold up.
  2. Wrong. It predates Star Wars by, well, decades...Star Wars used them just like hundreds of other movies. It is hardly a “Star Wars” reference...If you want to go there, then Star Wars is ripping off the alt-horse AVATAR reference.
  3. The Tenno really ARE void demons...children of the Void...living void portals spreading the Void’s energy into our Universe to break down the laws of science and reason. They believe themselves to be the young Zariman 10-0 children but are actually doppelgängers sharing a consciousness and given form and function and the ability to exist in our dimension by being tethered to their older, real-life counterparts which are trapped in the plains of Duviri. One cannot exist without the other. Is the paradox that you exist in two places at once? Or is it that both versions of y
  4. Can we please get a correction or... ...at least have a true “Soltice” White (true neutral), “Hearth” White(very slight warm tint) and true “Winter” White (very slight cool tint) added? TY! I wanted to believe it was display options related but frames and attachments don’t suffer this issue.
  5. What if Frost was a Fire Frame... WHAT IF “C-A-T” spelled DOG.
  6. If this is true, we need to know more about the Unum, the Nexus, and the Quills. It suggests there is power beyond the multidimensional threat that is the Void/MITW in that multiple timelines and access to a Multiverse to alter outcomes is possible. The Duviri Paradox lends credence to this possibility. It also suggests to me that the war with the Sentients will end badly...either so costly as a win or actually a loss with the MITW finally fully breaking through into our reality and unleashing chaos to end all...with the only hope being the paradoxical trip back to where it all
  7. This is an Idea that I think is CRITICAL to the success of all the hard work that just went into making Glaives Viable. Please consider it!
  8. This collaboration is breathtaking and says good things about you being able to tap into the talents of and work with fellow artists. You just keep getting better. I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you for violating the community’s financial responsibilty. The only way to rectify this problem is to do a truly monstrous additional alt helm for my Volt. Just a helmet is fine. Hey, I’m not a MONSTER.
  9. Sounds like it was ripped off from the Americanized “Rick Hunter” Robotech series, but Oro was called “protoculture”...and it was a superpowered man-machine connection. Rick hunter was a teenage kid who was an ace using this energy to pilot his transformable jet-mech(seem familiar?) The Robotech Masters were powerful but decadent humanoids very much in the vein of Rome before the fall (seem familiar?) Their conscripted army was made of giant clones formerly created to mine resources that had large green warships (seem familiar?) The INVID were the trilogy’s final enemy th
  10. I’m sorry. I do understand. It’s been a tough year and I’ve been a part of helping my company stay profitable and productive and I’ve dealt with Covid and Staffing and worked while others stayed home. It’s been costly. And so... The fact that it is not DE’s fault does NOT absolve them of the problem of dealing with it and delivering on a quality product. It requires some combination of risk, sacrifice, innovation, and dedication. If they choose to play it completely “safe”, that is understandable. But do not discredit or blame the community when the P and L sheet is
  11. Gauss: “What? I can’t hear you back there, Volt... Volt: “My kit is STILL better, try-hard Gauss.” Nova: “Whoa, slow your roll, you two.” Limbo: “Hold my beer, Slowva. I got this.” Nova: “Stopping enemies at Spawn Points...have fun with Solo, Limbo.” Gauss: “Gotta go faaast. Fastest of all!” Nova: “I’m faster than both of you. And don’t make me call Khora.” Grendel: “Did someone say butter and rolls?” Baruuk: “Rolling guard IS fantastic...” Equinox: “Sigh...all the monk has to do is enter the room and I’m instantly the #2 ‘put ‘em to s
  12. It’s actually a meme about being at the top of your game and that only results count. And you will STILL be criticized. It was tongue-in-cheek.
  13. Punctuation is for boomers and people starting to go gray that use ancient languages like Cursive and Sentence Structure.
  14. If by update you mean infested, giant land-sharking murder fish that my Warframe can fill full of lead and pop like a piñata full of elephant guts like Reba did, then yes...give me THAT “fishing” update.
  15. Wait, did I oversleep and wake up on April 1st? Gald you found your playstyle Joy, OP.
  16. This. What would have made it a truly successful “boss-fight” is if the “Weave-fight” was a Part 1 with success meaning you pulled him into the real world where (Part 2) he threw glassed Cephalite minions at you and attacked you with his sword via the slam attacks and specials the weapon offers.
  17. Right. We want the opposite here...even more so than lighting and game engine graphics improvements.
  18. My constructive feedback is that as boss, it wasn’t that bad. I’m assuming I was fighting him after they removed an OHK mechanic people referenced and platforms regenerated once. I usually play through once to take in the design and scenery and fruits of DE’s labor and not worrying about dying. I beat it with no revives left. Nihil’s design was great. I wish it would have been a tiny glass figurine in the Oubliette...much creepier and more effective...a small noggle-sized version of his statue. Lobbing slow-moving crystals was probably the mode’s drawback. Going
  19. Improvements to the combat? Sign me up! Instead I’ve spent two visits to a room where I walk through molasses to find 2/5 trinkets and a blurb about a statue after walking in circles staring at lighting from the game engine for a combined 35 minutes because I dared try to “play” the content instead of going to YouTube. Shameful waste of my time so far. An alliance member just commented it took him 45 minutes to find the “shackles”... Off to YouTube. Or wherever it shows these objects.
  20. I sometimes wonder if the designers sit in brainstorm sessions and try to draw on past game design experience and shoehorn it into the game as a “game mode” because it’s relatively inexpensive (content) to implement vs working on combat. Everytime I see a Vent Kid I just imagine Scott, Steve and the gang all enjoying a “recreational smoke” and then all simultaneously turning at once to look at Daryl (British and Boyish in looks) who suddenly looks worried... In Unison: ”Hey Daryl, you were lead on that Snowboarding X Game that came out in 2006, right?” 😆
  21. Lol, I can’t get Donkey Kong out of my head since I haven’t seen it yet.
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