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  1. I’d like to add weapon-play to this, though I don’t want Warframes trivialized. Maybe they require Void Energy to wield and/or mini-gravimags…which would require a gravimag + micronized components.
  2. This. Phones are a YEARLY, scalable, subscription-annuity type revenue stream. They will keep up with and surpass consoles, which are hearing the Dodo Bird call from the distance…and I’m on console.
  3. What makes you think they won’t repurpose the mod system for factions? This is Classic repurposing of assets in an ingenious way. DE’s MO. ”Necramech” mods proved it…as did the RJ rework. Throw a Prefix title before the mod and boom! Hero building. Grineer can have their funny sounding equivalents with “Kuva” mods being “Prime” equivalents. Corpus can have their verbose descriptives with “Granum” mods being “Prime” equivalents.
  4. Strategy? The game within the game within THE game?! Begone BLASPHEMER, lest we start investing in thought!
  5. It’s MONKEY KING. His movement skills in myth are reflected here via said Versatility. And I don’t see skewed usage. Is there? I hardly use him, btw.
  6. This DE’s response to the player base saying how important Story and cinematic are; campaign story elements that still require gameplay and thus count as content. A friend came in the room after 4 years and saw it and couldn’t believe how far the game had come.
  7. Systems of Gameplay progression do not always accurately reflect campaign and storytelling. Or we can be slaves to it and watch the Sentients wipe the system in 3 days and call it a day…
  8. On a positive note, that Relay armor fits him in SPADES and I suggest you look at Faven’s Tennogen for GRAXX Baruuk and other Tennogen offers.
  9. The natural evolution of Sentients is to conscript and adapt…we also now have trans-DIMENSIONAL ships on both sides and more and more hints at timehopping. We know the technocyte virus suggests a bridge between organic and inorganic. We see captured Grineer during Teshin’s gameplay and “Erra” walking up to key characters of power and importance and seemingly entering their minds with the line “Don’t be afraid”… DE likes to use existing assets to create new content…its just smart and necessary to meet deadlines and stay profitable. With that bit of set-up, here we go: 1. TESHIN will LIVE with honor. The noble (modern) Samurai trope is to die with honor. Teshin has become ever cooler and his new gameplay (dual wield with Chromatic Overload), Orvius web slinging (Valkyr would like a word with you DE), along with his mentorship and faction role make him invaluable. And the voice-acting is just incredible. 2. Kahl 175 will become the leader of the Sentient-Grineer under Erra. Remember I started this thread stating that DE makes good use of existing assets. Ballas is already a Sentient-Satyr and Lotus became Natah. Kahl’s missing “eye” is the perfect spot for a component for a Sentient-controlled Grineer enemy character model…and enemy boss. 3. Veso will rise from lowly tech to hero and take down the traitorous Alad V and free Parvos Granum to lead a new Corpus Empire. Amalgams are already a thing, so Veso’s Arc will lead him down the path to Corpus legitimacy. Let’s face it, Alad is a traitorous clown and sycophant to any threat that shows and Nef Anyo isn’t much more than a rich, sleazy bail bondsman with a bit of corrupt Void preacher spirinkled on top. Time for new management and DE knows that Veso is a great way to do it. 4. The “Duality” prologue means that we, the TENNO, really ARE part Void Demon, cloaked in the form and consciousness of the Zariman children, unknowing heralds for the MITW. (in the “chaos” sense). Where was our Tenno’s other half in that reveal when everyone else shown had both parts? Probably aging on the Plains of “Red-Dead-Orwellian” Duviri. What seemed like hyperbole or symbolism at first (Helminth certainly has disdain for us as a demon but can the infestation even lie?) might be actual truth. What if using our powers, including controlling Warframes, is breaking down the barrier between reality and the Void? What if we are causing void fissures and are actually versions of living void keys? Cue Vor laughing in the distance… 5. The MiTW has been in the heads of the Orokin Immortals since the beginning…which is why the Empire became corrupt and fell. When you call Kuva both an “elixir of power” and “oil of madness” it suggests that the Warframe’s Void Devil will come to collect when you are arrogant enough to use his power. It’s not a stretch to suggest that, much like Rel and now our Tenno, the Orokin elite’s immortality came with the unfortunate side effect of opening wide the door to their minds for TMiTW to take over and giving him a way into our universe. Perhaps they used Yuvan body hopping and void research to try and outrace the MITW, slowly degrading physically and mentally with each passing century as they desperately attempted to find a “cure”. The Zariman Ten Zero’s true purpose may have been research on how to create Yuvan bodies to become or stay immortal and SANE, long before the Sentient threat. 6. “Erra” is reborn as TMiTW and the War ends with him entering our Universe and WINNING against ALL factions as chaos is unleashed and Free Will DIES. Yep. The MiTW played the long game. He’s Locke from “Lost”. Void powers, Void keys, Void engines…Deimos…we should have known. Sentients…Orokin constructs of ultimate hubris, became the perfect tool to set things in motion. Lotus, as a final act of love, will keep TMiTW from fully subsuming our free will and identity and send us “Back” to the Paradoxical Plains of Duviri to make sure it never happens. Bonus: speaking of which…will DE be DARING enough to give us a choice to kill or save Lotus? FIN
  10. Well I just did as instructed. Twitch updated after-the-fact on my PS4. Hope this works. Seems like so many unknowns, even including Sound Devices such as headphones…
  11. Aesthetically, Liches are Kubrows and Sisters are Kavats. Surely, Kavats have vibrancy and color, but they aren’t on the level of Kubrows. The exception for me is the “native” infested Kavat skin, moonless is it? That skin is awesome.
  12. Best way to describe it^. Standard construction is about what’s available in this current dark age. Primes come from a bygone age of superior tech.
  13. All hands on deck for demos of brand new content being played through, often for the first time in RT. I remember [DE] Steve sweating a potential crash when PoE was getting a first-time, live play through once those gates opened. So it makes sense.
  14. This. Just bring frames with defensive capabilities.
  15. Sort of… https://www.premiumcaremd.com/blog/the-battle-of-the-snakes-staff-of-aesculapius-vs-caduceus
  16. Hence why it was broken into 3 parts with the third being a more general, regionally inclusive wording. 😏
  17. Loki with invisibility and a ranged, Melee Crit multiplier, and/or armor-strip builds
  18. Minor similarities…Vastly different play styles. Aztec/Mayan/South American influenced Deluxe skins or even new themed Warframe is always a good option. Ember and Nezha Volt and Gauss Hydroid and the new water frame… People could point out more.
  19. At “worst”, it simply wasn’t ready at launch and will be implemented later. Accusers beware: DE might make companion Ephemeras a separate instance/% chance 😂.
  20. A better way to say it is to stack objectives/goals while playing and let things like this come to you over time.
  21. I’ve never purchased with this mindset. I only ever bought a Prime Access and Prime Accessories together with Volt Prime because I loved DE’s enthusiasm, hard work and it was such a rewarding gameplay experience…a way to celebrate and reward their hard work and success. Maybe that purchase habit makes me the extreme minority that as a vet doesn’t really impact the game’s revenue. But I have a hard time giving a company money to avoid a negative consequence or product with lesser value, even when loyal.
  22. I honestly disliked space snow-boarding when it hit, assuming they had programmers that were able to adapt it into the game from previous code/coding. Here’s my honest criticism: The quest needed to be about alt forms of COMBAT on the K-Drive. Any time DE diverges too far from core combat design, the quality and enjoyment takes a hit. And sometimes a substantial one. I think it is a legitimate trend. If FIGHTING on the K-Drive gave us progression, I’d find it acceptable. I was willing to sacrifice MR and just let K-drives go. But now we have the cardinal sin of non-combat grinding to get to the next grind that builds the room that lets you grind for the Warframe that gets you to the combat you play the game for. And this is why people increasingly speculate about “negative consequence gameplay” pushing players to bypass it altogether and just pay money. I’ll see about trading Rivens and Syndicate armor sets for plat and wait for a big coupon. But see, I don’t play to sit in trade lobbies EITHER and timesink away my valuable real time instead of enjoying the combat progression that had me giving hundreds of dollars to DE for Prime Accessories to reward them. When this happens, I’ll be honest and say it adds to my reluctance to financially reward DE…maybe not forever, but it pushes my consideration further and further down the line. I love ya, DE. I really do. I just hope the data shows that what you are doing is bringing in the revenue, because it is having the opposite effect on me and my purchasing trends prove it. Keep the Brand Integrity by ALWAYS making sure Warframe acquisition integrates the high quality combat that the game…and Warframes…were once synonymous with.
  23. Great build-up in that movie. Anyway, Melee will still be the best part of the game. And an enemy rework is what is truly needed. More mobility and speed and better AI. Sadly this is both costly and/or would likely involve system spec improvements that would knock a huge percentage of Warframe’s target market into obsolescence with potatoes that simply couldn’t run it, my PS4 included.
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