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  1. Chromatic Blade crashes the party and “whoosh, whoosh, whooshes” the debate into irrelevance. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chromatic_Blade
  2. What others have said but the distinction needs to be made as to why in monetary terms…casuals need to be rewarded and represented in the economy of the game by way of volume/sheer numbers. You can’t have the fringe holding the economy hostage…compounded by the fact that scaling rewards and endurance runs would exacerbate this even more.
  3. No…no Hydroid can’t…in fact only Ash has a similar but inferior ability to go invisible and move nearly as quick.
  4. Replace Decoy with Helminth Firewalker for speed, status-stun animation, and status effect cure/immunity for you and squad. Run a Duration/Speed build with Prime Flow and Quick Thinking for E-health along with shield gating. Run around and indiscriminately kill everything, including SP. Or be a Puddle-Pirate…
  5. Anyone tried the newer mods with heavy attack builds on this yet?
  6. You made my point trying to come across as smarter and more superior and assumptions that come across as demeaning. All I said was “can also”. Pendulums swing both ways to extremes, hence the metaphor. Change a brand too much in an attempt to diversify and grow and you can negatively impact a successful formula. Just as much as not evolving at all in a competitive market can cause diminishing returns as well…stagnation. Art Design in Warframe has a definite theme/set of standards but also thrives on variety. We all know DE will look at Analytics and ROI and make decisions accordingly to keep growing.
  7. You are somewhat correct in that a lot more on-the-nose “Whimsy” and whimsical influences have been thematically introduced, mostly from an art design perspective. The pendulum will continue to swing both ways…DE just needs to be very aware that swinging too far the other way from the established themes to avoid stagnation can also result in divorcing from what made Warframe successful in the first place. Fin
  8. You want emotional? Give the player base the choice to kill or save Lotus and watch the REAL meaning of New War become manifest. It’s the one way DE can transcend The Second Dream in terms of player immersion.
  9. This. Wraith, Prisma, and Kuva Variants are possible. But… Still doesn’t change stance concerns, though. I do agree that a grinding multi-hit with a larger range/hit box and separate slam attack would make it more desirable. Panthera alt attack is a saw-blade continuous hit.
  10. You can disagree, but disliking the game mechanics and game design decisions, basically the arcade-style base DNA as a fast-paced “few vs many” spawn-style dungeon crawler that goes all the way back to games like Space Invaders, Asteroid, Centipede, Temple of Apshai (sp?), Berzerker, and Gauntlet…. …these have reinforced what Warframe has always been as a success and pushed to continue to be even while technologically evolving with F2P considerations. I do agree there needs to be more reason for bows and snipers but what you argue for in terms of a fundamental redesign is both costly and may not be viable in terms of what usage shows keeps most people playing. 1. Better “Field Champions/hero units” needed to necessitate weapon diversity. Nox, Prosecutors, and Nullifiers (and to a lesser extent bombards and specialized super-moas) are attempts at tougher field units but players even complain about these and how they disrupt fast-paced flow. 2. Mission tweaks. Clandestined “auto-fail if detected” missions with suppressed snipers might be an option but again, how popular? 3. Fundamental Map redesign. Planting Warframes on an island they can’t cross so they HAVE to use ranged snipers is likely an option that isn’t beyond DE, but then Warframe powers become largely Moot. Maybe staged, multi-tiered missions where you snipe to then get access to enter a facility would work so your frames can be a factor. 4. Removing spawns isn’t happening. Huge maps where you camp-snipe in terrain isn’t happening…at least not like in other games which seem similar but are fundamentally different than WF’s PvE. Yes, DE needs to make Snipers and assault-type weapons more effective in given situations vs AoE weapons, but the horde isn’t going away. It may be fast-food power fantasy, but it is DELICIOUS.
  11. Whimsy done well in a violent Universe can be truly disturbing and impactful…dementedly delightful. Bad Whimsy…or rather a failed attempt…being “cute and different” for it’s own sake…yeah, you be the judge and look at how she was received. If you like her, I’m happy for you.
  12. I think Yarelli was so Whimsical in design and nature, along with the snowboard/surfboard mechanics, that some of the resistance to her is not just her skillset or kit, but the “Kawaii” (not exactly sure of the full context there) as mentioned and grind. The best comparison I can make is Titania vs Yarelli in terms of the thematic fit in the Tennoverse. My instinctive, visual/thematic reaction to Titania is that she fits in with the Warframe aesthetic and tone. Yarelli causes me to balk, like they took the Grineer water guns “summer fun” theme and pushed beyond the thematic bounds of what grounds the game and immerses us in what it means to be “piloting” these killing machines. This is why I use the term “whimsical”. And I think this affects kit perception. When you factor in the grind of space snowboarding that strays a fair distance from the classic combat that most of us enjoy, I think that further affects how the end product is viewed. Luckily we have Tennogen/Deluxe to mitigate the theme/visuals somewhat.
  13. Yes, but most of us asked for this. Lower spawn rates were causing stagnation. We need stronger “hero eximus” sprinkled in that require Parazon kills but we also need mods or benefits to non AoE weapons and bows that incentivize using them against hero-type enemies. The answer is not less horde. The answer is enemy diversity and weapon diversity to deal with it rather than AoE boomstick >all other options.
  14. Tres Magnifique! Everyone benefits when the community as a whole has more fun playing. TY!
  15. Then DE needs to address it just like they did with Simspam Mirage and should with Vortex Vauban and Technicolor Octavia and you should post in Feedback, yes? DE is consciously making efforts to make sure Warframe is tech spec friendly to reach a wider audience with lower end capabilities. NN Ogris is a great build and is hardly the nightmare that SIMSPAM MIRAGE was or even the original KUVA BOOMBOW but I feel you.
  16. I have also had thoughts on a hunter/beast master frame of this type with a standard companion and two unique hunter pets for a total of 3.
  17. Hounds are in the initial stages of a Sentinel/Companion hybrid testing phase. They will improve. Having said that… Kubrows should always be better. In fact they need to buff them to compete with Kavats by either offering the same abilities or making them far better protectors, tanks, or damage dealers to make them fit a different space with equal value. Because Kavats LITERALLY affect game progression AND have all kinds of powers on the level with Warframe kits. And Kubrows are visually still the best looking companions in the game.
  18. Or…to answer OP: ”Because blowing up lots of enemies with a single trigger pull is fun?” If OP wants a business 101 reason: Keep them playing to keep exposing them to point-of-sale opportunities to keep them PAYING. And fun keeps them playing and usage probably shows that aoe launchers do that.
  19. I’m baffled. She is THE berserker in this game. The problem is that her exalted isn’t on the level of Excal anymore…or even Mesa. It needs updated. You are right, she has morphed to become a support tank, but it isn’t who she is…
  20. I want to hate you but your trolling is so artfully well-done that I must say you’ve won me over. Your official 2-handed melee stance stance is: [Arch-Trolling Obfuscation].
  21. Tennogen Gauss alternatives are actually quite spectacular. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/230410/view/2734202158396954389
  22. Meh, sounds like a goody-goody who is book smart and always gets 8 hours of sleep and never misses early bed time. Smart and well rested are good states of being but hardly foremost qualities you seek in an improved 2-handed Nikana stance to cut down the enemy 😆
  23. I think headshots should get double-bonus OR it should have inherent “Shattering Impact” to it. There, I just made an easily implemented game-design decision that gives you that “Go Ahead, MAKE MY DAY!” Magnus feel.
  24. So puffy…we have a cosmetic set that was cloud-based that they flipped into a promotion reward. Cirrus was it? The Syandana was ok, but the pistol skin and armor sections…I wonder if it didn’t sell that well within the Warframe Universe Aesthetic which is why they flipped it into a Promo. I’d rather they just go bold for vascular/sinewy muscle rather than a cotton-stuffed winter jacket look. The end result will be telling.
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