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  1. The current community narrative being pushed is to make Ripline universal as a “Parazon” Mod and give her kit more mobility/synergy within modern Warframe...either by making Ripline more extraordinary or another new power.
  2. I’m betting on a season-long second wave of Scarlet Spear with maybe a few new rewards/drops added.
  3. Actually, it was merely an intel and fact-finding mission to test our capabilities and map out their invasion plans. With the pandemic it’s obvious they need to re-assess and launch Scarlet Spear all over again. Changing Parameters and Social distancing by the Organic Void Demons requires re-evaluation and more current Data. Mother says the only Prudent thing for victory is to recyc-, I mean relaunch Scarlet Spear for the entirety of the Winter Soltice Season and see if those candy-cane weapons actually hurt.
  4. This. It’s not trash. In addition to what it can do with a high-status build and aoe...it also counters Aggro by panicking enemies it lights on fire...a mini-Nyx-chaos effect. Is it effective at the 2-hour mark of an endurance run? Likely not your best choice. But it can be great up to Steel Path/3rd Sortie level enemies. And when you cast elemental damage Augs on it...
  5. A Nihilist bent on glassing all Sentient life an ally? No...in Nihil’s eyes were are ALL inherently corrupt and traitorous. Figuring out in what way is simply his process of finding “the truth”...enlightening you as to why you deserve the glass.
  6. “Mmm...MMMM! DREAMERS!!!” ”I told you I was a good cook, Nora. Did you not believe me? Cajun is my specialty. Oh... and don’t worry, that wine glass is actually crystal.”
  7. Uhhh...Gram Prime is good and this weapon apparently combines a cold PRoC and damage with special “glassing” attacks.
  8. His decoy needs to be a non-damaging specter version of Wukong’s double that either stands pat or attacks without actually causing damage...like a Specter. It should look just like your Loki because the decoy isn’t fooling anyone...not visually appropriate for the Loki “trickster” theme to have a low-Rez hologram popping off lex rounds repeatedly. And then he will be good. Extend his disarm radius a bit and he will be perfect.
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