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  1. (PS4)Silverback73

    The Rise of Anthem:- Warframe Overhaul?

    Companies that pick and choose disparate parts to copy from Warframe will never be a legitimate threat because Warframe is a uniquely wonderful experience that was created in a uniquely wonderful way by a uniquely talented and caring studio in DE.
  2. Great. Now will it be? Or not?
  3. Too bad...that response smells suspiciously like a cash-grab. DE absolutely CANNOT play both sides on this or trust will be broken. Have the resolve to make it a true PRIME ACCESSORY or make the declarative statement that it will be offered through non-monetary means later and is only a TIMED exclusive. Transparency is key, here, or it will backfire. Steve cannot be ambiguous and I’m asking DE to decide on this. Hope and money do not mix. Please let us know what product we are buying. Business 101. Merry Tennobaum all and thanks.
  4. I need proof this is truly a Prime Accessories Exclusive. Can’t be farmed, not now and not 6 months from now. Please confirm.
  5. (PS4)Silverback73

    can we all work together for the coming storm?

    When you get to 24% you can Brine roads with it, and Category 4 is Dead Sea...sooooo...
  6. (PS4)Silverback73

    Monocle suddenly appeared in the new PA images on warframe.com

    This. Likely an aim reticle. Not really a difference-maker.
  7. (PS4)Silverback73

    can we all work together for the coming storm?

    A Penultimate Climactic Event where we the player community as a whole gets to interactively choose Lotus’ fate could revolutionize Gaming. IT COULD REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDUSTRY. I’m DARING Steve and Company to do it. But they won’t. They know long-term players want to acquire EVERYTHING in the game and to introduce a “This or THAT but NOT both at the same Time” mechanic would create category 5 Salt Storms. Game mechanics will force the PvE community down the same predetermined path so you needn’t worry. I’ve waited 3 years to see if DE is going to take the big leap towards “Exclusive Choice” after they dipped their pinky toes into that big pool of possibility with factions. And there are plenty of ways to circumvent Faction exclusivity. The focus meter is essentially a mood-and-philosophy driven fashion frame fluff accessory with two colors; black and white. Your choices have zero effect on gameplay and character development...so far. There are no exclusive Sun/Balance/Moon powers or fashion or even weight given in terms of bonuses/penalties due to disposition. Events like the Balor Famorian Event that destroyed the relays were scripted. To be fair, separate storylines across different platforms would be a fiscal impossibility. I dream of a CINEMATIC event with the weighted emotional resonance and beauty of The Second Dream, dating for it to be even more heartfelt and tragic, but fear not... Events will be on a predetermined path. Unless DE does something unprecedented...😏
  8. (PS4)Silverback73

    Misaka Mikoto Volt skin (Discussion)

    Bring the concept or it’s essentially anime fluff and largely divorced from anything Volt related. You could literally throw any lightning-themed pop-culture character in here...from ATLA’s Azula to Big Trouble in Little China’s “Three Storms” (Raiden) to Mortal Combat’s Raiden to Marvel’s Electro to Star War’s Sith Lords to...
  9. (PS4)Silverback73

    the solo saryn farming experience

    You are welcome to join our clan. Or any decent clan. You get a whole new level of help and co-op play. LMK. Good Tennobaum, and may RNG be merry to you!
  10. (PS4)Silverback73

    Focus Waybounds Total Cost

    THIS^ is what I’m looking for. GiB DEM LOWDPWTS NOAW.
  11. (PS4)Silverback73

    Melee 3.0...

    The point he was making is that the much hyped, oft discussed half-life 3 is the most greatly anticipated vaporware ever...iirc... because they are “taking their time”. The carrot on the end of that proverbial stick is so old it’s grown mold and turned black. But people are still chasing it. So basically, he’s saying beware the melee 3.0 hype because no matter how awesome it sounds, you have to be ready for the possibility that there never WILL be a “Melee 3.0”.
  12. (PS4)Silverback73

    All I want for Tennobaum is Mesa Prime!

    Give a man a farmed blueprint, and he builds for a day... Teach a man to farm, and he never goes without a frame. 😉
  13. (PS4)Silverback73

    Focus Waybounds Total Cost

    Great! You’ve shown us all the fish in the sea! Now give us strategies to maximize our roles as commercial fisherman. Which frames? Fastest way to get Eidelon lenses? Which spots to focus farm? I’ll start...mid-level players should try Hydron, Sedna Etc.
  14. (PS4)Silverback73

    Newish to the game, is this AoE "meta" the norm?

    There is some truth to this point...SOME. But do not be dissuaded by all the wonderful things the game offers. Some people have it programmed into their DNA to cheese for Max results at the expense of any fun whatsoever so they can be in the 2% because they see doing 2-3 hour runs as an achievement or a necessity. The beauty of Warframe is choice. Make the experience your own and enjoy it. DE gives us so many ways to do it. Dont become Slave to the META and then complain about the choice to do so.
  15. (PS4)Silverback73

    Newish to the game, is this AoE "meta" the norm?

    You haven’t gotten close to the point where the maturity of your Mod library for both frames and weapons creates a paradigm shift in Warframe tactics, strategy, and weapon synergy. Your clanmates are carrying you. Over the next 300 hours, you will experience the “one-shorted” phenomenon and realize that it becomes an entirely different experience as you move toward level 100 enemies. It’s quite fun, frenetic, kinetic, and powerful. Deus Ex this isn’t...