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  1. Been saying this for a while now. He and Natah May have been sterilized, but separation from the Sentient collective blessed them with individuality and choice. Remember this is about family as a theme... If Natah doesn’t acquire the Unum so she can have children, it will be Hunhow...the planet-killer without a body that will be reborn from the Eidelon...a broken Sentient body without a consciousness to reforge and guide it. I believe Hunhow will become the head of the “Sentient-Tenno” faction and betray the Sentients and “Mother” to save his daughter. Past dialogue even suggests this... ”They will say you are Riven and come to reclaim you. I will not be able to stop them.” With the body of the Eidelon, the Unum, and the Stalker, he could fight back.
  2. Yep, Have it on my Tox-Chroma, fast-reload Corpus Killer build.
  3. The phenomenon started long before “a few weeks ago”. That’s part of the point.
  4. I’ll just add that there is a discussion to be had about oversight on runaway demand with DE. It isn’t about culpability or responsibility as much as it is about the health of the relationship between players and DE. Back in the day it was a “predatory” practice to spend plat on slot-machine Kubrow colors/patterns and the feature was removed and plat refunded. Just providing some context. DE knew it would eventually re-introduce this Mod. A PSA would have been a good business practice, because perception by some is that it is predatory and DE chose to stay silent and take the real-world equivalent $ for the exhorbitant Plat that was being spent.
  5. Let me be clear. I don’t believe it is DE’s responsibility to manage what others will do for a “currently-exclusive” Mod. Only Founder’s pack/Excalibur Prime will ever be guaranteed as beyond our reach. Having said that, “slot-machine re-rolls” for Kubrow colors with plat back in the day was seen as predatory and removed and refunded. [I assume] This is many magnitudes beyond that in allowing players to spend exorbitant amounts of plat on Primed Chamber and not policing it in the same way. So yes, I sympathize with them, regardless of perceived or actual fault.
  6. I respectfully acknowledge their “upset”. If nothing else, I support the need to distinguish yourself. Warframe usually does a good job of allowing it and here it was diminished a little, and for some a considerable investment was negated.
  7. You 2 should take this to PM at this point. Just a couple of rival Peacocks flaunting feathers in the faces of the rest of us and derailing the topic. Thank you.
  8. I’m going with the dark side of Baro as a weapons dealer on this one. Nuclear weapons turn sand to glass. We know where he is from...and know he is a screwed up kid like the rest of us who lost everything. So here is my guess, ESPECIALLY WITH THAT COMBINED IMAGE WE’VE SEEN: BARO STALK’ITEER.
  9. Please let it be Orokin in origin...would be soooo crazy. “THE BLOOD OF THE EXECUTORS FLOWS IN MY VEINS. I CANNOT BE DELETED BY THR LIKES OF YOU, TENNO.”
  10. To piggyback on this, hating on Warframe becomes fashionable but tires quickly when players go out and test the market and realize the value of the game for all it’s faults. Also, with recent devstreams the team has taken ownership of the fact that they overpromised and underdelivered across multiple fronts in 2019 and immediately set to working to change that with tangible results. The Primed Chamber Mod, I believe, is part of a larger player retention/recapture strategy that started with The Plague Star event. Plague Star was a Forma/wisp farm with a plague Zaws bonus. Take what’s popular based on past trends and bring it back. There is a business plan being implemented here to achieve critical mass as The New War approaches. Primed Chamber re-invigorating the Ducat/Relic economy-farm and pulling players in for a day is just one part, as is Primed Vault, and Plague Star. Based on this, what is next? Thoughts? Likely, it’s the Titania rework tied to another event with PAs. My guess is a Primed Railjack Skin would be ideal here with Accessories. “Fae Prime Railjack skin along with Fae Prime Ephemera”. Fin
  11. Wannabet? Wait until Rivens start showing up with +3/-1 and one of the “plus” modifiers is Primed Chamber! What, too soon? 😏
  12. After Sentient-Wolf bf’d him, he had a choice. I’m not even making the distinction that he did it willingly and with enthusiasm or if it was just one MORE chicken—-t “save-my-own-@$$” move he is famous for. Regardless, he got Supremely Clowned AGAIN and rolled out the welcome Mat and gave the Sentients plenty of raw material ta’boot.
  13. This skin is it’s own double-edged sword. In and of itself, it is very nice. But take the bow away and ask someone who the skin belongs to if they haven’t been told...It’s very “Masquerade’s Ball” and isn’t as Leo as many claim. It makes it incredible versatile as a mix-and-match option. Having said that, The available Tennogen skins provide an awesome alternative artistic vision to Ivara while still maintaining thematic distinction...you KNOW it’s Ivara.
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