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  1. Graxx-tlas would have words with you...and fists.
  2. Maybe a BOGO 50% that DE covers. Don’t insult content creators.
  3. “Quite Good” for today’s squad-based Warframe? Do tell. Statistically speaking? Nyx was once my 2nd most used frame... I’ll take a deeper dive and see how many squads give me the thumbs up when I show up with NYX.
  4. Ask 100 people whether they would take current build “fast cast” NYX or “slow cast” Mag in their squad. You can equip mods to adjust casting time...you can’t adjust a “reworked” ability that requires you to pump bullets into a mind-controlled enemy to make it “useful” instead of every other target trying to kill you. SMH. I feel you. I’ve advocated for Volt’s woeful base 1.0 speed to be tuned up even if it meant slowing his “2” a bit...to no avail. It’s part of the “balance” I guess.
  5. Yeah, I wondered if it wouldn’t be worth replacing a damage mod...you’d have to add damage or increase fire rate even more or add multi shot or Crit damage.
  6. Have you played for years? Do you have fun exploring the gameplay and artistry DE works hard to provide? Do you provide honest, constructive feedback? Are you invested in your clan/Warframe community? Do you positively contribute and help new and established players alike? Do you reward DE’s developers with REAL-WORLD money for their F2P game? These things are the answer to your question of how to define hardcore in my book. Judging others so as to label them as a certain type of person/player has nothing to do with your question.
  7. I want his full memory to come back and then for him to commandeer a Warframe as a new Body... Ordis is a lie.
  8. Farm and build 1 forma per day from relics and get the 3 from Nightwave Intermissions. DE is laughing at you for every Warframe slot you purchase to get your “free” forma.
  9. I just want to be able to buy Pikes that we can put interchangeable enemy heads on...I mean we already have a shoulder guard like that, sooo...
  10. We are? I thought we were foster kids playing “make-believe” with “space magic” and now the family is in crisis because our stepmom went off her meds as soon as the first guy comes along and even he can’t deal with her...
  11. My issue with Orb mother is that the combat feels nothing like Warframe. Pull the gated slot machine handle and see what damage type comes up,,,
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