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  1. The problem is not Corpus weapons…it’s the Corpus weapons that were chosen that seems to be the issue. Imagine a Queenpin Amprex SECONDARY variant that could be used with the new Glaive mods… or even a Queenpin Amprex primary.
  2. Heavy Weapon Ground Slam Attacks and the earth and enemy-destroying animations that come with them.
  3. I’d join with my Arum Spinosa Votive Onslaught build, but alas, on Console.
  4. Off topic? Not really. Slowing Melee down is really about matching the speed of the horde-based mechanics more than matching the “weaknesses” of primaries/secondaries when you look at the big picture. Melee is so successful because it matches Warframe speed, agility, and ability…synergy, AND it is varied in style, speed, and scope with ranges, stances, heavy attacks, and finishers. Making the strongest link in the chain weaker doesn’t strengthen the chain, it just makes the weaker links stand out less but only initially.
  6. Kind of my gut reaction. Guns less fun than fun melee? Let’s balance by making melee less fun! Nikanas would be the hardest hit at first… What we need is game engine improvements for faster, more dynamic enemies, yes?
  7. You’re a romantic deep down aren’t you. Don’t be scared. You can admit it.
  8. Some play for headshots for buffs. Some like Corrupt Charge/Heavy Attack/Slam AoE Melee Crits and Status/Crit Hybrids that inflict millions of damage collectively to multiple targets at once. Horde mechanics is horde mechanics. ”Lazy” argument is, ironically, lazy lol
  9. No. I’m not anti-weapon-riven to the extreme like some, but I do see them as a “necessary evil” within the business model that allows the game to keep moving forward from a revenue-generating standpoint. They manipulate the game design in a way that comes REAL close to gambling. And some older players become predatory with it. Rivens need their OWN CHAT because they are ruinous in trade chat. I’m not even saying that it isn’t a bit of a thrill…but it is a gambling thrill as pertains to power creep. Doing this with Warframes would destabilize the game design too greatly. So hard
  10. I’m going to need this in Tennobet Audio as I’m told it loses some meaning, post-translation.
  11. With a dispo of 1 initially, I’d take the former. It stacks Ser-correction-Hornet Strike and elemental damage in one slot…though the math might tell you latter as dispo goes up.
  12. Nidus Prime truly has the potential to represent the rot/decay/corruption beneath that veneer of beauty that is the Symbol of the Orokin. Imagine an aging copper sculpture with a human face similar to a Greek warrior or David or Ballas with a beard with minimal armor, showing off a physique…maybe the Collossus of Rhoades…aging blues and oxidizing greens to suggest Orokin skin…with glowing masses of tentacles struggling to break through from beneath. The more pure, less degraded version of the Helminth that they try to control and hide even more tightly behind the lie of purity which fail
  13. Faven has moved iirc and takes on other professional work besides Tennogen.
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