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  1. I don’t think you are a white knight, but you will lose this argument. Semantics and stretched timelines for development have impacted the player base. By almost any standard, DE has pushed the boundaries. It may be to revolutionize the game and transform the player experience beyond anything we could dream. Look no further than Steve’s ingenious idea of using “Portal Programming” to solve the problems/challenges that current systems present from a limitation standpoint. To me this has a “founders 2.0” feel to it. Everyone is starting to doubt them, except THEM. Still, even by their own admission, the content drought is real. That is probably the price for Swinging for the fences and risking the strike-out. But Ive always loved ‘em for it.
  2. 🛑 ✋ Whoooaa! Stop using words like maladictacious. Console players aren’t supposed to be that smart. You’ll be seen as a bloviating farce...verbose and at risk for the frequent gaffe or unforgivable malapropism! 😆
  3. ACTUALLYYY...it’s a boost for mid-tier players to get them to invest in endgame, yes?
  4. Just to add to this, which is on point: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youxia The citation indicates that “frosty edge” is a reference to the blade edge being extremely sharp because it has never seen combat. The Chinese “Knights” in folklore valued Freedom and Military Virtue, seeking out injustices to test themselves against.
  5. I know what she is. She is what she was 4 years ago when I played her in my top 3...now with armor stripping added that only affects a few enemies at a time and some augment mods. You do realize I WANT NYX to be relevant and fun and effective and live up to her deadly reputation, right? I’m not telling you how to play Warframe, but until further changes are made, repeatedly fast-casting Chaos for the “headache animation” to ensure all enemies won’t attack you beyond lvl 40 and using absorb to save “downed” squadmates is part of antiquity.
  6. Yes she absolutely does. She was in my top 3 years ago, but Warframe has changed. She is an antiquated frame with a deadening, static play experience. Her CC (Chaos) is unreliable due to enemy AI, and the only real benefit in the rework was the armor stripping, which is also a slow, selective cast animation from a previously rather inept power. Pumping a single, mind-controlled enemy with lead AFTER casting Mind-Control on it to “make it stronger” while entire mobs spawn on your squad doesn’t really gel with modern Warframe. It’s borderline ludicrous to call it a buff. Absorb LITERALLY LOCKS YOU IN PLACE IN ISOLATION when movement, weapon use, squad synergy and fluid progression have become the premium in modern Warframe. Changing absorb’s damage type doesn’t make this ok. Augments shouldn’t be needed just to make her a viable frame that players can use in combat like other frames. Roll them into her kit just to get things going. She’s hamstrung. Look at her usage numbers, even with the new top-3 deluxe Skin Bundle. Most only use her for an endurance play style that is so far removed from mainstream play that it just proves how badly in need of further changes/improvement her kit still is.
  7. Because Warframe kits built for 2013 Warframe don’t work the same in soon-to-be 2020 Warframe...some have actually become more powerful/relevant, some less powerful, some obselete as new frames emerge, and some simply AREN’T as fun as they once were. This ^ is likely an in-depth discussion for another thread that DE might be interested in. And finally let’s clarify a bit on these terms being thrown about “loosely-Goosey”: FULL REWORKS are RARE. What usually happens is termed a “revisit” or “tweak” where an existing kit is modified. The danger with reworks is they remove what caused players to fall in love with said frame. (Entire powers are replaced), but if DE is actually investing in a full rework, it likely really is needed. “Revisits” are more common and seem to be more precarious. It seems that they have a 50/50 shot of working. If they don’t address a big-picture need, fans of the frame are further disappointed (why do people think pumping a single, slow mind-controlled enemy with bullets to make it stronger helps NYX in 2019 Warframe?), or a full rework ensues (The Ember rework after a failed revisit). Fin.
  8. Unfair, assuming, and hyperbolic. But if it helps you sleep at night to feel “right” about screwing the consumer equals making money for DE even though nearly a decade of history and world-wide success says otherwise, ok.
  9. Where does condition overload drop? Maybe. I’ll farm extras to give friends. I’ll ask progenitor Cephalon Google.
  10. I won’t ever invest time in conservation, but the above is ABSOLUTELY true. They literally gave us a persistent farm mechanic to catch up over many weeks that doubled as the farm mechanic for the weapon. If you added up all the ways to earn points to get to level 30, I’m betting it’s triple what it was in Season 1.
  11. Stahpitu. Gauss is a better Rhino is a better Excalibur is a better Gauss. Somebody get the rock, paper, and scissors...
  12. You’ve always been bold, V. I like the other better, but you da boss. And DE....Still, I vote the other. This ^ looks like a slight variation of “factory stock”, and I reward artists who push their vision. If you want it smaller, I’d wrap the new ears on a reverse-curve to the head centerpiece like mandibles (think stag beetle)...you could literally flip the headpiece around and enlarge it...wrapping the cheekbones with a serrated edge would be unique and give cool counter-symmetry...headpiece wrapping the skull one way and the “ears” wrapping the sides of the face in the other direction. btw, PS4 Equinox skin when ;)?
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