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  1. Hilarious. And genius. Flaming Credits of death. Next we need a Zenith Coin Glaive😂.
  2. Modeled after the Zwiehander and Claymore, eh? I really like the details above the Secondary grip on the Secondary Cross-guard. My advice is to carry more of these sharp, detailed elements and fluidity onto the main Crossguard above the Primary Grip as it seems interrupt the flow of the swords artistry for me. Obviously this is an aesthetic choice over function, but if the flow was slightly more continuous from Pommel to tip it would be super badass. DE just needs a stance for these sword types now 😁.
  3. My simple advice is this: Don’t just find someone to talk to. Find someone to talk to that will help you find meaning and purpose and fulfillment and accomplishment in the real world beyond the pull of Warframe. An action plan. Use Warframe as an entertainment escape to deal with the stress when you find these things. Do not use Warframe as a substitute FOR these things.
  4. Yes. It’s a place for Stealth mode to shine. Just like certain frames in Steel Path heavily weight towards success. People are free to experiment with non-traditional Stealth frames/weapons with load outs. Maybe DE tries to implement mods and gameplay for stealth that retro-actively benefit all frames as a whole for players who want a better stealth option but don’t want to use Stealth frames all the time.
  5. The concept is simple: Steel Path Level Enemies. Upon kill, stealth mode rewards additional damage, affinity, movement speed, power strength, etc. to provide a different play experience. Have them stack with stealth kills. If detected, enemies receive additional damage and defense modifiers against you. Basically, reward the player for swift, silent, deadly gameplay, and penalties for simple tanking, etc. Space Ninja mode. Unique rewards as per Steel Path. And the system is easily implemented from recycled content that is modified. Fin
  6. Oh stahpitu. You know your artistry and magnetism holds a special place in my heart.
  7. It’s not edgelord when you use light, shadow, and composition to make the best pic in the thread. It’s just cool.
  8. Insert delicious “low hanging fruit” idiom here 😆. Just remember that it won’t replace full-course meals.
  9. Like me, many are starving for lore/story/world-building, sticking to the classic Warframe combat blueprint and improving it as tech innovations come along, and QoL. Look at the responses. The problem is that these things don’t directly drive Revenues (you could argue indirectly, but try selling that to ownership). The Second Dream set this ENORMOUS precedent, but the key will always be to provide gameplay that brings in quantifiable revenue and keeps people playing AND paying. In an ideal world we could buy a Prime access and designate how we want that development money spent
  10. My first thought was: “Are the people responding an accurate representation of the community as a whole? If, not, what are the differences?”
  11. Again, you can find plenty of biblical reference to “fallen stars, fallen angels”...messengers btw, so you can’t dismiss the possibility outright that we are literal children of the Void rather than Children with Void powers. And maybe because of Helminth’s nature, it’s the ONLY thing that can “see” it...or rather sense it.
  12. Whether figurative or literal, using the term “demon” is telling...and ambiguous...especially coming from an entity like the Helminth.
  13. I’m as white as they come and he still calls my operator a “demon”. I get that it’s more burning fire/blinding darkness , yin-yang than good vs evil, but I wonder what he says about black? Or balance?
  14. You can already “1,2,3,4 sleepwalk” with base Octavia without needing much in the way of strategy. She’s an audio and visually disruptive version of Loki’s cheese. So, yes, maybe this is on purpose?
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