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  1. Give him an AoE enemy life-leech “drain-over-time” ability that is like the rejuv aura...aug, passive, tweak...Idc how. Think if it like Volt’s Capacitance with discharge in that it is more effective with more enemies in the air, but causes less damage over time and flips those numbers to squad mates in the aoe. Call it “Siphoning Sandstorm”. This simple fix is consistent with: Mummy theme. Flesh-tank theme. And it gives him a Squad-centered buff ability, however minor and easy to code. fin
  2. Beyond market share competition for next-gen... Sony is bidding to buy the talent under Leyou and you can bet with the long-standing relationship they have with DE that means using everything at their disposal to empower DE. I guarantee Sony is taking a hard look at how to do that, contractually and through their own considerable resources. I’m guessing Sony has a greater ability than Leyou, beyond money/financing, to support product development.
  3. I think it was an Augment. You can see one for each frame 😉 Mag: Ballistic Polarity Reversal Volt: Sustaining Shock Excaliber: Exalted Archer
  4. And I’ve been musing on whether this is possible for some time. Everything from operational cost/financial common sense to programmer skill/AI limitation to engine limitations has been mentioned/talked about. Again, I’ll be the first to say I am far from qualified or informed enough to do anything but ponder and speculate. My headcannon still tells me Stalker is your own Operator’s monstrous ID (subconscious) given life through a rogue Warframe. See the old as Sci-Fi classic: Forbidden Planet. If Stalker gets a new Iteration, I can see Wally “mapping” himself onto Stalker as his Operator, because he’s already in YOUR Operator’s head. Then it becomes a “Man vs Self” scenario.
  5. Honestly, I want more...not just for myself, but for DE. Let me distill it to my most fundamental wish: If they can take the magic and power and beauty of player movement and combat and extend it to enemies and environments, the game could be an unmatched success. They already have world-class art design and sound and the potential for the Tennoverse to be fully realized as a storybook Universe. It’s captured the imagination of millions.
  6. Lol, I work with some Blue Collar Boys. Ain’t none o’them getting in bar fights. A well-timed humorous retort, though 😆
  7. Yeah, honestly I’m not really well versed in the tech specifics, but have SOME business Acumen. It’s probably obvious. Beyond money, I’m looking at this from the big-picture creative side, because the financials will handle themselves if the game can evolve with the industry. Big Picture stuff: ”What makes/made Warframe a world-wide phenomenon?” It’s 3 things: 1. The property/Warframe Universe is just so beautiful with so much more potential in terms of story and interaction. It’s beauty and intrigue captured our imagination. Warframe is a futuristic “superhero genre” that is a celebratory pop-culture extravaganza. 2. The combat. 2 parts to this. One has stood the test of time and the other has struggled some. The first is our characters/Warframes and DE still sets the standard with function and beauty. The second is enemies in the horde-based, looter-shooter sense and struggles to keep pace with what we can do as players have become the main challenge. 3. DE made the player-base feel like they were an inclusive part of DE as a family. It still hasn’t lost that Mid-Western feel for me which is both a testament to PR AND I think how genuine they are as people. Who wouldn’t want to have a beer with Steve, Reb, and the gang?
  8. ...annnnd my simple speed/duration Loki Prime with Stealth-Crit OHK just keeps getting better and better as an option. ”Sshhhhh, I’m hunting TWEZ’ur’URS.”
  9. Honestly, it’s probably about Sony investing in DE to create a more modern proprietary engine that takes advantage of advancements in tech. Maybe from the ground up. Yes, yes, I know. Purely speculative.
  10. At some point the [transition to the] next generation of Warframe has to happen. This acquisition might be about that. Not so much Warframe as we know it, but empowering DE, through whatever financial and creative means and support Sony has at it’s disposal, to start development on THAT. There is a relationship there. This isn’t just about 6 months from now. This might be about 6-10 YEARS from now. And the longer this thread persists and the more it gets talked about through the internet, the more I’m inclined to believe big announcements are coming via some kind of renewed “partnership”.
  11. ...ugh, why DE? Need that armor. But the Steel Path? *Wary warrior begins sharpening his blade and lacing his sandals in preparation for the long road ahead*
  12. FYI here is the other slightly different mention that focuses on the F2P titles in the possible deal. All this is is Google Optimizing based on my browsing history and then including links when I bring up the search engine. No magic. https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/07/03/sony-to-buy-warframe-parent-company-leyou-technologies/
  13. I LOVE this helmet and the unapologetic vibe it gives off. It gives me a Knifehead/Axehead vibe from Pacific Rim and just...makes him into a living Weapon with CHARGE. I sometimes buy Tennogen that literally alters my frame usage Stats and I might just have to buy this and then Buy Scarab Sect and/or Graxx skins and really invest in Rhino’s playstyle. It’s the first Tennogen Rhino helmet that is “next level” for me since the Program’s inception.
  14. As I understand it, there are two basic conditions to satisfy: 1. Content Creators must be willing to contractually settle on a one-time pay-out with no residual that turns over all rights to Sony/MS. 2. Said content is selectively chosen, likely based on PC Sales and/or projected sales and capacity to port over in any given update. This might just mean that: A. Their art has to first be chosen as a possible candidate for Console Tennogen. B. They have to be asked and then accept terms above.
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