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  1. It'd be nice if clan dojo had a Foundry so I didn't have to go back to my orbiter, like ever...
  2. I've noticed recently whenever I'm done sometimes (more times that not) I'm unable to use my secondary fire (tenet cycron) to shoot the enemies while I'm down it shows it equipped in my hand as I'm bleeding out but its not actually letting me shoot
  3. {Tenno Navy} R11 Moon Clan l Recruiting Casuals and Vets l Helpful Discord l 600+ Members l 21 Day Active Limit l Monthly Events l full Drydock and clan reaserch l :recruiting::lotus::sun::squad: Message Sifu_Purple_Wolf on psn if interested in joining the family.
  4. New alliance recruiting any active clans message Sifu_Purple_Wolf on psn if you're interested
  5. Speaking of that lua mission and other hard missions maybe ordis could say somthing along the lines of "this is a tough one operator you may need back up" as you load into the game
  6. Can we get raknoid spiders as a companion or maybe cosmetic companions like a bird on the shoulder or an alien flying turtle that follows you around ect
  7. Am I the only one who thinks it would be cool if we gave the kuva litches a companion like the tenet sisters have, like maybe make a new variant called kuva kubrows/hounds or just make them the regular hounds either way it would make the litches more appealing in my opinion and more equal to there sister counter parts.
  8. Ordis should be a friendlier and more helpful guide to newer players and low MRs, like hey have you checked your codex for any new quest ect or Finish star chart reminders or any kind of direction, There's too much to do with no sense of direction which turns off a lot of the player base, Have drop tables and rotation explanations in codex ect just make the game npcs explain its mechanics better so the players don't have to google every single question they have the wiki shouldn't be required to play warframe and little changes like these would bring in a ton more of new players.
  9. Or maybe even if they could get 1 extra blessing each rank
  10. Can we use the legendary font in the dojo it would be amazing if there was a blessing alter decoration we could place so we could give everyone in the clan dojo a blessing Ps. When I read legendary font I assumed we would get a special chat font when we type in chat this was not the case but would still be a cool idea to add to the game to make mr 30s and higher look extra cool - this is not needed obviously but just a neat suggestion I thought of
  11. Prestige classes should get better blessings or more rewards to incentives to go that far. Possibly having the blessings be stronger by 5-10% each legendary rank or have legendary ranks be able to get new glyphs or emotes ect...
  12. Foundry room or decoration in dojo would be nice just so you dont have to go back to the orbiter just to craft gear and what not
  13. Can we make it so the clan log is bigger and it logs up to 20-30 things instead of 10 im a clan leader of a Rank 11 moon clan the (Tenno Navy) so no new projects are getting worked on in the dojo and all we get updated for in the clan log is when new recruits leave and join but it only tracks the past 10 recruits and dosent allow us to scroll back through the history of our log unfortunately, and it also be nice if the log recorder when chat moderators kick or ban clan mates so no chat moderate can abuse their power when other high ranking clan members aren't on, these suggestions would definitely make the overall clan experience more enjoyable 😀
  14. Exalted forma or helmith segment upgrade that allows this could be interesting.
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