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  1. I wouldn't even say that personally. It literally doesn't take much for the Tenno to just jump in and help people. Not saying they're good, I'm just saying they dont feel like mercs imo.
  2. Yes please! We really need this, because even with all these changes, it's still highly likely that people will prefer a normal more powerful melee weapon than exalted weapons. It's why I dont use Wukong anymore, his stick is garbage and you have to Jump through hoops to get it to work slightly. These nerfs are a good opportunity to let us use them on exalted weapons, otherwise...the 4 ends up being a subsumed ability. In my case.
  3. Yep, this was by far the biggest complaint I had about the event. I'm not about to sit in missions for over an hour again waiting for codes, that's ridiculous.
  4. That's just...alot of speculation, and I haven't seen any implication that its gonna go anything like what you think. But yes, we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. 200 isnt alot of armor, and Arcane Guardian will never be useless. It's still used on alot of builds. Speak for yourself, not everyone else.
  6. I don't see DE doing anything complicated like that, besides, Story elements like that can make a terrible story if the writers arent paying attention or make an attempt for it to make sense. Mild time travel or something like it I can see, but multiversal stuff and other realities, I seriously doubt they're going that direction.
  7. I can see that alot of people agree, and I do too.. or I would if I didn't ready ignore the boring system we currently have. For me personally, it would be another system for me to ignore BUT, I do see the benefits for a better system, and this has a good outline for such a thing.
  8. It's there for a reason, it's a f2p game and they cant have people rushing through content too fast, else it leads to burn out. If you fail to understand it, sorry, but it's not changing.
  9. Honestly, it really didnt bother me one way or the other, nor was it ever a concern for me personally.
  10. Was it really necessary to post this twice? You literally made this same post 4 hours ago.
  11. Read the patchnotes, because they were already ahead of you before you thought about this.
  12. I'm glad someone can enjoy the story, I'm fully convinced that DE is just making things up az they go along. I find the lore itself really weak in recent years, but the world itself is still pretty cool.
  13. Really, Really doubt that considering how weak the Lore has been in recent years, at least imo.
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