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  1. Oh god forbid we do what a gun is designed to do and reload...this is such a small non problem it's hard not to laugh at it. There are ways to medicate its but it seems like you'd rather come here first to complain.
  2. It might sound like I don't want it, but I do like the idea of cross save and cross progression. If I had the opportunity to change consoles, I really would. For now however, I am content playing on my ps4 until cross save or cross progression becomes a thing...hopefully.
  3. I'm sorry dude, but it's not happening anytime soon. We just gotta wait for if and when they actually do it...if it ever happens. There are reasons why it was a one time thing and why its not happening again.
  4. A one time thing is a one time thing, just because you ask in a place where SE wont see it won't help. You're just gonna have to suck it up and wait for them to do cross save...if that ever happens. Sorry if it comes off as rude but this has been answered so many times already. It's just getting tiring to see.
  5. Grind out Music Prime and just do whatever gets me plat. The normal for me.
  6. It's cool that you edited your post to include actual evidence, but the salt is still there in your description. Might wanna relax, at this point it seems your topic is lost among the salt mines you created. There's no reason whatsoever to be so pretentious.
  7. Once again, you used an Aoe weapon, not an actual gun. Take a Sybaris prime or Baza prime, ya know actual guns, and see where that goes.
  8. By putting words in everyone's mouth for starters? In no way shape or form did anyone say what you think they did, and now you're turning toxic because you brought a weak argument to the table, with even weaker evidence and excuses. If anyone is lying now,it's you, and over something that doesnt matter.
  9. Fun fact, being toxic the way you are is a surefire way to get the thread locked. Not only have you failed to make your point WITH CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE, but you've made the thread a target. Not that you care though right? It's more important to get the last word in than have a conversation and look at things from other people's perspectives, right?
  10. Once you realize someone is projecting, anything they say from then on ultimately doesn't matter.
  11. An Aoe weapon is a bit different than a normal gun. The video is a contradiction and it didnt prove your point, hence why I ignored it.
  12. I'm sorry dude, but idk how to tell you this...guns are just not as good as melee. Its plain and simple. They don't stand up as well as Melee, and as much as you hate hearing it, that's just how it is. The only way you can get them to do any better is with Rivens, and not everyone has the luck or the plat or money to get one. Why would I shoot something 15 times in SP when I can just down an enemy with a few wacks much faster and hit more than one enemy at the same time? I'm mostly using Sp because that's not the normal difficulty of the game and it should not be balanced around just that. The
  13. Cant go wrong with empower replacing Temporal anchor. I did that months ago and never looked back. Works well if you time the ability with her passive, it makes for stronger turrets and grenades.
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