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  1. A reboot isn't happening, neither is a sequel. Nobody is wanting to do this grind all over again, with all the time and money spent ultimately being wasted. You have a dream that's never happening, and everyone needs to realize that idea is straight up ridiculous. You can say it however many times you want, but DE isn't doing any of that. Warframe's days are not numbered yet, you're just getting bored and like some, are already eager for the game to die.
  2. It's not a problem at all, I had this convo with my clan earlier. Just because someone has a high MR doesn't mean they gained any real skill, ANYONE can sit in hydron and just lvl stuff. You take your time and play how you want, don't let others tell you otherwise.
  3. Dude, quit being a doomsayer and get lost. You're clearly just wanting the game to die, why are you even here?
  4. Why are you even here then if you're so eager for the game to die?
  5. You cant use formaed stuff to gain MR, even now. That's simply ridiculous and would kill the already shady MR system anyway. Only new stuff gives you MR.
  6. Why are you acting like Stropha didn't already hit like a truck?
  7. Hold up...you're telling me that Khora's whipclaw isn't affected by LoS anymore, but it still works fine with strangeldome? What, were people running around spamming just whipclaw or something? That hardly sounds like a nerf considering you use Khora for her 4 and 1 synergy. That's the idea from the beginning right?
  8. Okay see now that sounds really useful, I wish I knew about that sooner!
  9. Oh...I don't use that augment. Had no clue that's something I was missing.
  10. The problem with that is that it doesnt seem to matter in SP. Shield gating doesn't save her like you think it does, and when that wears off, its game over with a painful one shot.
  11. Do people not use the search bar or something? Ever since ps5 came out, threads have popped up one after the other, most being locked or answered with "They want cross save, cross platform transfers aren't happening." Cross save is something DE wants, but so far nothing. Transfers straight up aren't happening.
  12. How can I do this solo, what warframe or weapons would help me in my endeavor?Nobody is playing these nodes, and I have no choice but to go it solo or go out of my way to recruit people who likely aren't playing the nodes anyway. Any advice would be helpful.
  13. And he's surprised about that? Its DE ffs, this shouldn't be new to anyone.
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