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  1. Everyone says they want harder content or something more sustainable, but beyond that, they expect DE to come up with the idea. They can't even do it on their own. It's just "Make it harder whatever it is" and nothing else. Might wanna add more to that than just harder content. Give an idea as to what you think is difficult or something. Everyone has a different idea of what hard content is, nobody in this community can ever agree.
  2. You mean helping your grammar isn't constructive?
  3. No, there's no reason to do that. Besides, it's not very rare now when Teshin has one every 8 weeks or so, and whatever you do get, don't just shove it on every frame wildly nilly. Not all frames need the whole set.
  4. Pretty much this. I usually just go play other games until new stuff comes along.
  5. Missed the part where I mentioned not many, implying I'm aware of the few people who genuinely enjoy it.
  6. I prefer frames to have coherence with their kit and look cool. Lavos is cool, does what he's supposed to...but without much in the way of customization, I dont really play him all that often. Same with Revenant. Sure he got his new skin and it's cool, but the frame is useless in a coop scenario, and the rest of his abilities aside from mesmer skin are just...meh. I just don't even try with him anymore. He's just a frame I can play dress up with.
  7. Alot of what you said, I do agree with actually. Those are all the reasons I dont like it personally, and it's probably the exact same for alot of people.
  8. I thought the only example you had was primed mods, in which case, my bad for interpreting that poorly. Archwing is just a matter of taste. I don't like it, you and some others do, its whatever. Different taste for different people.
  9. Missed the part where I said not many, because not everyone likes it. The people who do like it are so small in number compared to those who criticize it.
  10. What I mean is, I'm aware that they wont be given away like candy...but it doesnt matter. The price will plummet if you so much as give a feasible farm for such expensive mods. People are already sitting on hundreds, possibly thousands of SE, and you still think that won't make prices drop for said mods? Like I said it's a personal gripe, but you can't ignore that. For Archwing...again, its archwing. Very few people actually care about it besides faster travel speeds in open worlds. Not many people want more added to a system people already feel lukewarm about.
  11. Arch wing isn't hard, but nobody likes Archwing anyway. Nobody, or at least not many, will agree with adding more Archeing stuff. Prime mods in SP as rewards would destroy the prices for it and make them not worth selling. Not like they care, that's just a personal gripe. You mention a dev can do all this in a weekend...no they can't. You're not a dev, so you have no idea the amount of would go into something like this. DE has other things on their plate atm anyway, like the new war. I realize these are ideas, but you make it sound like Devs can do anything at a moments notice for this game. That's just not true.
  12. I dont care about something that small. Not all warframes need to walk on water for any reason. Either use a K drive, or fly over it. It's something a very small, very select few would care about.
  13. It doesn't need a change, it's a rep grind. Many others have done it, and many will continue to have to do it. It doesn't even take remotely close how long you think it does. Barely took me 10 hours combined on multiple sessions.
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