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  1. Why the #*!% would anyone be excited for Loot boxes and microtransactions? Please tell me your just trolling.
  2. That was your biggest mistake in thinking you speak for everyone.
  3. I won't bother with transmuting, again Rng is bad to me. But that will be a stance I can shell out plat for. Can't possibly be that much.
  4. Bruh, he said have fun watching the dream die before attacking people who liked to trick out their frames. Don't try to white knight for this entitled troll.
  5. Dare I ask where that drops from before I buy it? If you know.
  6. 20 for both status and crit, but again, the riven is problematic for me. I can however make a hybrid weapon like this work with blood rush and Condition overload.
  7. Okay...I see hybrid weapon, I think I can make something work with that. I say not to mention rivens because Rng has never been good to me in the riven department, and I do not have the plat to shell out for one. You already know how high prices can go, but I will keep it in mind in case something does change,
  8. I guess he thinks hes too good to farm his stuff like the rest of us, he'd rather just sit here and complain about losing his precious creds over a simple Nightwave challenge. The part that gets me is he doesn't want to waste his already useless mods to do it. The very mods that drop like candy, likely the very same mods every single one of us hoard until we eventually dump them all for endo. Thats too hard for him I guess.
  9. 9 mods that drop like candy...and you think theres alot of endo to lose by doing that? Thats absolutely ridiculous!
  10. Okay...I was laughed at before for trying to make the dragon Nikana a good weapon, and now that I have one finally...how do I make this thing a murder machine? And don't bring up rivens, rivens can fix most weapons, but I don't use them for a good reason.
  11. Okay now I understand, it was a mistake on my end. Thanks to all those who corrected me.
  12. Maybe I am, its been a minute since I played ash. I could have sworn it went up higher.
  13. Yeah base duration wise, it lasted alot longer before with the aforementioned mods, but now its stuck at 20 with both now. It makes me think something changed. Also I don't use any other augment other than seeking shuriken.
  14. It used to be alot longer, at least more than 30 seconds or more.
  15. It could just be me overlooking something, but lately when I started using Ash prime again, I noticed something different about smoke screen. Did something happen to it recently, because I remember having ridiculously long duration with smokescreen if you threw on primed continuity and Narrow minded, now its around 20 seconds with both mods stacked. Did something happen?
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