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  1. No...skins are not content, that's right there is plain wrong, and kinda dumb.
  2. You did it to yourself, so deal with it. Everyone who doesn't like liches keeps asking to opt out because they didn't pay attention. It's not happening after you kill the larva, you can't just opt out. You can however suck it up, kill the lich, and don't mess with it again. This is nobodys fault but yours.
  3. I was wanting something different personally, and to add to the signature, which Mind control is far from even remotely useful imo, I thought Chaos was or would be her signature.
  4. Yeah I thought the same thing, imo it's useless on everyone but Limbo because...ya know, that's his thing. His whole kit, as annoying as it is, is based around his ability to banish and manipulate enemies in the rift.
  5. Lol, shows how much I use Nekros...which isn't often honestly.
  6. Oh, well either way she's pretty #*!%ing strong, be it for looting or Dps. I prefer dps, her Pilfering strangledome functions like a sort of off brand pilfering swarm, it has a 65% chance to make enemies drop loot, but that's where I prefer hydroid. His pilfering swarm is 100%. But that's enough rambling, go be the best damn cat lady you can be!
  7. Guess you haven't seen what she does in SP then if you think all she's good for is loot. For loot tho, I prefer Hydroid.
  8. Oh Mr. NoXHeart, you're really not gonna like what I have to say...
  9. I can't wait, been waiting to see what I can swap in and out since Tennocon.
  10. Hey man, if you wanna carry someone who afk on purpose, be my guest. I however am not doing that, nobody should be rewarded for doing nothing.
  11. Good man, never take anything too seriously...unless its absolutely wrong.
  12. Just messing guy, no hard feelings, just poking fun in the sea of negativity.
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