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  1. Helios wont scan items that are complete in your codex. he will just float there and say "neat" then float away. ended up manually scanning everything I needed even the new items. took my kubrow with me to watch my back while I looked at some flowers
  2. just was starting to think I had missed this last week hahaha
  3. All good things come in time. I do not think that this delay is killing the game.
  4. same here my tenno same here... Congrats to everyone. cant wait to get to know all of you and work together to make the best community! now...
  5. With all the Lore updates and massive system overhauls, What is the current cannon for the Tudemen of Regor? My Ps4 fam were the trouble makers and chose not to help Alad V. or does this lore no longer matter since PC and Xbone helped him cure the infestion?
  6. Much excite, looking forward to the weekend infested madness. Thanks for the heads up Drew.
  7. I have been running it, this issue a lot was running some solo T2 survivals and kept getting the "level up" text on my screen. running with all rank 30 gear and wasn't using a frame that I have a lens on (I know the shame!) Woah, ease up on that hater-ade! Nothing will ever be as bad as the Devs of Destiny. I mean really the community manager blames the games community for problems. Lets be honest honest here, Warframe is forever changing and growing. One frame is op today tomorrow another one is. Just enjoy the game.
  8. This seems so sudden, not complaining though.
  9. Excited for this chance to meet more of my fellow tenno and hangout with DE again. Looking forward to brunch and the studio tour. This is a item off the nerd bucket list.
  10. Just wanted to give all my fellow Tenno an update about tennocon https://warframe.com/tennocon/ Just went live get your tickets now! All ticket sales are being donated to charity. Give on to the void~
  11. Any update when Tickets for Tennocon will go on sale?
  12. there will not be a dev stream until after Pax east, which is Friday April 22nd.
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