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  1. 2 hours ago, seventhSea said:

    I guess DE delivers a new version of the msi installer from time to time, which could trigger a full download even if you choose the same installation directory as the previous version. I'm not sure if it's the msi installer the one that deletes the contents to clear the installation directory or if it's part of the installation process of the game.

    It would be nice if someone from DE can confirm this. Nothing to do on their side if it's my fault, of course.

    I am sorry but seriously. You start off your post saying you dont like to complain or rant then start doing so blaming DE for their update process to then admit your running warframe on a unsupported environment aka linux. 

    Copied straight from Warframe FAQ page: Note: There is no Mac or Linux client currently available.

    So the issue is probably Wine having to recompile warframe every update to run. I suggest you dual boot instead of wine. 

  2. Seriously DE Gara's Mass vitrify change come on. You guys need to change your mindset play your game and believe everyone playing your game is a bleeping bleephole. The change is nothing short of a troll limbo. 

    Gara will now just be the Donald Trump of warframe now building walls to all the boarders of the maps. Let alone she will still be highly ineffective against grineer and corps. 

  3. Ok! So haven't really noticed this till this last lil patch that forced the screen shake option back on plus i have been taking a slight break :P

    But holy Bleep!!!! The screen shake is crazy out of control i ran 1 i mean just 1 sabatoage mission and i wanted to go puke. So i laid down for a min and got the green out of my gills went to options unticked enable screen shake relogged to make sure setting took. Then tried again yup nope lol. I don't know what you guys did or added but ya I cant even run a mission without turning green in the gills it is way way way to much.

    I mean its so bad that even the liset loading screen to a mission looks like a the camera man has a serious case of Parkinson's disease. Let alone when in a mission durning explosions, firing a full auto weapon, running and MoA's stomping the ground 50 meters away feel like my eyes are going twitch right out my head trying to keep focus on what i am shooting at. Hell just trying to keep track of the extraction mark is hell.

    I understand maybe your trying to make it a little more imersive but ya there is a wide line between imersion and riding the vomit commet. And currnetly atleast for me Warframe has became the vomit commet side.

    So please DE take a good strong look at the screen shake i hate to have to take a perm break because i cant play with the current screen shake as it is.

  4. Sure others love it and like it. Imho i personally dislike it. Its makes no sense to turn Mesa into a Spanish Conquistador. Her basic lore carries her a a wild west gunslinger. But hey what do i know. My opion for her deluxe skin shoulda been a nice cowboy hat and a old looking Duster maybe even give her aka Regulator pistol a more colt peace maker look hell maybe even some holsters.. But ya no she getting muskets.

  5. 10Mbps upload speed WHAT!! lol Download/upload speed doesn't really matter as the info sent P2P isnt that great to take any serious effect. It's all about ping And if you would be your standards make it 10Mbps upload you would be playing alone alot considering alot of the population is lucky to have 4Mbps upload

  6. Your complaining about basically getting free leveling. And asking for nerfs in a PvE farm fest. This is why we cant have nice things and new content. To many ppl crying nerf this nerf that in the content thats 5 years old.


  7. Let's see what would i like clema claus to bring me this year. 

    Weapon/warframe slots.

    Solstice pet skins

    And pretty much anything fashion frame :p

    Wishlist is nuts FYI

    Happy Holidays all. 


    Thanks goes out to @kdu_230 for the weapon slots :)

  8. On 12/8/2017 at 11:02 PM, (Xbox One)TiCKLETR0N said:

    It's Nerf or nothing! I agree that her 4th ability was fine as it was. Nullifies could easily take it down if you had too much range and leeches/eximus could still affect you. She was a nice alternative to frost that I personally enjoy playing a lot. After the PC changes what is the point of using her now? Mass Vitrify is a less potent snow globe with more negatives. Feels like I flushed five forma down the drain.

    It shouldn't be nerf or nothing. I understand DE wants some balance. But it is PvE dungeon crawling. And as i stated for years players have made their own end gane going as far as they can in survival/defense missions. They need to let us have fun and give us some tougher content instead of nerfing frames to non existant places.

  9. If doing a finisher on stairs you used to fall threw the map. Now doing a finisher on stairs will cause you to be slightly teleported away and lock your warframe. The only thing you can do is run sprinit in spot can not move at all from location you were teleported to and such can not fire or use any weapon. just got to sit there and hope you die or abort mission if no enemies are around. Respawning is the only fix for it. using unstuck does not do anything.

  10. 19 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    So that would just take us back to what we had before with a nerf to the duration because you've not said anything about it having HP so I'm assuming you want it to have it to be immune again...many of us have been wanting this since the announcement but DE decided to nerf it to what we have now because 'they wanted to open up attacking options'... yeah I was enjoying another type of defence frame too

    I did state in my OP that the suggestions i set forth would bring back her unbreakable wall. And bring back what made her fun being a micro managed frame. And if micro managed wrong or not having situational awareness would be the players downfall. Before frost got his HP bubble nerf he had at one point a fixed duration and he was fine this also aloud frost players at the time to engage in gameplay but at the same time had to micro manage their bubble. Also the difference bwteen snowglobe at that time and today is frost can have multiple globes which inturn back then made his bubble OP when micro managed well. As compaired to gara the duration fix would actually work since she can only have 1 up at any given time.


    1 hour ago, ChaotikDreamz said:

    And looks at the options i posted. Fixing all areas listed above IMO would be greater ways of fixing her ability and still having the unbreakable wall at the cost of planning and situational awareness.  While still leaving her a ingaging and fun frame to play and synergize well with her other abilities as it was intended for her to be played.


  11. 3 minutes ago, Messkoo said:

    The first buff just after release was not good with the wall going below. This as make the actual situation, with, before "nerf" the possibility to make a 10 meter invul wall, resulting in the actual change because it was too much OP.

    Fixing cast in air will be a solution, but not the good answer too. I think the wall need to have a fixed height BUT must fallow the ground and his height difference. So, in plain you keep you  X meter wall without "hole" under the wall and "no wall" upper it (because it's in hill).


    Fixing the wall to follow terrian would work in some situations like PoE but planet tilsets would be a nightmare on gangplanks and stairs.

  12. 9 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    But it wouldn't open up more build options, a fixed max time period no matter the duration mods is no better than the current HP based approach where there is a finite amount of time it will last no matter what we do to the build.   If we're 'pressing 4' every 20 seconds we'll go through a lot of energy if not built around efficiency (something we didn't need to do with the old gara or even the rework), thats around 300 energy per minute without any efficiency mods or using it to buff shatter storm. 

    Ok your taken the 20 seconds to literally. It was a number tossed out for suggestion puproses. So for your sake we shall say 30-35 sec duration thats a fair split bwteen max duration build and max strength build.

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