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  1. Seriously DE Gara's Mass vitrify change come on. You guys need to change your mindset play your game and believe everyone playing your game is a bleeping bleephole. The change is nothing short of a troll limbo. 

    Gara will now just be the Donald Trump of warframe now building walls to all the boarders of the maps. Let alone she will still be highly ineffective against grineer and corps. 

  2. Let's see what would i like clema claus to bring me this year. 

    Weapon/warframe slots.

    Solstice pet skins

    And pretty much anything fashion frame :p

    Wishlist is nuts FYI

    Happy Holidays all. 


    Thanks goes out to @kdu_230 for the weapon slots :)

  3. 10 minutes ago, (Xbox One)FISTO ROBOT0 said:

    You're forgetting that it will also be crippled by power strength now as well. There's an extra 2-3 mod slots if you want a wall that doesn't crumple like plastic.

    while yes this is true this also has a trade off to what Gara will become and how she will be built. And with a Strength,Duration,Range build she'll just be nothing more then a player that runs around mindlessly stacking damage on Splinter Storm being a 1 trick pony. Instead of a actual frame that had pretty good synergy with her skill set.

  4. 4 minutes ago, lZerul said:

    This change better include a removal of duration and good scaling for the ability (better then Snowglobe).

    This is Gara's 4, these changes if not handled right will make it weaker then Frost's 3. We also can't cast it in multiple locations.Make it scale off Gara's Damage Reduction instead of armor, that at least forces some synergy with her 2.

    I can't say I didn't see this coming, but DE really needs to make sure the ability is suitably buffed.

    It's all ready been confirmed duration stays. So its crippled by open areas, HP, and duration.

  5. Must of been a great DE dev meeting today picture it went something like this:

    Steve: Hey team lets figure out what we need to do? So let us toss some ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

    1st toss: Let fix some older frames that are lack luster and power crept out. Fails to stick

    2nd toss: Let rework Focus 2.0 cuz its just a stupidly crappy system and a unfun grind. Doesn't even hit the wall.

    3rd toss: Lets redo conclave so players actually play it. "crickets"

    4th toss: Lets get rid of these 8 player crappy instances. And rework it. nope

    5th toss: Lets nerf gara and piss off 90% community players.


    Steve: Hmmmm. That is a great idea let us do that. It's so original no one will see that coming. Not like we never done it before. Ok team get to work and figure out the best way to nerf Gara. And do it in a way that completely screws her and makes her gameplay completely useless.



  6. Got a feeling this has all come about cuz of troll Gara's stacking max range and glassing a whole area at the expense of all their energy and being utterly usless. Cuz other then the wall being unbreakable it's has to many other downsides to balance that out. Duration based, high energy cost, open on top for drones, hellions (which really hurt at high lvls), any ship in PoE and any AI that chose to climb to higher ground.


    Other idea for fixing gara's wall set it to a fixed height undo that growing vertically that you did and makes it follow terrain like a fence.

  7. 16 minutes ago, kowalsky386 said:

    Im sorry, did you wanted to have fun in your videogame?

    Appearntly not guess it's back to cheesing everything with Inaros and a big melee stick.

    9 minutes ago, RedToothKaki said:

    ^ so it will still be affected by duration. That's actually hilarious. think of the facial expressions of the new players when they regret going through all those difficult bounties for gara. man. that will be hilarious. lv 40-60 bounty for a useless frame that can't even defend herself for a good 30 seconds. good joke DE. and god help the man that doesn't see this before she gets nerfed and tries to bring her into a part 3 sortie after the nerf.

    and with this nerf your going to be lucky if you get 30 seconds before the wall is blown to bits. specially when a heavy gunner or bombard is around. All while getting slapped in the face by hellions and corpus drones.  Let alone to even try to think about using this in PoE with all the damn mortars and that annoying carpet bombing ship that never goes the hell away.


  8. 3 minutes ago, RedToothKaki said:

    I have the feeling I shouldn't have spent 20 dollars on gara...like omg dude. this doesn't just change her 4th ability, it also changes how her 1st interacts with her 4th ability and not just her 1st ability, her 2nd ability too the one that gives you damage resistance. with this nerf its also nerfing the damage you get out of her 2nd ability if you're near an enemy and it also nerfs the damage you deal when you cast your 1 on her ability. oh my god why did I waste 20 dollars on a frame. 2 years--2 years and I've learnt nothing

    the darkness man its like the black plaque all over again e.e 

    Sadly i agree with this i wasn't much into fashion frame but gara opened my wallet cuz i needed plat for shiny things to adorn gara with yup i'lll def think twice next time.

  9. 5 minutes ago, EighthGear said:

    Why does DE feel the need to keep nerfing frames into oblivion? Older frames already have a hard time being useful with their "reworked" kits, now new frames are getting the same treatment? Gara hasn't even been out for two months...

    If this change goes though - which I hope it won't - you would need to build her 4 with power strength AND duration AND armor in mind, making the builds for her extremely limited. Essentially it will turn it into an objectively WORSE version of Snow Globe which can be attacked from above. So now a frame that was actually sortie-viable will be turned into MR fodder. 

    Strength, duration and range will be the only viable build for gara armor will be and still is pointless as she doesnt have all that much. She will just be built now to maximize her 2 and 1 abilities. Then once that happens DE will nerf that and she'll be MR fodder.


  10. 2 minutes ago, Mongobeef said:

    Design table? You're giving too much credit to them to actually have one of those. Just expect it'll be as bad or WORSE than frost by the end of things

    she was already worse then frost. only thing she had was a unbreakable wall. AI found their own way to get it Hell even the infested drones flew over it to spread their toxin everywhere. Now with the linear maps and AI design her 4 is utterly useless expect for stacking dmg. If the should of fixed anything it should of been buff her 3 and nerf the dmg stacks on 2. but i am sure that will be next


  11. I got a dev idea. How about STOP NERFING FRAMES let us have fun in builds and playing frames. and make a new galaxy or focus on the open world with some higher lvl content what we been beating up on lvl 40 mobs for how many years now.


    I could understand this in conclave but who the heck plays in the conclave. and even so i would just sit in a corner stack dmg and run around wiping the map clean lol.

    Gara's new role in warframe cast 2 on everyone break walls at will everyones a meat grinder


  12. I just don't understand DE's thinking of constantly turning frames into 1 trick ponies. Gara i was having fun she was useful in most of her skills probably the single most frame i used all the skills on. Now she's going to be nothing but a 1 trick pony of pressing 2 then 4 then break with 1 run around yay everything melted rinse repeat. Not like i wasnt doing that already but now its all shes gonna have :(


  13. 1 hour ago, [DE]Aidan said:

    . This will give your enemies a few extra options for dealing with Mass Vitrify, leading to some more dynamic encounters when using the wall defensively. 

    Please think about this comment and the play style of warframe, because this could not be further from the truth.

    1. Nullifiers are already EVERYWHERE! unless your adding something that stops them from collapsing the wall.

    2. Open at the top and bottom if not placed right on terrain.

    3. AI already tries to find ways around it by spawning in it or using terrain to jump over it.

    4. This change by adding strength and armor is just doing nothing but taking away Gara's utility and making her into a mindless run around DPS frame. After this change there is really going to be no point to pressing 4 other then to break it and stack DMG thenrun around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

    I remember the days of duration frost bubble it was OP cuz there was no way into it at all. Gara's shield has alot of downsides but to add health that breaks in certain part makes no sense specially in the linear map designs where AI rush from 1-2 paths and nothing more. This in turn makes the rest of the wall useless.

    This IMO is no different then the day you took Ember's 99% dmg reduction away and gave her that crappy WoF. Turning Ember from a good/god frame to who the hell plays Ember.


    But then again in the marketing sense guess thats what you want since Khora will be coming soon kill off the new frame make way for the newer frame.

  14. All this is doing is taking a already half good utility ability and making it well useless. And being effected by strength and armor is now just making Gara into a 1 trick pony of a DPS monster. There is seriously no point to pressing 4 with this change at all other then to break it to stack dmg.

    ATM Gara is a jack of all trades not great at 1 thing and not bad either. Now she's just going to be good at stacking dmg and running around mindlessly.

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