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  1. WTS: Unrolled [Buzlok] [Skana] [Kronsh] [Sepfahn] [Azima] [Arca Scisco] Rivens 50P EACH pm ingame : Husla
  2. It's fine, I am the DCOTOR. I shall fix the problems.
  3. Should've released Nightwave when you could've cycled through them without having to halt it for several weeks.
  4. Damn, how low was the spawn rate. If 4% is a big increase.
  5. oof, sicarus hit again.. i rarely see the weapon anymore
  6. what he said.. not seen a single time and I've been running missions for 4 hours now
  7. can't run. pls halp me guise. I not know hows to runs. Toggle sprint is broken, thought my controls were borked but I play on default. You tried to fool me DE.
  8. " Trials are coming back – the team is working on them when they can! " great news.
  9. Can we stop with the deadline you keep settings yourself. What's the point, if it never happens?
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