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  1. Mine is still F6, maybe try changing it back to default or turning on fn
  2. Really? I couldn't tell. Majority of this forum has posts like this. If you're going to be sarcastic like on reddit. Using the /s really helps.
  3. 1. Go to the top left area, near the small pool of water and mine Hesperon. They are commonly found there. Else where they are hard to obtain. 2. I guess, you don't bother to read this: 3. Any glyphs work. There is plenty of free codes available for this. My personal favourite is Flare_eyes as you can see from my profile picture. 4. 10 relics, you can do that in 30mins via capture fissures. I did the 500 kills in 5 exterminate fissure missions with Ember. 5. Don't care about this. 6. Rift Sigil came before Arbitrations. Get your facts correct, you silly giraffe.
  4. Same problem. Since everyone left and I was extraction. I completed the lv30+ enemy without detection.
  5. It's fine, I am the DCOTOR. I shall fix the problems.
  6. Should've released Nightwave when you could've cycled through them without having to halt it for several weeks.
  7. Nightwave failed, it'll just end up like the simaris lore. Go on for few months then they just cba with the rest of it.
  8. 35 or 36, gave up after I hit 30 awhile back.
  9. In this day and age, killing stalker is very easy. So dying to him.. is kinda sad.
  10. Damn, how low was the spawn rate. If 4% is a big increase.
  11. oof, sicarus hit again.. i rarely see the weapon anymore
  12. what he said.. not seen a single time and I've been running missions for 4 hours now
  13. can't run. pls halp me guise. I not know hows to runs. Toggle sprint is broken, thought my controls were borked but I play on default. You tried to fool me DE.
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