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  1. Husla

    Rattleguts riven.

    I'd use it, rattlegut is nice
  2. PoE was designed the same. I still see players taking, Trin/Chroma/Volt/Harrow. Profit Taker is either Chroma/Inaros/Rhino/Mesa. Nothing different here. Memory leaks and low fps could be because you're playing too high settings for Fortuna which is much bigger than Cetus. I play the game on low settings now after Fortuna update as it ends up using 8gb ram due to textures eating everything. Rewards, PoE rewards arent much different unless you get the good stuff like Grace/Energize/Guardian. You get drops that give you operator rep and bonds needed for kitgun and Fortuna rep.
  3. Yeah, its stupid how they just go straight up and fade away. What's the point of the effect then. It should go outwards and seek not up 10m.
  4. Husla

    The current state of Kuva farming

    I used to farm kuva, got bored with the lack of variety. Most of the kuva I get now is from sorties or bounties. [ofc being unlucky]
  5. Husla

    Update timing

    He has a point, DE have done this on numerous occasions for the past two years. Night time comes every couple of hours and it's fair to say, they shouldn't be updating at that time. Shows carelessness. Not everybody has time on their hands to play all day. You can't even leave the plains as there is a high chance you'll lose your items. gonna edit this in:
  6. Husla

    I wanna apologize...

    Why did you host something you weren't sure about? Did the team know you were doing it for the first time?
  7. Husla

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    Only managed to get one game in. Too many loading errors for my liking. It was alright, just reminded me of too many games put into one.
  8. 1k B/N or OFFER. Ingame Husla
  9. Husla

    Baro has arrived

    What you talking about? It's wasn't just a simple event. Everyone had to pull their weight. Its a sad excuse.
  10. Husla

    Baro has arrived

    Having Ignis Wraith part of Baro is just plain stupid. It required so much ducking effort to obtain to so we could have it in our dojos. Pathetic move by DE.
  11. Slash Damage +218.% Status Chance +171.2% Corpus Damage -31.8% 1.2k B/N or OFFER. Ingame Husla
  12. Slash Damage +218.% Status Chance +171.2% Corpus Damage -31.8% 1.2k B/N or OFFER. Ingame Husla
  13. Husla

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    can't run. pls halp me guise. I not know hows to runs. Toggle sprint is broken, thought my controls were borked but I play on default. You tried to fool me DE.
  14. Ive put everything on Low and its working.. Kinda a shame i cant play with higher settings, if i want to stream this game.
  15. Husla

    Warframe PC LFG Discord

    Warframes Official Discord has a very good LFG for all platforms.