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  1. Its not variety is it tho, its railjack and relic put into one long mission. Why call it a storm when its still 1 relic at a time. It should've been atleast 3 relics per run for that amount of time.
  2. Why am I seeing Mission Failed after completing all objectives on Skirmish missions? Upon arriving at dry dock i get message and only see credits as rewards.
  3. "Fixed becoming stuck on the End of Mission screen after a mission due to Host/Client attempting disconnects at the same time. " lost alot rewards because of this.
  4. All updates have bugs. Not sure why people are asking for it to be delayed. We don't put time stamps into updates, they do it. This game has always been slow with content.
  5. Watched around 35mins of the stream yesteday, it only counted for 80%..
  6. How you getting slower load times and fps on PC compared to console?
  7. 1000p or OFFER A DECENT PRICE.
  8. Wouldve it been quicker to just run the vault as i can do that easily on solo with octavia and voidrig or go into doing the bounties which i think take longer
  9. ive done both, running only vault and then doing vault + bounty vaults. And I aint getting anything i need. Constantly these arcane crap duplicate resources. I need the damaged weapon parts been at it for awhile. like 2-3 hours daily to get them.
  10. Been running these mission for awhile now, I just can't seem to get any damaged weapon parts or parts for weapons. What is the best way to get the best chance, as i am starting to lose interest in this game again.
  11. Should this not be under xbox or will PC have this feature
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