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  1. Any future releases are just a best guess. There's a loose order, male male female female , and they generally follow their non-prime release order. Ultimately, DE could deviate at any time.
  2. Perhaps try resetting your keybindings.
  3. Jahu isn't one of the correct/known requiems. Tell them to take a closer look at the symbols. Also note, Oull is a wildcard, so it'll always be correct no matter where they put it.
  4. Try switching them around. The first might not be correct, but it could be bugged and showing it as correct. Are you absolutely sure the first is correct? Any chance you have some custom UI colours that might be making it hard to know? Pictures could help a lot here.
  5. Yeh sorry, just made that correction. Hotfix landed yesterday I think.
  6. Unfortunately it seems consoles have already stopped getting hotfixes. Looks like we might have to wait for a full patch before we get this fix. Correction: looks like we did receive this hot fix, but it doesn't fix the invigorations for this week. It should be fixed for next time.
  7. Compose new message from the main menu. The instructions may even include the link.
  8. With the way the invigoration buffs are weighted, Khora is indeed an unlikely option. And for even better news, if you do finally get an invigoration for khora, there's no guarantee it'll be useful.
  9. Try swapping Oull out of the first slot. Should hopefully force the game to fail, or at least re-check the first mod properly.
  10. Any chance you've used helminth to replace ravenous on those two slots?
  11. Any chance you took imprints of a vulpaphyla? What breed is your "almighty storm"?
  12. Any chance your lich stole it? You'll probably need to submit a ticket to support.
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