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  1. Arbitrations are just endless missions that start at lvl60 and have those annoying AF drones which make everything nearby complete invulnerable. And a different revive system. Weapons like arca plasmor or ignis wraith are pretty common as they can help to destroy the drones quickly. To revive fallen squadmates, the living squadmates need to collect 5 'coins' from destroyed drones. Run over your fallen squadmates corpse once you have 5 to revive them.
  2. From the wiki: Drops from Exo Cutter (0.101%), Kosma Outrider(3.794%), Elite Exo Taktis (1.106%), and Gyre Outrider (3.794%). So you could try the outriders on Saturn or Earth, but there's few of those. So perhaps Veil Cutters or Taktis might be better, as there's more of those. That said, it might be quicker to run lower level missions, unless you're after anything else as well.
  3. If the choice is between Coaction or Power drift, I'd think Power drift could provide more of a buff than coaction. Probably not much of a difference. That said, if you're in a squad all running Steel Charge, then you'd almost definitely want Coaction.
  4. Pretty sure the extra damage from Fatal Teleport is affected by ability strength? That said, I'm not actually sure Power Drift would be worth it, as the increase would likely be quite minimal.
  5. Doesn't really matter for Earth. Some people like to know, but it's like they can do anything about it if you don't use their preferences.
  6. Then you would board your railjack and start the mission. Just make sure to ask in squad if everyone is ready before flying out.
  7. Toxin bypasses some of your armor, so health conversion will be less effective. What's your ability strength and range, and how close were the enemy?
  8. Which typically means there isn't a public group on the node you're selecting. Just try all nodes and hope you get into an open squad.
  9. If it's happening during an infested arby, it's almost definitely a toxic ancient roar.
  10. Forum clans are different to in-game clans I think, if that's what you're asking
  11. Also check you operator void dash buffs. E.g. zenurik void dash can also produce electricity damage; failed a few riven challenges by destroying security cameras with this.
  12. You definitely don't want to wait. You have to kill those demolysts before they get to the conduits, else they blow it up. Listen for their beeping noise, and kill them asap. I take Mesa for Distruptions, I hear Mag is also great.
  13. Ignore 🙂 beat me by 1 min Feel free to remove/delete: I note in the PC unvaulting, vectis prime barrel is missing? Does this impact console, and if so, what are the chances we'll get a hotfix before the vault closes again?
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