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  1. https://ps4.warframe.market/items/nova_prime_set Going rate for Nova Prime set seems to be close to 100p... so you're not really offering much of a discount. She's fantastic for solo interceptions and she's still good at everything else, just not really in high demand. I suspect both nova and mag prime have been unvaulted since you last played.
  2. This is literally all nightwave is. S1, intermission, S2.... random assortment of missions, as prescribed by DE. Some old, some new. Nightwave is just something you can do organically. There was never a need to 100% everything in nightwave, and these are no different. If you don't need the rep, and don't want the invasion rewards, then don't do them. I'm not disagreeing with you per see, just pointing out the obvious. Nightwave is boring af if you're only after the top tier rewards. 8 weeks of grind, then stop until the next one. As pointed out by almost everyone else, you're not being forced to do these. They seem to be a different "catch-up" for those who might've missed some challenges, or to keep moving through the prestige ranks if your really need more emissary credits.
  3. Taking a wild guess... maybe 50p https://riven.market/list/PS4/Ignis Unfortunately, your stats are pretty woeful. It'd definitely require some rolling.
  4. Honestly no idea, there may not be much demand. https://riven.market/list/PS4/Scourge Those listed seem to have been there for a while. If you want to sell it quickly, 50-100p, if you're prepared to wait, you might get more. Not too sure how much the negative would affect the Scourge. And heat is not usually desireable. I hear there's a discord that can help gauge a riven's desirability, I haven't used it myself (prices in the discord might be PC centric).
  5. https://riven.market/list/PS4/Stubba 100p might be pushing it, if it had crit damage or multishot as well, then you'd be onto a good riven. Finding a buyer will be the hard part.
  6. Pretty sure you have to buy it through the psn store? Seeing as your forum account doesn't have "(PS4)", you don't seem to be using your ps4 account. Sounds like you might've bought the plat for a non-existent pc account. Might have to try support.
  7. The app (and similar sources) all show there's currently 2 invasions on both of Sedna, Adaro and Pluto, Oceanum. Adaro has a Dera Vandal Receiver / Twin Vipers Wraith Barrels (current active), and a Reactor / Catalyst (inactivate). Similarly, Oceanum has a Latron Wraith Barrel / Dera Vandal Blueprint (active) and Reactor / Reactor (inactive) invasion. Would be nice if this issue could be fixed please.
  8. The only time I've hit the time limit, was a very long time ago, when first attempting the Jordas Golem, quite unprepared. Somewhere between 30min and 1hour.
  9. To answer your initial question OP; I find Frost's energy pool to be too low without Flow. (And I run with Zenurik) To extend on that; I also find, with Icy Avalanche, I don't usually need any other survivability mods. (Unimportant additional info, feel free to ignore) Note, I run quite a different build (QT is of course personal preference): (Primed) Flow, Blind Rage, Intensify, Streamline, Quick Thinking, Overextended, Fleeting Expertise, Icy Avalanche Resulting in: 40% duration, 135% effeciency, 190% range, 169% strength. That's my general build. For sortie 3/arbitrations I run something quite different: (Primed) Flow, Transient Fortitude, Rage, Quick Thinking, Overextended, Streamline, Umbral Intensify and Umbral Vitality. Resulting in: 73% duration, 130% effeciency, 190% range, 150% strength. Stats wise, not a big difference, but the Umbral build gives health plus rage to help if I'm getting smashed and need to either cast or pop a globe for a bit of a reprieve.
  10. "A wild Troll appears!!" People, please try not to engage, the convo has detoured somewhat from the original question. The Troll made no attempt to answer the question. Instead, the Troll made some veiled complaint, suggesting they don't like Arbitrations, that there might be something wrong with Arbitrations, or some sort of insult towards those that do like Arbitrations. The question has been answered. Arbitrations are once an hour. Side-note; due to the reward rotations, you'll likely want to play to reach the first C rotation, e.g. 30min survival, 30wave defense, etc. Let's not continue to feed the Troll. Good day to you, Tenno.
  11. I take Wyrm Prime for high level (e.g. Arbitrations), the CC from Crowd Dispersion is wonderful. Smeeta for most things, though. The buffs are great, especially if you can get the extra loot when collecting void traces.
  12. https://riven.market/list/PC/Acrid Pretty much nothing... The stats are less than desirable (worthless). You could try roll something better, but it would still be worth not much.
  13. If it were me, I'd keep it. The Fulmin is basically THE gun to have at the moment. It's semi-auto mode does a metric-tonne of damage, and the riven disposition is quite high. That said, if you want to sell it, now's the time. From what little I think I know about selling rivens, you either sell with a very low number of rolls (ideally zero), preferably with a "good roll". Or, roll the bejeezus out of it chasing a "god roll". If you're going for a god-roll, you could be looking at as much as 100k-500k kuva in rolls... don't kill yourself doing that. I'm on console, so unfortunately I don't have a good grasp of the riven market on PC, sorry. When I see those prices in the thousands of plat, I die a little inside. (Console doesn't get plat discounts like PC does, so everything on console is much cheaper)
  14. I'm led to believe Fulmin riven's are in high demand and can sell for a staggering abmmount of plat... E.g. https://riven.market/list/PC/Fulmin Yours doesn't seem to have great stats, so I'm not sure how much it's worth.
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