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  1. by the same logic, do it mean people who use rhino and chroma are also bad at the game? Do it mean having vitality to take advantage of hunter adrenaline also make you a terrible player? I am sorry but this reasoning don't seem to be holding up.
  2. Ninjamander

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    rip shattering impact....why those restriction....
  3. please for the lord of god, do not make the akmagnus reload speed longer, it actually needs the opposite and a shorter reload time. Otherwise, please leave this weapon at his original stats.
  4. Ninjamander

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    I honestly like it, better then getting the same weapon part over and over. We need fusion core like oxygen. This way is much better, getting a legendairy ore is still base on luck. We don't need more event that is purely rng, we already have plenty of those. I notice thanks to the sortie mission, none of my friend are doing raid because the sortie mission them-self take all they time. With this system, it combine the best of both world. The grind is not helping, it prevent us from doing what we want to do. This current event is a grind-fess and I have no enjoyment playing wf. It feel like a chore.
  5. Ninjamander

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    no fix for mission reward mod screen? It was not really fix last time =p edit: First! My life is now complete!
  6. Your suggestion would be good for a game that is not fast pace like warframe my opinion. I think a headshot on nullifier should be able to bypass they bubble, miss the head and the bubble take the hit and (making 2 shot to fully remove it)
  7. hips accuracy need to be restored...and sniper should be able to go through nullifies bubble to make them viable. edit: Instead of combo, why not making the scope highlight some weakspot similar to banshee sonar? It would make them more special, promote careful aim.
  8. Ninjamander

    Hotfix 18.2.2

  9. Ninjamander

    Devstream 61 Overview

    know what would be awesome? The warframe application able to use the ingame chat in your android phone! Making a desktop application would be even more awesome!
  10. Ninjamander

    Leechers...( Ways To Elimate Them )

    and those are the same people who reach a high mastery rank like this and blame <insert escuse here> each time they die. They also die often =x I saw some low mastery player doing much better in a raid mission then player with high mastery, such a shame lol.
  11. Ninjamander

    Hotfix 17.6.1

    many bugfix! Me like!
  12. Ninjamander

    Valkyr Can Permanently Stay In Hysteria Now

    very I don't see what make hysteria different from all those gamebreaking CC. If you want hysteria nerf, might as well nerf invisibily and all those CC ability
  13. Ninjamander

    Valkyr Can Permanently Stay In Hysteria Now

    anyway, I see nothing wrong with having something overpower in a pve game as long it don't overshadow the other frame, The shotgun in doom 1/2 is a perfect example. You can snipe with it, kill most thrash enemy in one hit even at a long distance. Very fun to use but you still need the help of the other weapon. If you want a challenge, build vakyr around her other ability. Nerfing her will remove that freedom. I do agree that her ability might be slightly overpower is it deal more dps then a warcry build. In this case, either remove the range limit on her downside and make everyone who attack her increase her hysteria meter, or replace the invulnerability with a health regeneration.