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  1. Nice update, now please i beg you fix the bug that does not allow us to destroy orokin labs if there's a pending research from before armistice, as per:
  2. I second this, have my dojo construction plans dumbly locked by that armistice thing. I am missing A SINGLE ARGON from one project and that prevents me from moving the lab, so i have to build around the one indestructible room always present.
  3. As one who did more than 180 profit taker runs without getting the sigil even once, this is very much appreciated. I'll be trying again, I guess.
  4. Ty, since you're looking into dojo bugs, what about fixing the inability to move the orokin lab anywhere since the armistice for clans with a pending research? I have to base the design of my dojo around an unmovable room...
  5. Bad. Bad. Bad. These quality of life changes are bad. I was already against the standing for bait trend started with fortuna, now this gets extended to poe. Also, i've farmed all the arcanes. Spent countless hours grinding hundred of eidolon gems for crafting each and every one of them. Not even a small compensation, nothing given back. Not to mention the tysis change, one of mi favourite secondaries that now loses its signature trait of the pure corrosive damage. And WHY does the stalker need a lvl cap? I NUKE him at lvl 90 WITH ONLY THE OPERATOR, he is a JOKE at lvl 45. I already wasn't feeling in danger after the "new" shadow stalker, which is immensely less powerful than the old stalker. The assassin type enemies are ASSASSINS, THEY ARE MEANT TO ASSASSINATE ME, not to entertain me while i kill them with a mk1 lato. Oh yes and let's nerf ogris aoe a bit more, in the end that aoe is not the only reason because that weapon is a bit useful. We've already seen from the riven dispo update that its use has SKYROCKETED. Oh no wait, its dispo was buffed, it has never been nerfed and never will be since nobody uses it.
  6. Clan name: Akisenshin Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Relevant info: We are Akisenshin, a Rank 10 Ghost Clan thatโ€™s been active for years, built by a group of real life friends and new ones met during this wonderful journey. Our dojo is designed to look like a realistic spaceship featuring functional rooms and structures both on the inside and the outside; we are also planning to make an artwork showing how it would look like from the outside. The dojo is constantly being upgraded, with old rooms being updated and tweaked daily and new rooms being added every now and then. At the moment we have a finalized version of the following rooms, shown in this order in the image gallery: main deck/navigation room with orokin external weaponry on the front, a grineer armory connected to two artillery rooms on the sides with grineer armaments, main research lab for specimens conservation and analysis on the first floor; orokin cathedral in the center of the spaceship, corpus entrance and vault/market hall, connected to an hangar with explorable and lifelike smaller spacecrafts on the second floor; Astrolabium orokin room with telescopes and a clock tower on the third floor. Work in progress rooms include a main engine room, two realistic engines in the open space at the back of the ship on the first floor, many gardens to be reshaped as an orchard for the orokin cathedral. The idea behind the Dojoโ€™s design is to replicate through reverse engineering cutting edge technology from Corpus, Grineer and Orokin factions and implanting them on a Tenno baseline. Featured Image: Photo tour:
  7. Hum...ok, the fixes are nice. Not too happy with the dmg nerf, i was actually enjoying having to actually look at the screen for finishing a mission, but all good things tend to come to an end... But...there's one big but...THE WATER IS NOW CONSIDERED A SOLID SURFACE. How. The only way for me to fish is now glitching under the water.
  8. Sure, yes, so that i'll have to be ready to sell my rivens at anytime since they could change from strong/usable to totally worthless. That's surely a good way for improving a system. Enough with these complaints, there is no such a thing as powercreep in warframe except for what concerns warframe powers before getting balanced.
  9. Rivens gets released. Weapon X becomes more popular. Disposition gets nerfed. Weapon X stops being popular. Totally agree, most of the riven disp have to stay as they are. For what concerns primes, the base weapon is still there, so it makes no sense nerfing disposition without differentiating between base weapon disp and prime weapon disp, you just end up making the base weapon useless again. Also, i haven't seen any usage spike for riven disp not being nerfed, only a price spike. I barely see tiberon p used in actual missions, for example. Same goes for kronen, nami skyla, and other high disp - high stats weapons. Why would you ever nerf disposition then? The only result would be making weapon which became slightly more used completely unpopular again. Which is against the very concept of rivens. That is, except RARE cases there is no need at all for adjusting riven disp; and that's already being done. See for example Aklex and Akbolto. Point.
  10. Wonderful, now we have a founding warlord and we can't expel him from the dojo, we can't pass his title to anybody else since he's the only one who can demote himself AND he got the title of founding warlord even though he hasn't logged in in two years.
  11. Certo, scusa ma non pensavo ci avresti invitati direttamente. รˆ un'alleanza composta solo dal mio clan, che non รจ stata portata avanti. Devo solo scioglierla, lo farรฒ stasera e commenterรฒ di nuovo appena finito.
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