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  1. Thank you people for the answers. Happy summer for everyonr.
  2. As the title says, I will be out for 4 weeks. I have my nightwave progress up to date right now. Will I be able to catch up once I come back? Thanks
  3. This autoswitching was unnecessary. Even when playing melee only (no other weapons equipped) and scan something, when I bring back my melee I can't no longer block, since it brings back the scanner. Please, add the option to choose between old and new system. I, as many others wrote before me, have had to reduce melee combat to minimum. I was a main Dagger user (farewell, beloved Rakta Dark Dagger), and now I can't perform 2 successful hits to an enemy without having to stop the combo, cause It takes me miles away from the objective. P.S. Speed Holster asks: "What's my purpose now?"
  4. My opinion: this melee system rework was unnecessary. autoblocking in an horde game is not correct, and going full melee without any weapons equipped is unpolished. Channelling is still needed and now it feels underwhelming. If there is more phases to arrive, why not include them all in one update? Right now it's really hard to play as normal. Try picking a kuva catalyst when only having a primary and a melee weapon. every time you aim glide you leave the catalyst behind (less responsive, less fluency for me). I'm currently forced to play with semi tanks /healers just to avoid having to channel melee. Last point: mobilty has been decreased. I'm really missing aim glide while in melee (blocking too). We were fine before this instaswitching. If someone wanted quick switch, we had Speed holster and other similar mods. Now we can't play melee properly
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