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  1. I just came back to warframe after a 5 year break, and it seems like explosive weapons dont do self dmg anymore, removing the risk/reward balance of these destructive weapons. Why? When and why did DE decide self dmg needs to be removed? As cool as it is to see yourself knocked down if you blow your weapons up right in your face, its not remotely as fun as trying to calculate your distance and hope that a oxium drone doesnt fly in at the last second. Not to mention you can get knocked down as many times as you want when the entire room is dead anyways. Was there a community-wide concern regard
  2. As the title implies, its been ages since i played this game(5 years maybe?) but im thinking of coming back to it. im trying to get my friend in as well but he doesnt want to play unless the grind has been fixed. hows the state of the grind right now? we enjoyed the game back when tower keys were a thing and we did like 100-round defense runs and stuff. has anything like that come back?
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