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  1. Vauban thoughts: - Teslas look much improved and I like the direction a lot! - Minelayer still feels like the worst part of his kit. Even at a lower energy mini-Vortex, static damage turret, and horizontal bounce pads don't interest me. I will exclusively set it to Damage Amp mode every mission and never use the other modes. I honestly think giving him a slew of buff pads like Damage Amp and akin to Wisp would be a better route for Minelayer. - Orbital Strike I really wish I had stats for because I can't gauge how good it will really be without range and damage numbers. The delayed timer on it doesn't do it any favors, as I will probably wind up casting a Vortex, dropping one, then my teammate comes flying by with an Atterax and they'll die before that big satisfying explosion can wipe them out. My response will roughly be "Well I sure am glad I spent 75 Energy on that." - Vorstille definitely seems like the biggest winner in Vauban's kit and I think it looks amazing on paper against most factions, but the fact that it focuses on Armor and lacks a clause for Shield has me worried about his performance against Corpus. Maybe sap shields in Bastille and grant teammates Overshield generation over time relative to Shields being sapped? Ember thoughts: - The Passive stats seem too small. The raidus is very small and the boost is minor. If the boost were more like stacks about triggering Heat procs, it may work out a lot better though. - Fireball would be a lot better if the explosion and napalm scaled off Power Range mods. - Immolation is extremely difficult to gauge without hands on time and numbers presented. Right now I am not too happy about it since it adds an element of micromanagement to a character who did not have that before this rework or even now outside of this one ability. It feels like an island in her own kit. Ember being one of the earlier frames a player can get, I honestly feel like simple abilities would have been a better way to go. I would have much preferred this as a duration based buff like Turbulence or Shatter Shield. That said, a mixed Defensive and Offensive buff is cool to see on a conceptual level. - Fire Blast changes are simple, nice, and very appreciated. - Inferno I liked a lot from the footage provided, but I think I will downright love based on the description. The stream showed just clumps of enemies, but if its really targeting enemies locations and scattering the meteors around, this may become one of my favorite abilities in the game. Awesome execution of a proper "Nuke" ability, and my favorite part of Ember's rework for sure. - That said, Ember's kit as a whole looks even more Energy thirsty than ever since it looks like she's going to be casting a lot more abilities. Adding a clause to her passive like "Enemies killed by Heat damage within 15m restore 5 Energy", "Restore 2 Energy per second per enemy inflicted by a Heat proc within 15m", or increasing her Base Energy would help a lot to alleviate her issues. Thank you for listening, and good luck with the rest of their development!
  2. With Atlas currently in the spotlight with his brand new Prime, can the Offensive performance of Tectonics and Rumblers be revisited? Tectonics Health can be increased by enemy fire briefly after creation, but the Boulder damage is currently static. Landslide receives the benefits of Melee mods to become powerful fists, and typically end up outperforming the damage of Rumbler's giant stone golems that are stuck only seeing Power Strength to hit harder. Atlas's 2 and 4 could really use buffs to stand up to the offensive potential of his 1.
  3. The biggest problem I see with this rework is that it fails to answer the fact that Wukong has one of the lowest Squad contributions of the Warframes. No team buff, no team heal, no large area crowd control, the only thing he is "bringing to the team" is aggro drawing. Spreading Defy's buff to the squad would really make him more appealing to squads, because right now he still feels like a lone wolf that doesn't care about his allies.
  4. Is there a chance the some older Player and Enemy animations like the Knockdown and Getup animations will be redone or polished sometime soon, like that awkward standing frozen in place for a second that enemies do when they get back to their feet? And on a similar note, would you consider adding a system like the Soul Calibur series Ukemis where you can input a roll when you are knocked down with good timing to recover faster and move?
  5. Sigma & Octantis is now the only Login Reward without a unique gimmick now that Cobra & Crane exists and can throw its shield too. With Melee 3.0, will the Sigma receive a new unique feature, and will previous and future Blade and Shields like Silva & Aegis and Ack & Brunt receive the Shield throw attack?
  6. With the release of directional air slams in Melee 2.9, Zephyr's "Divebomb" is looking even worse as its range is now just about par with standard Melee ground slams, its damage doesn't scale with mods, and it costs Energy. Between this and Tailwind's current issues with players being stuck running in place for a bit when they dash into the ground and getting sucked into walls they dash into them due to how Tailwind handles momentum, she is in a very awkward place right now. Could Zephyr please receive some improvements and bugfixes in the near future?
  7. Will there be a second pass over the content introduced in Fortuna 2.0? Baruuk seems largely ignored since his release whereas many past Warframes got tune ups post release like Garuda and Revenant. Additionally, acquiring the three new resources introduced in the Profit Taker bounties is extremely tedious and RNG dependent. After 10+ Runs and only 5 Gyromags towards new Amps and attempting to rank up in Vox Solaris, this new grind feels far worse than most in the game so far because there's no degree of certainty to it and the amount we need is so high.
  8. My questions for this DevStream are all about the current handling of loadouts: - The only thing left that we can't really control between different loadout slots is Kavats and Kubrows. I can use a Smeeta Kavat on my Nekros loadout, but that means I can't use any of the other currently 6 different types of pets in any of my other loadouts. I would love to see an overhaul to the Incubator and handling of our pets so we can use them more smoothly, since their current state feels really awkward and arbitrary. - Can the number of available loadout slots increase soon? I'd love to have one for each unique Warframe, which is currently impossible. - Could reordering tools for Mod loadouts and loadout slots be looked into?
  9. In DevStream 117 we got our first look at Archwing Weapons coming to standard gameplay. I'm sure that's farther down the to do list with melee 3.0 and Fortune Part 2 still to come, but I wanted to ask: Will this mean we get our first ever Primed Arch Gun and Melee in the near future to use alongside this change, and our first ever Primed Mods for these weapon types? Thanks as always for your hard work and happy holidays!
  10. I still have some major concerns about Titania, though the Tribute and Razorwing changes are absolute highlights here and very welcome. - Titania still has the lowest Base Stat pool of any Warframe in the game (Health, Shield, Armor, Sprint Speed, Energy are all "Average" values), matching Excalibur before his rework. Her base stats actually look like placeholder values. - All four of her abilities still have massive cast times. - Spellbind still has really tiny range. - Thorns will remain the weakest Tribute because the amount of damage we need to kill enemies is vastly different from the amount they need to do to kill us. An unmodded Titania with Thorns will deal 300 damage to enemies with Thorns before entering Bleedout state. That's not nearly enough to kill any meaningful threat. And this is true for Trinity's Link too. But Trinity's Link is good because it comes with 50% Damage reduction. Damage reflection in general in Warframe will always be bad unless you reduce the Health of every enemy in the game to be closer to the values that we the players have. Its a non-reflective damage scale right now. Thorns should have its effect replaced, or the damage system needs a rework to make Confusion and Damage reflection effects better as a whole. - Lantern'd enemies still don't take damage until they explode/expire. I really think you should take Nyx's coding for Mind Control where the affected enemies "take damage" still while controlled and it instantly applies when the ability expires. - You can Lantern 4 enemies in this rework, but without Mods, Titania can only afford to cast Lantern twice at full Energy. Three times with just Streamline. Titania needs either more Base Energy, or consider something like getting Energy over time when near a Lantern or regaining Energy when picking up Tribute buffs (Both of which could give her more roles in a team as like an aggressive alternative to Trinity). She has major Energy economy issues as of now. Taking a moment to focus on positives though, you guys rocked it with Nyx. My concerns about the state of the damage scale apply a bit less to Nyx due to Psychic Bolt's plans, but please do double check performance on each faction at Level 60-100 of Chaos + Psychic Bolts to see how long it takes for enemies to effectively destroy each other. It sounds like a great direction though!
  11. With Melee 3.0 and the amount of love Fang Prime has been getting between the Twitch Prime promotion and the previous Melee DevStreams, I wanted to ask if we will finally see Dual Daggers get access to the currently single Dagger only Covert Lethality mod in Melee 3.0? Thanks and good luck to everyone on the DE team!
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