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  1. I agree that Energizing Dash makes the others almost obsolete. It should either be part of each Tenno school or be way bound, possibly.
  2. I farmed Gauss solo with Nyx and Pyrana Prime (with viral), and it was rather easy up to round 6 or 7. The targets seem way easier on solo. If you're on public, I'd recommend Khora for ensnare, and my Pyrana was still my best option.
  3. I think sigils are rather ugly, and since I still want some syndicate rep, I'd rather have the ability to equip them as an emblem. Obviously, we can't color emblems, but if they were just white or the "syndicate color" would be fine with me.
  4. Just ran Disruption, and my screen stayed on "Round 1", never giving me rewards, while my friend in the same squad was receiving rewards thru Round 4+ (We started and extracted together). I never received any of the round rewards even after extraction. I didn't find any other reports of this(?).
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