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  1. Syrio says, “Every hurt is a lesson and every lesson makes you better.”
  2. This whole thread is a strawman, if you ask me. The real issue, as has been pointed out, is the miserable system of host migration. The change to allow individual extraction did, as I see it, two things. First, it gave everyone the freedom to play the game as they choose. No one is forced to choose between leaving when they want to and keeping their rewards because the rest of the squad wants to keep going. Secondly, it increased the visibility of the host migration issue by (apparently) making it more common. What I don't understand, as I read this thread, is why people are railing against player freedom instead of railing against the actual problem. The correct course of action is not to put pressure on DE to restrict players who don't agree with you, it's to apply pressure to fix the actual underlying issue. Frankly, I think the only salient point brought up here is: Lobby DE to add such a warning to the game and to fix the real problem. Don't charge them with torches and pitchforks trying to make players with less time (or less desire, the reason for someone not wanting to stay longer is irrelevant) subject to the whims of strangers on the internet.
  3. Either I’m confused by your response or you’re confused by my post, as you and I are saying the same thing.
  4. I was accused of “kill stealing” while ranking up Mesa Prime on Hydron. Two players started in on me so I decided to leech the rest off the round and stopped “stealing” kills (that don’t belong to anyone) by perching above the objective and just watching the rest of the round.
  5. DE’s stance has always been that trading without player to player interaction is a direction they do not want to go.
  6. Also, OP, remember the lesson of Fallout 76. What is promised and what is delivered are (all too) often very different things. Remember, remember the 14th of November...
  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... EA thats all I need to know to give Anthem a pass.
  8. I've always been a predominantly solo player. I played for a few months awhile back but left right around the time shortly after Chroma was released and the Sentients were first being teased. Couple years later I return to find a game that has me thoroughly baffled in many ways, lol. I'm slowly making my way through the star chart (just unlocked Sedna junction and did TWW over the past couple of days). I don't often group up for missions primarily because I'm so unfamiliar with the game Warframe has become that I don't want to hinder a group of strangers who are trying to accomplish a goal rather than shepherd someone who isn't quite sure how some of these new things work. I'm looking for a clan in which I can find folks willing to help me learn some of this new stuff and, provided I'm not too thick to pick it up, where I can perhaps pass along what I learn to new or returning players as well. I do have a discord ID, but to be honest, I'm not even really sure how to drive that, as I've only ever used in a couple of times to voice chat with my son. If I'm the kind of guy you want around then: IGN: Thaelyn2 Discord: stoopidnoob (#5549) MR: 9
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