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  1. I didn't know black rice was a thing.
  2. Banned for not keeping your hand held device in hand and handy, nullifying your ability to respond handily.
  3. What do you consider "weird" tho?
  4. The Eidolons being a night time act only makes sense with the lore but I don't remember if it's tied to that specific place. If it's not, then I don't see why there can't be Eidolon hunt locations on any "night" location on the planet, and even up it to different locations for different Eidolons.
  5. Could you drop a picture or something? Feels like we're about to start a bad game of 20 questions.
  6. I actually work a lot better from home lol and the fact that people I haven't seen in a decade have already vouched for me will probably help. It was wild; I received phone calls and messages from people as soon as the opening happened and they said I was the only person for the job. And I thought these people disliked me the last time I worked there.
  7. Well, it'll be doing what I'm actually certified for as well as a $6 dollar raise. They really want to bring me on board and are offering 2 days in office, 3 remote. I want to be doing this job, I'm just worried they'll try to push me into a 5 day a week in office eventually, which means moving back to some place I don't want to be right now. If they don't though, this is massive amounts of freedom, pay increase and puts me doing what I enjoy doing.
  8. Banned for imposing repercussions for lack of respect.
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