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  1. Yes, yes & yes. When she stares at you with those giant yellow eyes in such a tiny face, you kinda feel your soul getting pulled towards her lol
  2. Mag helpin' with the roommates groceries
  3. Just a quick thing; anyone is welcome to join the clans Discord but please respond when the moderators ping you. ^_^
  4. I go the Hamster Glyph, didn't know there were other rewards. I've made sure to sign up for newsletters and the like, rather annoyed I'm not getting any kind of notification for these things.
  5. Someone posted a profile image generator and I have no self control
  6. I lived where it snowed so much I lost my hatchback. Shovelling isnt too bad, but get you one of those snowblowers and you'll have far too much fun. Wind up doing the entire block just because its entertaining.
  7. My only complaint with the bundles was that it wasn't an escalating thing, each bundle had to be purchased in order to get the items. Beyond that, eh.
  8. Honestly, prefer the cold over the heat. I can pile on layers and take hot showers but when it's too hot, I can't take off my skin.
  9. Add asymmetrical patterns as well. http://imgur.com/gallery/YBpmSeW
  10. Sibling Rivalry is looking to fill our ranks with new players! The most important part Research Completion Drydock completed as well! We are a laid back clan whose goal is to create a space for experienced & new layers alike. There is no required participation or donation amounts to maintain membership. We like to keep the roster active for clan events, so we ask that we are informed if you're taking an extended break or if you're leaving the game. The clan Discord is usually the best place for this. "But wait, what about rules?! Everyone has rules!"
  11. It reached me, rising up - a gleaming beast, a plume of golden wings rising and unfolding behind it. An angel.
  12. All searches led to anti trust stuff, and it's not exclusive to the EU. The US has their own anti trust laws that are similar to the EU's. As to specific mention; I don't have a dog in this fight.
  13. If you feel there's no point in farming him but still want him, then yeah, you're at the point where buying is probably the only option.
  14. I was ready to run a few bounties, buy a few bonds from Ticker, but it looks like neither option is viable and I detest the Profit Taker fight. Guess I'll be going without the nicer rewards this time around.
  15. I only had a couple minutes to look it up but the requirement to remind you how long you've been playing seems to be part of the EU's AntiTrust laws that govern various aspects of gaming, including geo-locking games and loot boxes. While it's annoying to you, DE is apparently legally obligated to put it in, they can't just remove it because it annoys someone. At best, you could ask for a setting in options to turn it off. At worst, just change regions if it's really that bothersome. North America doesn't deal with that.
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