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  1. I do love the determined defense of a painfully flawed system by someone who benefited greatly from said flawed system. Their complete misunderstanding of what's being said is obvious at the goal post moving and insults they're using to put others at fault for a truly bad system that they managed to successfully manipulate to stay in "power" and are convinced it was due to some might makes right mentalitity.
  2. Managed to get rank 30 on Nightwave. Put on the suit and...my operators head flips around.
  3. Many dead things are displeased with me. Many living things are as well.
  4. I've been asked to make Elder Scrolls Festival Hand Pies this weekend. Should be fun, gonna drop dried apricots & pepperjack in'em.
  5. A little. But, better late than never; And this is dinner
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