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  1. The use of "collected" instead of "turned in" is causing a series of headaches for many players. If the only way to progress in the event is by turning in the Motes, that needs to be clarified because some of my players are just holding onto the things due to the announcement saying "collected."
  2. I thought it was called "mental illness" when you saw things that weren't there?
  3. The books being burned in the image weren't in a school for children and the post you only quoted part of actually answers your question.
  4. As far back as the second century, men in medicine believed that women suffered from "wandering womb," a condition that was described as the womb roaming the body in search of fluids to prepare for the monthly menstrual cycle and one risk associated with this condition was suffocation. This belief was so enduring that when trains became a common form of transportation, women were discouraged from riding them because doctors believed their wombs would fly out of their bodies due to the trains speed. This was known as a biological "fact" in the medical community for centuries. Advancements in medical science, completely changed women's healthcare. Within our lifetime, we have been able to identify which gene on which chromosome carries the information on sex, SRY on the Y, and how many other genes play a role in development. The "redefinition" of biology is happening as our understanding of it improves. Language changes constantly. If it didn't, we wouldn't be using words the way we do right now. The word "they" was first used in the 1300's and it made people angrier than today, simply for being a new word. Beyond dead languages, there is no "pure" language that never evolves.
  5. You can deploy harvest drones on cleared planets & manage them via the Warframe companion app. Not exactly the solution nor discourse you're wanting but it is an existing option you can start utilizing without needing to be in game.
  6. Even if DE had control over that sub reddit, no one here can do anything for you beyond saying "talk to support"
  7. Yeah my comment wasn't. In our interaction and the ones you've been having with others, there are glaring gaps in your rebuttals that would be fixed by utilizing free classes that numerous prestigious colleges offer. I've used them, people I know have used them, Hek, half of my teenage nephews are currently using them to get a leg up over their classmates. Free. Go forth and learn.
  8. ...no, thats not...my sibling in nonsense, will you please use the internets free resources and put more effort into your education?
  9. You know the internet is a thing, right? People don't have to be in the same room to have rapid interaction. I take screenshots and send them out to individuals or groups on Facebook, text message or Discord asking for opinions.
  10. ...I don't have 7 upvotes on any of my posts? Also how can I get upvotes on something if I'm asking for review before I post it?
  11. There was a time I would be inclined to agree with you but I actually put in a lot of effort into being sure I'm understandable, up to and including asking others to review what I post before hand. 7/7 people agree, you've misunderstood what was typed.
  12. Oh, so you aren't being obtuse, you just...completely misunderstood what I typed.
  13. You just dodged the point at an Olympic level.
  14. There wouldn't be a Pride anything if some seriously heinous things hadn't been done before hand. Pride is simply a reaction to what's been happening. Does every group of humans have extremists or people who latch on, pretending just so they can be horrible? You'd have to be lying if you said no. Claiming the validity or integrity of anything is compromised simply because some things or people associated aren't "squeaky clean" is disingenuous, at best.
  15. Before trying to bring out dirty laundry on anyone, make sure you're not standing in a smelly pile of it yourself.
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