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  1. Yep. Ran all challenges in an hour the Sunday they came out before I left, ran all the new ones the Sunday before they changed in about an hour when I got back. I use all loosely, can't remember if there were any that were multiday ones, but I busted out everything that was available.
  2. Are you sure you meant to put 1 -2 hours a month? You could actually get the challenges completed in that amount of time and earn enough credits from one credit reward pack to see you well off for Nitain so, I'm not sure your post is well thought out.
  3. Let Solo players build their homes and attach to Alliances as "freelancers", allowing them to purchase clan tech in their homes for double the credit cost. Also, let other players have homes as well, because that's kinda cool and now I want one.
  4. I see no flaws in this plan.
  5. Which is better than hammered.
  6. I just cast Magnetize on them and they sort themselves out quickly.
  7. Yeah, it's been a thing every time it's come back. This isn't new. It doesn't invalidate the other trophies from other events. This was the first attempt at clan driven trophy tiers IIRC, after the first Plague Star was when we started getting the Terracotta, Bronze, Silver, Gold trophies. Almost like they were using the data gathered from OG P.S. to gauge reasonable member participation.
  8. Plague Star trophy was like this the first time around tho.
  9. It's only while I have plat lol For some reason, it tends to go fast...
  10. That clip is really the only relevance. That and I have 7 nephews who LOVED THAT MOVIE so "bait" is linked to that 7 second clip FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. 0.o;
  11. This is why I avoided that word. It always triggers this .gif
  12. Oh, it's wildly inaccurate. Not really worth debunking, honestly. The entire topic is kind of a rep farm at this point. (as in, as soon as OP hit "submit")
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