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  1. Now make Tier lists based on builds, mission type and length.
  2. If you're trying to access your PS4 account via PC by joining the emails; wont work. There is no cross save feature at this time, each platform has stand alone accounts.
  3. I wasn't sure, honestly. I remembered someone mentioning an adjustment being made but I never saw a link or anything beyond "an adjustment being made/looked at"
  4. DE is rumored to be reducing the crafting cost for warframe because of the upcoming system but insincerly doubt they'll make it easier to bypass all the grind.
  5. We have 2 computers at work that are still on Win 7. Doesn't sound so bad until I tell you that we handle patient medical and financial documents. Apparently, the scanners we "need" wont work with Win 10, and the boss has been told that the computers can't access the internet. I asked her over while I was scanning yesterday and showed her my Google search for new scanners and she looked maaaaaaad.
  6. ...want the pin I got? The t shirt has already passed regifting status, sorry.
  7. ...muscle milk and coffee
  8. Don't forget the wild Kavats and Kubrows or the domesticated Drahk and Hyekkas. Gotta draw the line at a meat puppet.
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna sparta kick a Mag into the Hentai wall first chance I get.
  10. The infested open map is like Earth and Venus. The other nodes will be the Derelict nodes, they will be identical to what we have now, just no keys required to access. They went over this. The Vasca Kavat, however, is not obtained from the Derelict but the nighttime Plains of Eidolon on Earth.
  11. It would be nice, key systems, outside of quests or events, are pretty outdated as a standard mode. They're purely time gate and resource sinks.
  12. The same as they are currently. This has been mentioned in a couple streams now.
  13. RIP out dated time gate, you wont be missed. RIP out dated resource sink, you wont be missed.
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