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  1. MagPrime

    I have an Issue with Baro's loot

    It's farmable until it goes back in the Prime Vault, then the only access to it is via Baro.
  2. MagPrime

    Last Post Wins

    2 kinds of people in the world; Ones who can extrapolate from incomplete data
  3. MagPrime

    Last Post Wins

    Sorry, not sure where months came from.
  4. MagPrime

    Last Post Wins

    It's actually referring to what happens months next scene of the show that .gif is from.
  5. MagPrime

    Last Post Wins

    Ha, butt stuff.
  6. Ah, I see. You don't actually know what subjectivity means and are under the assumption that everyone play like you. No wonder you're having issues understanding.
  7. MagPrime

    How do I get Medi-Ray

    Yeah, I just checked my mod stash via the app, the gold version is the Medi-Pet Kit.
  8. You are really going above and beyond to be obtuse.
  9. MagPrime

    How do I get Medi-Ray

    Is it identical to the silver version? Same name and everything? Seems a bit odd if it is, as far as I know they don't do that for ant other mod in the game.
  10. It's entirely free and dead useful. Two of my servers have bots that provide real time in game information for people to check out, we upload our own emojis, etc. You make your own server and invite people to it, you aren't in a Regionesque situation.
  11. I wouldn't want all of my friends to see my messages at once. I have...a diverse group of people that are best left segregated. Discord is nice in that I can be in multiple servers at once, get direct mentions, etc. And since i moved to PS4, I have it on my phone, so I don't have to bother buying a secondary device or dealing with the awful onscreen keyboard. But we were promised player created chat servers at one point, and I think it was teased in an upcoming updates but it seems to have fallen through the cracks.
  12. I've noticed a few over the yeafs but, as long as they aren't d!cks about it, it's not like most of the games content requires a full team to complete the mission objective. Plus most missions move so fast, I dont even notice who's still at the start line most of the time.
  13. If I know they're online, often. Currently I'm bypassing most of the in game chat feature in favor of Discord because it has more of the options and features I want. Not the best design if players aren't using it because a 3rd party has built something better.
  14. I'd settle for notification of my friend being online and a hotkey list that pulls up every one inline, so I can easily /whisper them.
  15. Guides and Limbo aren't gonna help you with the wall latching. There's one specific puzzle I spent about 3 hours playing, having to do wall latch on lit up panels and couldn't touch the ground, and no, Ivaras zip line didn't count. What guide teaches you the coordination without actually doing it? Read about the how all you want but it takes skill and patience to actually complete the puzzle, which are two things some folks equate challenging content to.