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  1. Even if they lack the genitals, they could still manually mix genetics instead of cloning. Lame answer; conditioning.
  2. According to Facebook Memories, I bought this tiny monster home 06/13/2015
  3. Yes, this. Sorry, exhausted.
  4. I'm half tempted to shave the underside of my head again.
  5. There's a Final Fantasy tabletop starting next week, still trying to decide what I'm gonna roll up.
  6. They got rained out. Like, tent leaking, things flying off, rained out. I was planning in bringing my umbrella but wound up with a migraine after work, woke up to messages telling me not to come down because they were packing up.
  7. Part of me is on board with a Mag Prime visual update but, BUT! An issue I'm running into fashion wise is that highly detailed skins make it difficult to add fashion to. Mag Primes simplistic design makes it easier to customize and personalize her look, so I'd prefer to leave it as is. Yes, even the helmet. If anything, I'd like to see some blander base skins for frames to allow for more fashion choices.
  8. We just had a 90+ degree week, bunch of people I know opt'd to celebrate "summer" by camping aaaaand, it's forecasted to be gently stormy in the area they picked.
  9. It clips bad and is part of the reason I don't use it as much as the other skins.
  10. My only motivation for this is completionism and Umbra Forma. If I could use the 150k+ Kuva I have to reroll challenges that I'd actually want to do, I'd find more motivation. But, yeah, certain challenges aren't a challenge at all and are boring or are a part of content I have no interest in playing to begin with.
  11. MagPrime


  12. ...I would spend so much money. Plus, 3D printers are becoming cheaper and commonplace. So there is a market for this, and it would probably expand it.
  13. I just Google'd "Warframe 3D Models" and got several results. But, I would love it if they offered 3D print files in the merch store, especially if we had the ability to port our own Warframes from the game and then pay a few bucks for the print file.
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