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  1. Doing my best. ^_^ With my heart being weird and my boyfriend having lung damage from fire, Covid is a big deal for me. Lots of testing, masks and "wtf are you doing so close to me" *applies hand sanitizer to everything* Hope you're staying safe as well!
  2. My Thanksgiving got derailed, parent is pending Covid results. So now there's a chance we'll have a Thanksgiving dinner after results are back.
  3. Sometimes, it's the simplest things that bring the greatest joy.
  4. While shopping, someone asked if I wanted a turkey and just, didn't want to take no for an answer. (Winco offers 1 free turkey for purchases over $100) AND THEN; my roommates card didn't work so we wound up putting everything on mine, which came to over $100 between us. The cashier was like, why are you not getting a turkey? Go get your damn turkey, you weirdo. So now I have 2 turkey's...
  5. I bought little zip ties to take care of that tonight. ^_^
  6. New place, new desk, new monitor. Feels food.
  7. Sharp cheddar and pepperjack. I added some thick cut smoked bacon as well.
  8. Making a grilled cheese sammich w/sourdough and two types of cheese.
  9. Have you joined the Discord yet?
  10. Your Warframe tag is your PSN tag. You have to change it with PlayStation.
  11. Ok, deluxe skins change the base model. Universal weapon skins change the base model. We can already change the base model, DE just has to commit resources to making this happen. The ability to do this is already in game in the form of deluxe and universal skins. The skins I posted? I can apply those to Kitguns. That 100% changes the model of the weapon when I apply the skin.
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