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  1. The evolution of lab mice The other homosapian species that died out How the Jurassic Park films advanced our understanding of dinosaurs Good luck.
  2. Mine used to be my brothers and it's gone into war zones. This thing has a secondary fan unit and when it boots up, it sounds like it's going to take off.
  3. The nephews go nuts over Halo and a couple other games that allow split screen. I mostly play PS4 because Spyro and a couple other nostalgia games, the 60 is more for the nephews than anyone else.
  4. Considering mg PC cost me a lift home for a friend, I think I'm doing pretty well for only needing a new CPU/Motherboard. Come to think of it, the Surface was obtained in much the same way... I have a 360 and a PS4, but one of the roommates is borrowing the TV that I use for them.
  5. I'm saving up to fix my tower so I can really game again. Using a Windows surface and it's doing the best it can on low settings but it taps out after 2 hours of solid games lol
  6. Well Friday was more Hot pot, Saturday was migraine aaand Sunday was beach time with the boyfriend. Was rather nice towards the end. How was yours?
  7. Well. Not sure how to handle this. Have a .gif
  8. Traitor! Eh. For me, it would be a poor choice to procreate right now but it's 100% subjective. Part of being a grown up.
  9. You live!!! You're a parent, your exhaustion is valid. Mine is just bad dreams and poor choices.
  10. Got up early to shower and take care of new job responsibility. This sucks. Why is This a thing. I want more sleep.
  11. ❤️ Sorry, subtle jokes are lost when I can't brain. 10/ feeling
  12. I'm not worried about a getting wet. The migraine threatened to derail my plans because driving is out. Kinda can't see out my right eye sometimes and turning my head is a no go
  13. It'll be rainy but it's weather I love and it means fewer people at the beach. Woke up 30m ago feeling a lot better, so holding out hope this continues for at least 12 hours.
  14. Lost an entire day to another migraine. Good chance I'm gonna lose tomorrow as well. RIP going to the beach.
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