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  1. D4M is still viable - but most things in warframe are "viable". It's not worth the grind anymore and to build for this specific ability. It would be stupid to invest time in this just to get a worse "viable" option. I never said that "DE said it" - that's just my opinion, based on the current situations. Anyways - this leads nowhere.
  2. 1. You act as if those numbers are actually insane for warframe. But those "extrem" numbers are toned down alot by the bug fix already and the crit removal. The only "problem" here is with finisher damage, since it ignores armor. 2. It's nuke capability was hard limited from the start, with the relativly low range and the LoS While looking at actual nuke abilities pulling insane numbers with practically no limitations at all. You can get the right positioning in the simulacrum, but in actual missions it's not as relieable at all and now it is necessary to target heavies to get
  3. Sure - it is their game and they can do what they want. But to force their idea of the game 100% onto it isn't always the way to go. Here is a good video about this topic.
  4. That's the point - M4D was a niche ability for certain frames, and even for them it was just a build alternative and not the BEST OVERPOWERED THING EVER. For me as an old Ash main, this would have brought some fresh air into Ash, but now it isn't worth the grind anymore.
  5. wait, wait, wait... didn't you read my initial post at all?
  6. Eggsackdly - yo ar geddn id ...
  7. Yep. Some years ago they carved the way of Warframe into this power fantasy, but with all those smaller desicions they always go against the grain. The game says, you need to play like this. DE says, no you need to play it different than the game demands it. Sometimes you need to follow the path the game shows you, instead of forcing it to obey your rules.
  8. Me (an old time Ash Main) seeing Ash builds with MfD pre-nerf: "YES FINALLY IT IS WORTH FOR A COMEBACK - but i wait for DE to throw out the Fixes and Nerfs" Me seeing Ash MfD post-nerf: "Well, i guess i can uninstall Warframe again." DE like: "It never was intented to nuke and kill enemies" Me looks at every Nuke Frame: "Are they a joke to you?" ----------------------------------- And a serious note: Yeah the DMG fix with dmg mods double scaling thing i can see being a bug. And even the Crit removal - OK, hard but ok But WHY the Cap at 75% based on the Targets HEALT
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