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  1. Somi_xD

    Ash Rework

    It wasn't OP - it was annoying... - for Teammates since they couldn't attack bladestormed Enemies - and you yourself could get trapped pretty easy on eximus enemies (or high HP enemies in general)
  2. Somi_xD

    Ash Rework

    Shuriken is actually a pretty good first ability (for a vanilla Frame) - dmg is enough to kill up to lvl 30 with 1 or 2 hits - it is auto-aim, no need to aim much, the only problem (only sometimes) to hit the enemy 5 meters befor you but there are more enemies in the range of shuriken - and the best part is, it has infinit punch through + the auto aim it is pretty good in low lvl for killing small fry + i agree on the point, that it costs to much I don't think we need such a singe target ability to CC just one enemy because... - important single targets are immune to basically any CC - it's a hoard game - like you say, be have Teleport for singel target The remaining smoke cloud as a CC is something that is suggested since years from various People, and i think this should be a thing. But taking away the invisibilty and giving a chance to evade attacks isn't a option at all, especially not that low. Yeah Fatal telport sometimes not triggering depends on the situation, there are also some enemies which can't be killt with finisher. But that's pretty rare, at least i didn't encouter it in the last years. But not teleporting yourself, na that's why it is a teleport, what you say is just a single target bladestorm with your melee weapon instead of the hidden blades. I don't agree, that it is fine - it's is actually pretty bad from design, and only is ok because of it's dmg. Your augment idea is basically the old bladestorm and i guess this won't happen. Also the Energy replenishment isn't really needed, we have enough ways to get energy - the ability Bladestorm needs a real rework. So basically only agree partially on Smoke Screen.
  3. I love to use my Ivara with Twin Basolk + Rift Strike + Dispatch Overdrive. Works great and Twin Basolk is pretty reliable, especially with a riven (they basically cost nothing) I think they need to rework invisibility in general on all frames. Octavia outshines all stealth frames, while others have to many restrictions. They should give bulletjump back but reduce the speed of it - i am fine with the speed restriction, there are ways to come around.
  4. This could be a nice augment - armor eater/desovler
  5. With the augment you get pretty easy up to x3(135 hits) and x3,5(405 hits) in normal content. But you won't get higher with any other setup anyway in the same content 😄 This augment bug would only really shine at higher lvls. I agree - i don't think it is broken from a balance aspect but it's broken from a mechanical point ^^ (it's a bug) I guess DE won't get around reworking Ash( at least Bladestorm) if Melee 3.0 looks like they showed us.
  6. I don't put up the daily caps in Syndicates as a major flaw in the game. Also there are so many games out their, way more aggressive in this regard and many of them are growing like crazy as well. It don't have many upsides and most of the upsides are downside at the same time. Same here - i don't need to argue with you guys and lay down points where no more points can be laid down.There isn't much to say against daily caps. The negatives on it are that it is "daily" and those "cap" your progress. And my point is, that since the game did grow so much, and we also get more casual players (and definetly there are more casuals or lets call them "weekend-player"), it would be a nice step towards those players in the community. I don't ask for a game changer ^^ just for some room to breath abit more. I just throw some of my thoughts in here. DE will see it in a way, and they will do their thing. I appreciat your comments - have a nice day or night.
  7. Yeah - the toxic leaning site of the Warframe commutiny ^^ Thanks, for this "great answer" by insinuating that i do it only out of egoism, laziness, and that i am a whiny noob. It is a form of FOMO but it isn't that dramatic like a rare short Event etc. - i also could go around the term "FOMO" but looks like it does its job by pointing out the main issue with it in a Way people can assosiate fast. What would you say else about daily synidcate caps? That's the main argument here - even if it isn't a strong one. Your and the others "counterpoints" are not better. It's a suggestions towards DE if they do it or not is their decision, those comments from the Community are just a side effect. If they actually change it - it's fine, but if DE doesn't want to change this it is fine as well. It's not about speedrunning the syndicate - i don't need it i have most of my syndicates - (i only need those stupid rare chroma prime parts to max out my 3. and 4. Synd - but i also wanna build Chroma Prime and replace the Normal one xD) It would ease up some frustration for a good chunk of players.
  8. That's what i thought at first. And yes, on low lvl it isn't that effective since everything dies with one hit 😄 But after some tests i saw, that you don't need to attack the Marked enemies. It is enough if Bladestorm is active and you melee any Enemy. Also how it works. The Augments affect Melee, as long as the Blade Storm is active you can hit any Mob(it doesn't matter if they are Marked or not). Any Melee Attack gets those +Hits from the augment, but it's more effective with the Gunblades since all the pellets count as hits and they have punch through. So 10 Pellets each gets +4 hits from the Augments and hits 4 Enemies in a row. 10x4x4 =160 hits in one shot. And the Augment is affected by Power Strength. With my 229% Power Strength in the Video i do get +9 from the Augment. 10x9x4 = 360 in one shot.
  9. I do understand why such a thing is in a game, to chain players to the game. 1. Those who want and can play daily will play daily they never needed a daily cap for it. 2. FOMO is strategy that works like intended, but you can also see what kind of negative impact it has on many players. We see it in Warframe and in other games as well. Nightwave Season one was pretty much following the FOMO because it was a simple copy from Battlepass from other games. What happened? People complained and those where not just a few. You see - in the world the majority of players are more casual, they don't have much time to play, FOMO hits them the most, they become frustrated they stop playing. They can still use those tactics but giving the people some room to breath isn't a bad thing at all. People who wanna play Warframe will play Warframe, if it not happens daily it isn't a loss for DE - maybe for statistics in daily player count, but those people will come into the game and go blindly for some missions with much EXP and will not enjoy it. So can you provide arguments AGAINST a Weekly Cap? Learn to read more than just the titel 😉 I guess i spare a sarcastic comment on the MR counterpoint. This is a Feedback Forum, here i Post feedback on the game. Moderators see it, Devs see it. Devs can also see what other Player think about this feedback = if it is liked or disliked by the community. Casuals >>> Coregamer Except you have a dead game which is only played by its core fan base. Casuals in general don't have that much time or don't want to invest that much time. That's why there are those predatory ways to milk money out of casuals, by limiting things in the game. It is proven, that's why it work.
  10. Hey People, here a small suggestion, which would make the game not such a pain in the butt for many players Turning ALL Synidicate Caps from Daily to Weekly. So we are not forced to get daily into the game to get those points. We would be able to arrange it better over a Week or get it all in one day. This would ease up much for many players, since most players are more casual playing - we have a real live, we also got other things to do.
  11. I guess that was the Ace up your sleeve ~ love it.
  12. Quick Update: You get those extra hits on every enemy as long as Bladestorm is active. That means you can shred a shroom with bladestorm and while your clones in are busy you can attack unmarked enemies in the other room and still get a huge load of Combo Hits. That just screams like unintended D: Also - same setup just with Sarpa - 10 Seconds
  13. Huh 2 bad it didn't work this way ^^ would be interessting. I wonder if Melee weapons with AOE effects like the Zenistar are affected too. The titel is just a small exaggeration, and clearly an Attarax does the job cleaner. But on the other hand - Ash can go with ANY weapon now and climbe up those thousands of Combo hits, in less than a minute. And I can still play it like i want without the need to spin like crazy through the map ^^
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