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  1. Check walkthroughs on youtube Trials and errors method Eventually youll know how
  2. Changed how ?? Dont see any problem with DLC promoted like that, every F2P need way to monetize
  3. Yep, first one will be from me, because ive done Arbitration like 3 times
  4. Wonder how many Vitus or whatever will they cost
  5. Why best ?? Others can have different preferences..... Was once running Steel, Loka, Veil and Perrin
  6. Mediocre ? 🤔😂 Probably looking in wrong time of day, but you can always try North America
  7. JOINED: January 14, 2014 (for forums) Shame i dont remember when i started playing
  8. I had to once fix broken Steam achievement for Warframe using SAM, nothing wrong happend
  9. We has been practically immortal for 6 years, now its time to change it
  10. Weak processor, dual core is not enough
  11. I dont put armor on kubrows or kavats, so thas fine
  12. Dont care if is ugly, we still have Moonless skin
  13. You can when Update 26 actually drop
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