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  1. Myscho

    Stalker mode will be forced upon us?

    But, but,......we need MOAr threads
  2. Myscho

    Special Variant Infested Weapons?

    "Mutalist" could be that variant if DE dont forget about it
  3. Myscho

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    Yes, its another deluxe skin for NYX I hope they release it together with NYX rework
  4. Myscho

    The releasing of Mesa prime

    Same price as every other PA
  5. Myscho

    Devstream 120 Overview!

    An error occurred while processing your request. Lovely
  6. AkJagara a Redeemer Primes, hot damn
  7. Myscho

    Are the Inaros augments any good?

    Negation Swarm is pretty usefull
  8. Myscho

    linking to steam? Top right is your nick name, click on Profile management and there should be option to link with Steam
  9. Myscho

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    That never will be fixed, since DE dont care about problematic synchro with Steam achievements. I had similar problem with Joyride challenge and few challenges before, so i have to use SAM
  10. Myscho

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Completed in game but locked in Steam ?
  11. Myscho

    Max Framerate

    While we talking about Dynamic resolution, do you guys thinking about expanding that setting as chance to go above 100% (SuperSampling AA) ?? Ive try Nvidia DSR 4.00x which is equivalent of 4K resolution, but UI is just terrible at that scale even on Custom setting
  12. Myscho

    What would MR30+ unlock?

    OP levels like Borderlands 2 have
  13. Myscho

    Udapte Steam Succes

    I used SAM few times on Warframe Steam achievements before and no problems, because DE adds new challenges which wont unlock on Steam retroactivelly, like last time JOYRIDE challenge