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  1. Hydroid Prime Access Begins August 29!

    And now "last chance for trinity prime access" annoucement
  2. Twitch Prime

    In your inventory or check it through arsenal
  3. Excaibur Umbera

    You forgot Braton and Lato vandals
  4. Today blackout was the longest one, in time i was able to log in, some post were 9-10 hours old
  5. What Is Wrong With Twitch Prime?

    Did you try claim it on Twitch site ? Through crown icon
  6. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    We are back !!!
  7. What mods should i put on the Lenz?

    Usual 3-4 forma build - heavy cal, serration, split chamber, speed trigger, point strike, vital sense, 2x 90% elements
  8. About earth drop frames and some opinions

    With PoE come some new rendering technique, so is not all doomed (Earth fps drop)
  9. Prime Stuff

    You bypass MR 13 req by buying PA, so thats why you can use it while MR 4
  10. Prime Stuff

    You can have it, but you wont be able use it till you reach MR 13
  11. About earth drop frames and some opinions

    Is year 2017 and no one want to look at graphics from 2005, they have to upgrading visual to match alteast these days standarts
  12. What Is Wrong With Twitch Prime?

    Did you link your WF account with Twitch ?
  13. Foundry Bug

    Do you have any other secondary to use ?
  14. Devstream #97 Overview

    Wait, what is that NO (PH) INFESTED GROWTH SERUM Some sneaky info