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  1. Because console build need to go through verification process (not harm console system and stuff around)
  2. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Probably you have to buy amount of plat to get your balance to 0
  3. Can you make WISP main bp sellable, im sitting on few extras and they cannot be sell even i have crafted and mastered WISP
  4. 6 days is nothing, can be 3 weeks and more till response
  5. Id farm her because boss is pretty easy to beat and hexanonn is also not hard to get if you create usual resource farm group and go to survival
  6. World wont break if you wait few days till Nightwave S02 start, some players take game way too serious, you had plenty time for stockpiling Nitain
  7. Not yet Maybe will be in Nightwave S02 offerings if they wont forgot like Hildryn alt
  8. Nothing, just universe is in perfect balance
  9. Only downside i found so far, cant use Terminal velocity mod
  10. Matchmaking is pretty much super broken after update, cant even play longer missions like defense or survival, 99% game ends with Host migration and im kicked back to Orbiter
  11. Today is game literally unplayable for me, constant "network not responding", host migrations and/or matchmaking went full retard
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