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  1. Focus? Forgotten or just swept under the rug again?

    If they do that all the time when introduce something new, Warframe will be now somewhere UI and star map 1.0
  2. Cetus relic and resource packs

    This would be great
  3. promo glyph code

    I think first 2 are glyphs, second two are new to me
  4. Truly veteran player. My 5 years mark is bit far, September-October
  5. Saryn Tennogen low res Helmet

    Same problem is with Ember Magesty TennoGen skin, colors are bland and washed out and no one cares
  6. Ghoul Purge Returns

    And sadly, journal fragments are still uncommon drop
  7. Question to PC Players, first party or steam?

    I got all games i own on Steam, so why bother with non-steam version
  8. Well alright alright alright login 800.

    I expect another Primed mod, not syandana
  9. Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.9.0

    Thats alot harder than it looks, they have count different stances, warframe poses, so its dynamicly chaning number
  10. Banned for no reason at all !

    Its just region chat ban, no big deal
  11. PoE Raindrops not showing?

    Also no raindrops showing on screen, like Ceres has
  12. Plains of... Venus?

    If it will be frozen land i hope they add some extreme weather conditions like heavy snowing or blizzards to feel also enviroment is threat, not just local inhabitants
  13. Are Octavia Drops Bugged?

    Sad old times on Derelict defense farming Ember Prime
  14. PC Players: Controller or M/KB?

    I don't even own controller, so mouse and keyboard Ftw
  15. Probably Tennobaum glyphs don't work either