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  1. 1k
  2. You mean Frost Prime from Twitch Prime ? Because that starts June 29 and Prime Vault opening starts tomorrow
  3. This really should be in Off-topic
  4. Something similar, on forum main page im not sign in, but if i click on any topic, forum act like im in. Mostly happens on Mozilla
  5. Looks like those changes have something to do with Dual-wielding
  6. 95% nope
  7. Dont worry, half of TennoCon audience dont even know who is Void_Glitch or about forum existence and read about this masquerade
  8. Strun Sati-hexatox price ?
  9. Search is your friend
  10. There will be hotfix Tuesday because Prime vault, so maybe then
  11. More plat sales
  12. Shame, you dont create quests which have warframe parts included anymore
  13. More like plan which failed in order to save unused weapons