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  1. Myscho

    Nvidia RTX

    I rather wait few month/year to get RT properly implemented than jumping on HYPE train like all big devs do even RT is poorly made in their game, but game already SUPPORT it and thats more important (Shadow of Tomb raider with raytracing running at 1080p 35fps on 2080Ti, rly?)
  2. Myscho

    Login Day 1000 is a armor set.

    And im still waiting when Baro brings Primed blunderbuss
  3. Myscho

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.1

    Where is Day 1000 login milestone ?
  4. Myscho

    2000 Day Login Reward

    Anything can be possible, but we dont know yet because preview is still not visible in-game (can be seen around 15-17days before reward), so probably isnt implemented
  5. Myscho

    Vigilante armaments magic ?

    Sheet, must miss that 😂
  6. How exactly Vigilante armaments mod works ? Because i have it on Arca Plasmor with 41,8% Crit chance and with this mod im able to hit orange crits
  7. Myscho

    2000 Day Login Reward

    Yeah, but Daily tribute login based on days works only from U18, which was 983 days ago
  8. Myscho

    2000 Day Login Reward

    So ?
  9. Myscho

    The size of Vauban's... Axe?

    I thought first it was mean to be hammer skin
  10. Visually maybe never but with abilities already did, because last few warframes abilities are mix previous/older and im not surprised, bringing 4-5 new warframes per year with completelly fresh skills is kinda impossible with this pace
  11. Myscho

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    In time when 64bit operating system is almost everywhere and 8 GB RAM is less than mainstream, still someone crying about games not running well on dual core and 2GB RAM.. Guys, time to wake up, you cant stop progress
  12. Im using 2-2-2 or 2-2-3 with Virtuos Fury arcane
  13. Myscho

    War Within, can't get past asteroid field

    Lasers are always on, but you have to change position so grineer ship can cover you