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  1. Did you check through Simaris scanner if there are any traces of target ?
  2. Warframe and lore, heh, thats a wrong neighborhood, they add whatever they like and what is currently cool and bling bling
  3. They returning in studio maybe in September, so no bigger cinematic quest until then
  4. My eyes are bleeding from watching Zephyr Deluxe, not good, not good at all
  5. Rivens are money cows, so of course they sweep everything about it
  6. Im using AdBlock+, but i have it disabled for Twitch and never get any ads, so ..... ??
  7. Marvel's Avengers are next in list
  8. Ehm and what did you expect ? Octavia Prime isnt first Prime in 7 yeard of WF existence, so dunno what are you talking about difference between Vanilla and Prime ?
  9. Nekroing old threads
  10. As you can see, even DE dont care, so thats why Deimos in-game challenges still dont work I had similar problem, unlocked almost all challenges in-game yet Steam refuse recognize some of them, so i use SAM and unlock them manually
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