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  1. Myscho

    Please disable the lens flare effect...

    We have, but those % of intensity are near to useless, because 5 or 50%, its the same sht
  2. Myscho

    Please disable the lens flare effect...

    Lens flare is something different than this This is Bloom, which is broken in Warframe for i dont know, 4 years And Kubrow fur is broken since Mainline 23.10 update
  3. Myscho

    [DE] power donation is way to broken

    Way tooooooo late to the party
  4. Myscho

    Mastered weapons

    You can see it in Market while buying bp
  5. Myscho

    A generous community?

    Ive been playing almost for 5 years and no one gifted me anything, so what.. And also seeing all this beggars at Region or Trading chat make my eyes rolling
  6. Myscho

    paracesis lvl 34....what is this?

    Because is Sentient slayer and thats his extra thing, DE slowly prepare us for New War
  7. Myscho

    Ash Drops

    Wiki easily get you answer, its Grineer manics
  8. 12 fieldrons --- 34 hrs resource booster --- 34 hrs credit booster Choose Resource booster
  9. Verify and optimize download cache
  10. Myscho

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    Funny thing, if you add formas into weapon, you can get beyond Rank 30, just saw pic with 5 formas and Rank/Lvl 40
  11. Myscho

    Chimera update...

    Yes, it start the same way as Apostasy proloque
  12. Myscho

    Chimera update...

    Start the quest from Lotus helmet in your personal quarter
  13. Myscho

    Chimera update...

  14. Myscho

    Chimera update...

    Sadly,it is