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  1. Yes, DE can prologing season how long they want, even without releasing any single episode
  2. They adding another 30 prestige ranks with Ep 5 release
  3. Its 2 weeks heads up before whole Season 03 ends, not Ep 5 release. S03 can continue till end of the year if DE decide
  4. Ehm, they want to release Ep 5 in October And 2 weeks heads up before NW S03 ends dont have nothing with Ep 5 in October
  5. Thats right, because you already got mastery from chambers used in secondaries, so primaries wont provide any
  6. I know, but if you build primaries with them and max them, they appear Mastered in Profile, so it will be really weird if they were PH for infested kitguns and act like this in-game
  7. But they can be mastered if you build primary kitguns with said chambers
  8. Why bother with Scarlet Spear when they giving out Basmu through Home streams twitch drops
  9. Maybe Glassmaker Nightwave ep 5 with Glassmaker sword as reward
  10. Yes, they add another 30 prestige ranks (will be 90 prestige ranks) with Ep 5, so yay, more credits
  11. Also because loading screen have much higher FPS if you dont have Vsync or FPS cap enabled, which mean generated higher fps count = higher load for GPU
  12. You looking wrong, its in Market, bp cost 50 000 credits
  13. Can be Episode 5 soon be this week, because NW episodes are long time overdue and i wanna be done with that, finally
  14. They even dont work in-game, so why bother adding to Steam
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