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  1. That is a reason why silly relics/400 endo and captura scenes have 18% drop chance, meanwhile Khora parts only 5%
  2. Have You Considered Buying/Bought Khora?

    Im still thinking about that
  3. Tweet Pablo, you get 50 000 Kuva if you provide a proof
  4. Lato and Braton Vandal

    Think ill just wait for Vandal sets prices drop into reasonable levels
  5. Thoughts on Onslaught?

    You stress your PC for real
  6. Thoughts on Onslaught?

    It will be good if Khora, Braton and Lato Vandals have higher % drop chance, because all i get are relics even they are radiant, still wont justify drop rate
  7. [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    New "Rabvee: A heavy Zaw Strike for Machete" have wrong stance polarity - Madurai V - and both Machete stance have Zenurik
  8. Does anybody got Braton vandal bp?

    Its 2%, so that speak for itself
  9. Can you just remove relics from drop table, i come there to farm Khora, not relics
  10. We need range stat in weapons

    DE knows it, but is not so simple as looks, you know, different stances
  11. Now that we have lato vandal.....

    Yep, 2 hours before DE totally shut down Warframe servers
  12. Onslaught is the worst

    My biggest problems is why the hell are there relics as reward ? And of course as most common drop, we have so many places to farm relics and now they plague reward here, i would like to farm Khora parts and not relics
  13. [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: General Feedback Megathread

    Can you tweak perfomance when portal open, because there is huge lag spike, getting down from 200 fps to 20 for few seconds
  14. Usual issue when Baro brings weapons