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  1. Bug: Zaw melee Stance mods won't remain equipped.

    Stances look like problem on every type, because i have machete type and wont remember stance, also there is problem with mods, i add +120% slash mod and that actually decrease damage or i put mods in weapon, exit arsenal, enter back and mods were equipped but damage return to default
  2. I dont use PT mod on Vaykor Hek, dont have place for him
  3. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    Did you forgot add Day 700 milestone for Daily login ?
  4. How has your PoE experience been?

    Mostly annoyed because Bounties still randomly fail and lots of thing is silly, like why Zaws parts must be bps and not builded even if they cost a bit higher standing or mining gems, better gems have bp form again, so you need previous lower tier gems to craft, same with fishing. Grind has reach a new top
  5. Benefits of using 64 bit vs 32 bit?

    First and most important, your system can use and work with more than 4GB RAM (64bit), so if you use 4GB+ it could improve perfomance, but mostly Warframe is CPU heavy
  6. Better than usual reward as starburst or latron bp, but rewards are random so prolly u can get everything even stuff for equip you dont own
  7. Finally i got free time so i decide to check bounty mission, now have bit better standing reward, but issue was all 3 i trying to finish ended with fail before i even make it to location.
  8. Daily login milestones end at 650 ?

    Zenith as shotgun will be interesting
  9. Im 19 days away from milestone day 700th, but still dont see any part what could it be, usually around 20days can see almost whats next. DE hidden that deeper on milestone has been ended...
  10. Reusuable Archwing Beacon

    I saw somewhere post about changing some resource cost on new stuff or using different resource, maybe with next hotfix
  11. Dual Krohkur Crafting

  12. Still don't have the sigil

    Because that Sigil reward was bugged, you have to watch it again Syandana is for linking account, you wont get inbox message about syandana, you have to find it in arsenal Reward watching streams for 1 hr is Totem (liset decor)
  13. You can use it forever until flying with Archwing, but every AW call from ground cost 1 charge
  14. Unable to Craft Dual Krohkur [FIXED]

    Also BP for Dual Krohkur look like bit different/unfinished, usually there are pics of 2 weapons when crafting Dual...., now just Krohkur 2
  15. Twitch Prime loot Q

    Once you claimed with linked account, you cant get them again with different account