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  1. You can try https://hub.warframestat.us/#/ And set Notifications, but dunno if they will be visible while in game
  2. App for what ? Because Warframe have official mobile app
  3. Actually test is very ez if you know the way how to cheese it, like with Saryn or Mesa
  4. Only for weapons, after i got them all, i abbandoned Liches
  5. At this rate, probably never
  6. By releasing useless mods like this, thats a very wrong step
  7. Yes, appear after last hotfix, same as Prisma Machete
  8. Was looking at Profile numbers and notice number doesnt add up in Melee category, checked closely and there is Prisma Machete unranked. So we got leak after last hotfix and DE is making Prisma Machete finally real deal after all these years
  9. Bugged hotfix, icons in invetory wont load
  10. You can check time you joined Forums under Profile, day when your account was created was never part of Account management. There was option to create your Wayback picture, that included day when you joined, but that was parts 8 year anniversary https://www.warframe.com/anniversary
  11. Usefull reading https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Vulpaphyla
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