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  1. I have this once at Akkad, with 8 warframe thas was super ez
  2. They could lower the total scans count, for 100% not take months to complete
  3. Then that warframe will have 55% discount in Market
  4. Ehm, its about these deals Not those in relay
  5. Did you get lens ?
  6. There you go
  7. Time to raid fissures for forma bps
  8. Safe way is to do steel, arbiters, cephalon or perrin, veil, loka
  9. 20.0 rounds/sec x 16,6 = 332 dmg/sec
  10. Click on Spoiler
  11. Time to dust off Broken-War
  13. Removing Anasa is great but Valana sculpture is missing from Codex
  14. Its not that drifty as "new" 6dof was, but that silly momentum is still there and also movement always take curve during shift+space sprint and not roll as before
  15. 1. Scans dont give you mastery and yes, you get more with leveling new stuff 2. Nope