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  1. More planets please for Railjack missions please (Thanks)
  2. Fix your Twitch drops how about that
  3. Did NOT get the Twitch drop for watching a hour and have relinked and logged in on Warframe Twitch so whats the problem here (i do NOT want this to happen with the Umbral Forma drop / so fix this problem) No thanks
  4. For ones put the dates on the calender when the drops will be
  5. DUPLICATE PROTECTION! Where i do NOT see it (Never players Have still a copyright so it seems so where do we stand after al our hard work to be original with our stuff from the previous Nightwave series.) Stop being so cheap and let us wear our orignal Cosmetics. (you will loose players like this veterans like me who pay alot for this game and not even speaking about the time we have putt in. (i am pissed) Waste of time just cheap / original Cosmetics and Night-wave is all we HAVE .
  6. Standard stuff things that we have all ready (Cheap Night-Wave so we all look the same with our operator ) how original Umbra's ok is that the Hard work we have to go for /thanks DE (cheap)
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