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  1. Please Give us the Option to Convert Relic's (Like 3x Lesser Relic's for a Random Better 1x Relic / 3x Bronze for 1 random Silver 3x Silver for 1x randon Gold ect.) just a Idea btw for this idea i do not want anyting in return so you guys can do what you please Greetings from : DieHardBoneHead
  2. Magen what is this with the 6 screens you wanna peel my eyes out or what
  3. i can NOT click the Community news screen because the old news makes the news screen to big to click on the Community screen otion. Delete the old news on time please i got old news from 42 days ago zzzzzzzz. (Serious) BTW if you want to Trade a MOD please make it so that if you have the MOD you want to Trade in a Weapon or Warframe you have to take a other of the SAME Mod or Unequiped the MOD first so you do not have to check the whole list of weapons or Warframe's that had the Mod equiped after evey trade you make WHAT is REALY REALY annoying. that would be a hotfix (Thanks)
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