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  1. It's because rolling is considered a dodge rather than speed movement. I can't agree with it being an annoyance, maybe that's because I've been so used to it by playin her as a main since she was released. It's meant to be slow. It's literally in the name "prowl" in order to move stealthily to stalk prey. That doesnt happen with quick movement.
  2. I would like to see a change in Phorids tileset. We have been using the same one for a very long time and for an enemy that moves through different planets in the system, I think it would be nice to see Phorid in the tileset of the node its actually in. Now I realize some tweaks may need to be made to certain boss rooms that are tailored to those bosses but all in all I think this would be a nice change
  3. TBH I dont really see that much of a hindrance with movement while in prowl. Dont discount how effectively rolling can get you through a level. At times I've even seen it move past allies running. Plus if I'm in a group o dont primarily use it until I leap myself into the thick of a large number of enemies. Personally, I wouldn't want a change. It's fine as is
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