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  1. Can you please make it so that farming murmurs in a squad raises your lich's anger regardless if they control the planet or not? As it is now, lich hunting is not friendly towards squad play. The fact that I can unlock all 3 requiems but then have to run pointless missions just to get the lich angry to draw him out is very frustrating. What's worse is that the order is not revealed so I could end up getting the order wrong and have to mindlessly grind through more pointless missions just to try again even though I know the 3 requiems. To avoid this, I've had to specifically filter out people who don't have my planet under control and only make groups with people that do. This is very frustrating. As it is now, why would I farm murmurs in a group when it's better to do it solo? Another annoyance is the spawn location of the lich during missions. More often than not, the lich spawns all the way across the map when you already finished the objective. You now have to backtrack all the way back almost to where the mission began just to fight your lich. This means I can't get the most out of the lich spawn because there are no grineer near by that it can thrall. That's a wasted 10 extra thralls and with the state kuva liches are in right now and how long, tedious, and mind-numbing murmur grinding is, every single thrall matters.Why can't the lich just spawn on top of you like the stalker does? Why does it need to spawn 300m across the map?
  2. What's wrong with trying to benefit yourself? Warframe has a free market system that's been working fine for the past 7 years. The only reason why you're complaining, and multiple people have been saying this to you but you refuse to listen, is that you're wasting your own time out of volition to stand at a spot where almost nobody goes for hours on end trying to sell an item when you can just pop into trade chat, advertise, and hop back into a mission. I'm not taking either side of the argument because I could care less about this whole idea, but Implementing an auction house would change very little. If trading really was a terrible experience, then DE would've already done something, even if it would've taken them 2-3 years to address and fix. But again, seeing as trading has been going on for 7 years now, "If it ain't broken..." and all that. Trading seems to only be a bad experience to you because of the choices you are making. Multiple people, veterans playing way longer than you have, are trying to help and advise you, a new player who doesn't have many hours put into the game, on how to have a better experience, yet you refuse to take their advice and demand that DE do things your way.
  3. Really ironic how your complaint was for DE to implement a system to fit YOUR(I can play the unnecessarily all capping word game too) needs. "I want DE to implement an auction house so that I don't spend MY time twiddling MY thumbs." Sound familiar? And now you're bashing someone else who wants the game to fit their needs. What's worse is you try to mask it by justifying that meeting YOUR needs would benefit the game as a whole. Stop pretending to be a saint when you're just another random trying to get what he wants and couldn't give two Fs about what other people think.
  4. Then don't stand around wasting your time at a hub? Like you said you have better things to do right? Then why don't you do them? As previous replies have told you, you can just post your ad in the trade chat and play a mission or do literally anything else before getting a message alert. You bring up a "problem", solve it, but refuse to call that solution a "solution" Maybe it's because I'm not 35 years old working three jobs but I'm really struggling to follow your logic here. P.S. If you're at work, unless you're on break then I wouldn't recommend surfing forums instead of doing what you're suppose to do.
  5. You could just use Pistol Ammo Mutation. Now that it's an exilus mod and the fact that no other secondary exilus mod really benefits it, it should solve that problem. It doesn't mess up your build in any way so at most it should just cost you about 2 forma to fit it into your build if the exilus polarity doesn't already match the mod's.
  6. Murmur grinding is now the big elephant in the room to address. I personally feel that an average of 2-3 hrs to get rid of a lich is very bad and not worth for the reward you are getting. Most of the time you're going to roll a low percentage on your weapon. People only feel satisfied from killing the first lich because the reward is actually what they wanted, their weapon of choice. After that, it reverts to the tedious chore of getting duplicates in order to max out the weapon bonus. Add in the fact that the no immediate duplicate rule is still in effect and that effectively doubles how long it would take to max out the weapon if you are not lucky and didn't roll a 55%+ on the third lich. I strongly suggest reducing the murmur grind so that at max it should only take about an hour to get rid of a lich. Most of the time, we're dealing with an unwanted lich because we're either ephemera hunting or trying to get rid of the random lich asap so we can get our duplicate for our weapon of choice. It feels really bad when we create a lich and it either doesn't have the ephemera or is another low roll for our weapon of choice and now we have to waste another 2-3 hours just to get rid of it. After that, we have to create a random lich and waste yet another 2-3 hours to get rid of that before we can create a lich with the duplicate of the weapon of choice. That's almost 6 whole hours just trying to get any meaningful progression. The time invested is not justified by the reward. This is the biggest problem with Warframe right now. Again, I suggest moving further away from the RNG reliance for the next lich changes. I still stand by the idea of a token system to be implemented into the lich system. In a previous reply I talked about a token system for weapon choice. This time I would like to suggest a token system for the ephemeras. Much like how you changed the sentient ephemera to be token based, I suggest doing the same thing for lich ephemeras. Have them be redeemable through Little Duck in her Exotic Goods shop. Acquisition of each ephemera requires "shards" from the lich you defeat. For example, killing or converting a fire lich will give you 1 "fire shard"(not affected by booster) and you need 15 or 20 in order to purchase the Vengeful Flame Ephemera. Killing/converting a Toxic lich would give 1 "toxic shard" and you would need 15-20 for the Vengeful Toxin Ephemera, etc. This way, the ephemera would kinda be achievement based like how you intended them to be instead of RNG reliant. Players would have something else to work towards along with maxing out their weapons. It's another goal to work towards, another incentive to play liches, and again it's player controlled. Of course if this system is implemented then the ephemeras should no longer be tradeable. I'm not saying that Warframe should completely be RNG free, I'm merely urging that Warframe doesn't become completely reliant on RNG. Ideally maybe things should be 60% player controlled and 40% RNG. Right now it feels like Warframe is 90% RNG and 10% player control. As for the lich system, I personally think that only the weapon bonus should be RNG reliant, but weapon choice and ephemera acquisition should be 100% player controlled.
  7. 1k msg me in-game @Kalsiam or add me with msg if im offline if interested
  8. Another thing I want to put out is that even though we technically have control over what weapon we want, we don't have complete control. We're still rolling for a chance to get what we want, but this time it's just less painful. Although this is much better than what we had before, it still feels RNG reliant. I really hoped that you guys went with the token and bait idea that Steve and Scott mentioned on stream instead of this. My suggestion is to make larvlings that are either killed or turned into a lich give 1 token(affected by resource booster) instead of Kuva. Also make it so that you must finish the mission to keep the tokens. You can then take the tokens to Paladino and get a Kuva weapon bait for the one you want like conservation. You can then go into a mission, drop the bait and down a larvling next to it which will then guarantee the weapon you want. This way, players will have an incentive to actually finish the mission instead of aborting every time they don't roll the weapon they want (let's be real, 100 Kuva isn't really enough to make anyone want to complete a mission), Paladino would actually have a role and not just sit in her room growing mold, and most importantly, players will have absolute control over weapon choice.
  9. Oof then that is really bad game design. Ironic how something implemented to try and alleviate the pain is now only exacerbating it. This only further shows the lack of game design understanding by DE now that their so-called "hotfix" has come back to bite them. I really hope this rule gets removed now that it serves no purpose other than to force us to grind even longer and actually hinders our progression rather than helps it. Ideally progression should be: Weapon of choice > duplicate > duplicate>...until maxed, not Weapon of choice > unwanted weapon > weapon of choice > unwanted weapon >...until maxed
  10. Is the "Next immediate weapon will not be a duplicate" rule from part 1 still in effect? If so then it should be removed. It no longer serves any purpose now that we have control over weapon spawn. I rolled a Chakkhurr lich and wanted to roll another one to fuse and max out. But after the first Chakkhurr, I ran Cassini for almost 3 hours but couldn't get it to spawn. Maybe I'm just really unlucky but running for 3 hours straight without a single spawn of the weapon I want immediately after I vanquished the previous lich made me suspicious that there was something else going on. That's when I remembered about that immediate following weapon rule. If it is still in effect, then please remove it as it now hinders our progression on maxing out our weapons. I want to max out my weapon as fast as possible so ideally I would want a second chakkhurr lich immediately after the first. If this rule is still in effect then that would mean I have to waste time going through a weapon I don't want before I can try for the chakkhurr again. Again this is all speculation, but I'm just putting it out there that progression of Kuva weapons should be Weapon of choice > duplicate > duplicate >... Until maxed, not weapon of choice > unwanted weapon > weapon of choice > unwanted weapon > weapon of choice >...until maxed
  11. Did you get the Brammas back to back to back or was it like Bramma>random weapon>Bramma?
  12. Just wanted to ask if the "Next weapon will not be a duplicate" rule is still in effect with the new changes. I'm assuming it's probably not but I've been trying to roll for another Chakkhur after I rolled one for about 3 hours but absolutely nothing. Am I just really unlucky?
  13. The introduction of yet another band-aid mod is so unnecessary. I recommend just removing the self-damage from the Kuva Bramma entirely. The only thing that the new mod will do is take up a mod slot that could be used for something more beneficial. With mods amping up damage to ridiculous numbers, the new mod will only feel mandatory instead of optional for the weapon to even be usable. It's like you're being punished just by wanting to use the weapon. I have all these mods that amp up damage done to enemies, but now I also have to waste a slot to put on a mod that makes it so that I don't yeet myself to the moon? Why, when that could be solved by just not having self-damage implemented instead? I'm not a programmer, but I assume removing something would be easier and less time consuming than adding brand new coding into the game.
  14. There is no bug, that's just the way it is. You get the ephemera by either vanquishing or converting your lich but since you already have it, killing another lich with the same ephemera doesn't give you duplicates in order to keep inventory nice and tidy. The reason why it shows up in your reward screen is because that's what is suppose to happen when you finish a lich with an ephemera.
  15. The main problem I have with the intrinsics system is that the more you level up, the less the benefits of the rank are worth it. For engineering rank 10, you can automatically repair hull breaches, fires, etc. but for double the revolite cost. Why? Not only do you have to invest a ton of time getting the points just to get that rank, but the perk itself is less beneficial than if you were to just repair the damage yourself. For the time invested, high rank intrinsics give very little value. As of currently, everyone is just advised to stop when they hit rank 8 across the board. The perks of rank 9 and 10 intrinsics are just not good. I would suggest making new and better benefits for rank 9 and 10 intrinsics to justify the enormous cost of time and points. Give benefits that are really appealing and useful, so that people would actually feel incentivized to get rank 9 and 10. The only real motivation right now is just for the mastery points, but that's mainly for those who really want them or the completionists. There's literally no need to go beyond rank 8. I wouldn't mind this grind wall if the perks were actually worth the grind. If you can't give us better, more useful perks, then please reduce the grind and amount of points needed for each rank.
  16. Can we please stop with the randomized stat rolling? The Riven system was already bad enough, the Lich system was worse, and now the Railjack RNG stat rolling takes the crown. I can understand RNG stat rolling for weapons because they are just "bonus" stats, but why does RNG have be be in parts that are crucial to our ship's functionality? It just makes everyone feel really bad when they spend all their time trying to get that one part, only for it to not be the best roll. The reasoning behind the randomized stats is really poor as well. "We want everyone to have a unique ship" There are other ways people can achieve that. It doesn't have to be through stats. In fact it already exists in-game. It's called cosmetics, modding to your playstyle, using different combinations of armaments, components, etc. Why do you feel the need to have some people have the same exact equipment, but because the other guy was lucky and has a better roll than you, he does the job better, faster, and more efficiently than you? Again, if your goal was to give everyone their own "unique" Railjack, then find another way to do so without tampering with the ship's stats. Please. In devstream 137 you introduced the idea of fusing duplicates to increase the stat bonuses and that you would extend this to Railjack as well in the future. While I think it's an excellent idea, it's also very unnecessary. If you would just stop with the RNG stat rolling in the first place, we wouldn't need this kind of fix. You wouldn't need to devote so much time and power to write it into the game and maybe work on something else that desperately needs fixing. But the damage is already done so I'll stop with the hindsight. With the Valence Fusion being extended to Railjack, PLEASE make it so that everything in Railjack can be upgraded through fusing, not only weapons, but also reactors, engines, and shield arrays. It's really unfortunate and I really don't want to think of it this way, but I feel like Warframe is really not respecting me and the time I put into it. The RNG stat rolling is really toxic to the game and there was no need or reason to include it in the game at all. I invest 10 minutes into a mission, only to not get the reward I want or get a bad roll one. That 10 mins then becomes 20, 30, 40, and so on until I eventually do get what I want. I'm not even being compensated for the time I've spent when I don't get the part I want. Instead I'm given useless relics that can also be farmed elsewhere in the game and probably faster and easier as well. Railjack parts are not the same, they're not farmable elsewhere in the game. Farming in Railjack feels like I'm gambling. If I wanted to do that I'd go to a casino or play a EA game. Please reconsider this stat system and stop with the RNG stat rolling. And for the love of God please don't include RNG stat rolling in future content. PLEASE.
  17. The point(ish) of Kuva weapons was to reintroduce weak/unpopular weapons to make them viable and compete with other weapons. Following that trend, I personally would like to see the Stug finally get some much deserved love. Another good candidate for weak and unpopular is the Hind, maybe the Buzlok also because its never actually used (there was that one time where people were experimenting with it for eidolon hunts but it still couldn't compete with Rubico or Lanka, etc.) There's only one Kuva melee weapon also, so maybe they'll introduce another but with melee 3.0 almost every weapon is pretty strong and viable. If we're throwing all of that aside, then I would like to see a Kuva Sobek and Kuva Twin Krohkur We'll just have to wait and see. They'll probably show them during Devstream 137.
  18. "I'm mad because I wasted hundreds of hours on an OPTIONAL cosmetic that has literally no impact on gameplay what-so-ever, and now that they made it easier to obtain I'm even more upset because I want everyone else to suffer and go through what I had to go through to get this one item." From reading the responses, it looks like OP is absolutely convinced that he's right and will not be open to any other perspective. I'm just going to post this and leave. It's a waste of time to argue with people like this so I recommend just stop commenting and letting this thread die. To OP, "Howl all you want, it won't give you your wasted time back." - Ballas P.S. As a Tenno before posted, OP really does have the boomer mentality I'll also reply with the same words. OK Boomer.
  19. My request is to maybe triple the drop rates of MK3 parts in Veil missions and lower the costs to repair wreckage. I've been playing Railjack since launch(surprised I haven't gone insane yet with the state it was in) and grinding ever since for that Vidar reactor but still no luck. I really want to take my Railjack out for a spin, but I can't because I don't have the reactor to allow upgrades. Yes, I could just settle for whatever reactor I have for the time being, but why would I do that when I know there is 100% a superior one to the one that I have? Plus, with the ridiculous repair costs, why would I want to commit to anything that isn't a Vidar Reactor? That's literally burning resources for no reason. Even with the "doubled" drop rates, farming for a Vidar Reactor is still a massive pain because its from a 2% to a 4%. Yes, grinding for a good part makes sense, but take into account the time it takes to complete a skirmish in the Veil. I've average around 10-15 min per mission, maybe 20 if it has other objectives. I wouldn't mind such long mission times if the mission itself was actually enjoyable. Every railjack mission is exactly the same instead of having different missions with different objectives. They're literally all archwing exterminate missions, and we all know how much everyone loves archwing. For the time invested doing something that is not as enjoyable as the rest of warframe, it really doesn't feel good when the reward for that time spent is a relic I don't need. So if you don't get the thing you want, haha too bad, better waste another 10-20 min hoping you do. Even when you get the part you want, if it's not 1 or 2 percent off from max, it still feels pretty bad because you know a better one exists out there. That's another 10-20 min per mission for essentially a reroll for something better. Again, I suggest maybe tripling the drop rate of railjack parts. Make it 6% or at least make the percentages higher than relics, dirac, forma, etc. P.S. Another thing that makes little sense to me is the acquisition of these parts. Why does Vidar and Lavan only drop from end of mission rewards, but Zekti parts drop from literally everything. Lorewise, I thought Zekti were suppose to be best of the best.
  20. According to the wiki, House Vidar Predator has a lower drain but higher percentage than House Zetki's. Vidar Predator drains 7 while granting +75% crit chance while Zekti Predator drains 8 but only grants 72% crit chance. Is this intentional or did DE forget to buff Zekti when they buffed Vidar?
  21. As title said, I'm looking to buy a 55%-60% Radiation Kuva Chakkhurr. You can reply with your price here or add me ingame @Kalsiam and I'll try to get back to you asap. Thank You 🙂 P.S. not looking for a lich with ephemera, so I'm not accepting any lich with the chakkhurr as well as the ephemera. Just the weapon please thank you.
  22. Kalsiam


    Selling Dabb Stupoa with [Vengeful Toxin Ephemera] and 53% [Kuva Brakk] that will do as name implies (dabs on stupid haters XD) Asking for 400p. Msg me here or ingame (same name) if interested. Might be willing to trade for other ephemeras and weapons depending on weapon and stats. Sorry if image doesn't pop up. https://imgur.com/1FtSMH9[/img]
  23. That's what I'm saying. But I guess I'm the real loser for wasting my time arguing with someone I don't even know on the internet.
  24. That's like the only part I would actually question about the design. I mean, I guess it sort of makes sense because they were going with a theme of "venomous animal species" but jellyfish was really unexpected and outta left field.
  25. Except your point is an opinion, you think it looks lazy, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually a lazy design. You don’t know how long whoever designed the frame took to come up with the concept, draw it out, then model the whole thing. So instead of going around squawking “I don’t like the design, therefore it must be lazy” how about appreciating the effort and time put into even giving her a new model for her prime? You may not like it, fine that is your opinion. You could’ve just said “I don’t like it” and leave it at that, but to S#&$ on the person who did design it and say that it’s lazy is really immature and ignorant of you.
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