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  1. Defense: Defend a station or disabled civilian vessel from waves of attackers. Mobile Defense: Protect Civilian Mining/Salvaging vessels as they navigate and do their thing while in hostile territory. You could certainly do similar for a lot of the existing ground-mission types.
  2. Aside from recolors, what decorative/customization options can we expect for Railjacks both with and after the release of Empyrean? --- Are there any plans to update the Syndicate 'Assassins'? The current squads feel somewhat disconnected from the factions sending them.
  3. Still can't get Kuva Larvalings to spawn: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1140721-kuva-leech-doesnt-spawn/?tab=comments#comment-11150801 Running missions by myself will not allow larvalings to spawn any more. They stopped spawning after the first lich. I only got my second lich by stealing one from another player. Please fix whatever bugged out my account 😞
  4. Kuva Lich Feedback: (1) The insta-death against the lich doesn't feel right. I get that it's supposed to be a threat, but this feels like the wrong way to do it. Potential Idea: Maybe failure to have the right Requiem mods gives you a mini-game (kinda like the hacking mini-game, with a time limit) where success sees you injure/ drive off the lich and failure kills or (preferably?) severely wounds you. The lich levels up regardless of success/failure in the minigame and the minigame itself becomes harder the higher the lich's rank to show the lich gaining experience from the fights. (2) The smidges of requiem progress doesn't feel great when you're hunting down individuals to mercy kill. Potential Idea: You could probably normalize the progress by giving a mission's worth of progress by awarding it for completing the mission itself. Or maybe a side-quest within the mission that explicitly harms your lich's goals? Like; take on an exterminate mission which spawns a spy vault under the lich's control - you get that chunk worth of Requiem Whispers by completing the vault or getting a Capture Target Thrall while on a Sabotage mission. So instead of hunting down ~10 thralls per mission the player does a more challenging task for a similar amount of progress. The larger chunk for a meatier task would take a similar amount of missions, but seeing the bar move more would feel better for the player. (3) Isolating the lich stuff to their own sub-missions kinda breaks the immersion. Having a lich with influence over a sector should have a chance for lich-related stuff to spawn in the normal mission. Even with corpus-nodes; sections of the map could be commandeered (or rented?) by the lich's forces. (4) Volt's helm looked awesome on your first showing of the lich at tennocon (on his shoulder). Maybe if they successfully kill the player they get the actual helmet instead of the bust-statue on their arm? It would be nice if the lich's looks could be adjusted by events. Maybe the player knocked off the same limb too many times and they replace it with a cheaper robotic one, for example? (5) A lich with some of Loki's powers (mine was spawned by Mirage and has Ash's Teleport, Loki's Switch Teleport, Loki's Disarm, and Loki's Decoy) should be able to do more than just stand still while the player (in this case Ivara) is invisible and pumping fire into them. Potential Idea: Even when hit with a silent weapon the lich should "feel" which direction they're getting hit from and return fire. They should also try to move around and guess where the player is. Mine just stood on a box staring off into the frigid horizon while I whittled her shields and health down. Parazon Feedback: (1) Hacking - this seems to have had an added screen shake at the start of any hacking sessions that feels disruptive. I might be imagining it, but something about the camera doesn't feel right when you initiate hackerman mode. (2) Mercy Kills - outside of the kuva lich's thralls these seem incredibly rare. The only time I've seen the symbol over a normal enemy it died immediately. Kinda makes the mods for them pointless.
  5. Running in Lua does some strange things with the pre-kuva lich spawns. The kuva lichlings? Kuva maggots? idk... anyway... Before I got my lich I'd get the flashy and voice transmission indicating one spawned... except they never did. This happened on at least three different lua missions (was running the Grineer mobile def multiple times). After I got my lich (from Saturn) I went back to lua for the crossfire exterminate and now I'm getting the flash/transmission and an actual spawn. I don't think they're supposed to spawn if you already have a lich, are they? Also, this may or may not be related; the enemies in that Lua crossfire exterminate mission (ran it 4 or 5 times) were spawning very aggressively. I cleared many rooms that were then immediately repopulated while I was still in it. That just seemed odd to me. Probably a bug?
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