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  1. less of a backlash by buffing gun than by nerfing melee
  2. With the way drops work this week it could potentially lead to a nice change from daily loot to weekly loot.
  3. its not so much that the linking to ps4 app is broken, it is clearly stated in the twitch FAQ for drops that it only work on pc/mac and phone app, that hte tv/console app wont grant the drops
  4. i will refrain from judgment on the 3.0 changes to railjack, but so far it seem people are forgetting that all we currently known about railjack is subject to change. From what was said in this and previous stream Intrisinct will be revamped + command intrisinct add, revamp should give some of the QoL stuff as baseline and replace them with new stuff Avionic will get turned into proper mod, we haven't really seen what the max level and power will be for any of those yet Avionic will get equipped on Frame and will be more role dependent (ex. pilot, gunner) Guns (and
  5. its actually a clear case of not reading patch note. Don't remember what patch it came in, but i know it was added just after Deimos.
  6. There is an outside world /shocked I thought pandemic nuked it
  7. The reason behind the change is because Twitch is pulling the plug on the drop 1.0 that DE has been using. DE need to move to the new Drop 2.0 which is what they are doing now. Also the drop can be redeem after the stream and up to 24h (?) if you qualify for it, if you miss the claim button you can just check your Twitch inventory and claim at that spot.
  8. You can still claim the drop from an inventory for a few hours after the stream, the click to claim is just there for ppl actually watching.
  9. The reason for the change is that Twitch is discontinuing support for the current drop system that has been in use, and forcing DE to switch to the new one Twitch has implented a while ago. Twitch are the ones asking for more interacting with the stream and not DE.
  10. Complaining that its worst won't do a thing, this is out of DE hands as its a change coming from Twitch with them ending support to drop 1.0. DE kept the drop using 1.0 for as long as they could, now that its getting removed completly if they still want to do drop it gonna have to follow 2.0 rules from Twitch
  11. Q.What devices can I use to claim Drops? A.The new Drops service supports using your PC/Mac web browser or on the Twitch app for Android and iOS to earn and claim Drops. Twitch apps on game consoles, smart TVs, and other TV apps do not support the new Drops service at this time. https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/mission-based-drops?language=en_US#faq
  12. What ppl seem to forget when they complain that this is not more friendly than before, is the amount of people complaining that they did not get the drop after watching for a full hour. With the new way drop are handled we will see the progress toward the drop and we will know if something is wrong with, hopefully, enough time to try to fix it.
  13. there are no black box on his post, unless what you are seeing is the forum lack of flexibility with quotes when someone on dark theme quote. Has a dark theme user, i get white box on some post evey once in a while. Vexx757 is perfect example.
  14. Riding of the Ghoul Saw must be a fighting stance !!
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