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  1. Should check the home stream from last Thursday, Rebecca played Grendel infused with 5 jump reset from helminth. Meatball looked even more silly than normal.
  2. If @[DE]Rebeccaas any say in the matter and the DE team can work it out with Squarenix, Its a FF14 Hades Cross-over that we would get XD
  3. i wound give a full explanation on those siphon/flood, more something along the line of "these mission have been added to this tab and are way to obtain kuva and kuva relics" and for lich i would make it a warning that these are high lvl enemies that get progressively harder to begin with and explain the way they are spawn as clearly as possible. So many ppl still pop on even after the they made it so you need to hold to mercy the lichling... Don't need full wiki page on each element being added as tutorial, but a bit of description wouldn't hurt.
  4. Tutorial don't have to be that long to be good, they can just be a 1-2 sentence description of the different element being shown. Like for example on the star chart they could just be an explanation of the mission type being shown in the different tabs. Yes its stuff that pretty obvious now, but when you just completed Vor's Prize and your basically asking yourself what now, there's still a few part of the systems on the ship that were never explained. Don't need an essay on what they do but just making you go through each of the station you have not already interacted with as part of Vor's Prize and telling you what they do would already be better than what we have now. Also could give them the uportunity to had some updated tutorials later down the road to explain stuff like kuva siphon/flood or /gasp kuva liches....
  5. Theres a difference about being good at the gema and uderstandting how some basic core system or what to do next. The later is the big problem that require more tutorial in game and shouldn have you to go to a wiki to understand.
  6. yep the fact it has to fight with reward we dont need more than 1 time, maybe 2 just makes it really annoying. I'd be down for them matching the quantity drop to the tier of Relic open if it was a guaranteed thing tho to try and balance acquisition rate.
  7. This seem to be a step in the right way, but it still doesnt fix the problem that the holokey still have to fight sevagoth for a chance to drop in higher level.
  8. Because Mastery Gating is when you begin to craft something, the Kuva/Sister weapon are given already built on you kill them.
  9. I'm hopping the issue is just related to the amount of people watching Tennocon causing isssues with the connection between Twitch and DE
  10. Drops are a twitch thing first and foremost and as the twitch FAQ says you can only gain progress toward drop on pc or through the phone app. DE might be able to do something but its hard to say.
  11. loki is the reward f or the reveal at 5pm est, so another 2h from now
  12. You might already have earned the rewards for this week, they changed the reward to a grab bag on last thrusday home stream, and made so you could get the yareli and sister related stuff ealier but it would carry over to this week
  13. yes its supposed to work, would have to dig down to find the post about it from Reb
  14. Whale usualy refer to player that spent a lot of money in free to play games
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