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  1. Great so the game mode that was supposed to be optional and never be forced upon us now is if we want some of the proper gun gameplay...
  2. Nope some mods are still obtain from non railjack
  3. This should get fix when Sisters launch, as kuva lich will follow similar system to sisters, just on a different planet as per dev stream.
  4. Thats for the forum, there are no such option on the main website.
  5. Thats nice, all you need now is a dark theme for the main website, and if its already exist the option to swap to it is not obvious.
  6. Actually the G3 are Baro for beacon or after completing 5 invasion mission against the grineer.
  7. I play PC and I don't either, but mouse click does wonder 😋
  8. What we need them to do is to add a Forma Blueprint that take 1min to craft with the following mats: 1 Morphic, 1 Neural Sensor, 1 Neurode, 1 Forma.
  9. Considering how late we got Loki and his skin i wouldnt be surprise if we don't have to wait for close to the end of june for the syandana. The delayed reward for Switch were the Loki bundle and maybe the Stezia Sumbha Syandana.
  10. This is pretty much the only frame i want to see it on ever since they mentioned him in the dev stream
  11. For the Sister weapon list, who's to says that DE revealed all the one that will come with the patch on the devstream. For all we know there could be more of them they haven't shown us yet.
  12. Haven't you heard, toggle for fashion can create bug and they don't want to do it -_-
  13. im not refering to the briedfcase weapons, theres a secondary they show at the same time as the otehr on the stream that got a weird name that is place holder coming fro mthe sisters.
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