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  1. I just hate that they got rid of her cool animation and replaced WoF with a generic fire mage meteors. Also, DR is so boring. Not the worse, but it's a very boring ability. Practically makes you feel like you have to unnerf yourself when you get used to the damage reduction.
  2. They should convert them to a purely cosmetic item with arcane effects
  3. i think a PvEvP mode is whats needed. I would also like a mode where the enemies are UN-nerfed. Where the Nox is a juggernaut that rushes you, Manics stalk you, Bombards will blindside you etc. Where you have to anticipate what the enemy will do instead of just waltzing around without a care in the world.
  4. I personal my don't understand how you can play a game for a few thousand hours... THEN start complaining that it lacks content. And believe it's the game that's changed and not the fact that you've played the same thing for 1000s of hours.
  5. This is how i see it - There was a time when i could put 40hrs into warframe in a single week. DE will NEVER ever be able to give me that feeling again. As a vet Its just not possible. At the same time, when i did that- The entirety of WF probably had less content than all of Fortuna. Every Wednesday or every other Wednesday we had content drops, but it would be considered filler today simply because we have so much to do already in comparison. Personally, i feel like WF has overachieved greatly. I think the Devs are pushing themselves. I much prefer the way they do things now than if they decided to just milk us with new rehashed corridor tile-sets, wacky cosmetics and events. I prefer they expand the game instead of lazily releasing 3x variants of every weapon. Yes, years ago i wouldve been happy with a new Prisma variant every other week from Baro, but had they listened to me(us) we would still be in corridors, shooting sidegrade weapons that are practically just cosmetic variants. That said, i still do like superficial content and hope they can take a break and release a bunch of filler for us. Things like those little lore snippets from Simaris would go a loooong way to satisfying some players like me. I dont always need a mind blowing cinematic quest. Give us context to our grinding.
  6. Its how i feel many responses are coming across. What do players expect the devs to do? Some people act as if they are withholding "content" purposely or something. They use topics like this to cry that the game is dying because the devs arent doing their job efficiently, almost as a way to twist their arms into rushing out the next big update through some kind of forum mutiny and shaming. Then when that content is released, it'll be followed by even more negativity. I honestly dont get this concept of content drought. There has never been a point where WF dropped more significant content than it does now. In the earlier days, a map was considered a big drop, or a new enemy. They are now releasing entirely new gaming systems/mechanics that fundamentally change the way the game is played. I play a lot of warframe, and i dont see how people are burning through everything so fast unless they choose to ignore large swathes of the game currently presented. Im mocking because its a constant cycle. Warframe will never be mainstream. Destiny 2 may have better numbers, doesnt mean the devs should start trying to appeal to the masses. Warframe is dying because Devs dont release content (??) Warframe is dying because there is no endgame (never was) Warframe is dying because my favorite frame hasnt been reworked!
  7. "give us what we want when we want it or I'll point out bad stats and make post about how your game is dying and destiny is so much better"
  8. I predict that when they do release an update.... You wont be satisfied anyway. Chances are there's tons of things to do that you simply choose not to do. I predict railjack will become one of them. You're practically waiting to be disappointed.
  9. This community couldn't handle failure. The content would get nerfed until there's like a 95% success rate
  10. I will accept the energy drain if it causes a massive nuke scaling off of how much energy she had left. As long as the numbers are big enough, it might be like an extra ability for her
  11. I don't get it either. Why is she spawning burning rocks from the sky now? Why not even just have the enemies catch on fire like a firestarter? It also makes her powers seem more like magic than anything, although they have been going that route lately.
  12. Throwing meteors is SOoo generic compared to spontaneously combusting enemies. Really disappointed. They practically made a new frame with Embers skin. That's unfair to players that were happy with Ember, but just wanted improvements. Other players are happy because they never cared for Ember or her playstyle and are practically getting a new frame for free.
  13. Believe it or not, the enemies in Warframe are VERY diverse and the a.i can actually do things like that and they DID do things like that. Problem is, anytime an enemy becomes effective, players cry for a nerf or call it cheese. Unnerfed, the enemies in Warframe pose an excellent challenge that requires strategy, situation awareness and anticipation. No one likes that though. They just want to run in, guns blazing whittling down every enemy in any order and move on to the next room doing the same thing with little care for strategy. There was a time when even ROLLERS actually mattered when they spawned. You had to take them out or they would CC you to your death as other mobs picked you apart. But no, players didn't want to find high ground to kill them. They were nerfed and don't matter now. (What do they even do now?) Players considered it cheesy simply because it forced them to adjust their approach. Bursas were once tough as a mini boss, a true punishment for allowing alarms to go off unchecked. They required agility to get behind and their attacks were dangerous enough that you couldn't just ignore them as if they were an annoying Roomba. Manics were so tough at a time, only 1 would spawn in a level and it stalked you. You would literally have to stop what you were doing to take care of one or it would get the jump on you. If it did, it would jump on your chest and attack until it killed you or brought you near death unless a teammate was nearby to rescue you. There was a time when you had to hunt snipers down first when entering a room. I could go on and on. The enemies in Warframe are actually well designed, diverse and the a.i can be decent. It's the players that want mindless bullet sponges. Anytime a unit poses a challenge DE tunes them down into fodder- every time.
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