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  1. 1st and simplest thing they need to do is make it passively gain damage. Then they need to increase the damage 5x or something.
  2. I'd rather they improve it to make me want to play. Add races. K-drive and Archwing And add option to play with Warframe bots in arena mode. 2 simple things that can get players like me to dabble in it again and gain standing. I still think a Warframe MOBA-lite would be awesome though
  3. Enemy armor scaling was nerfed = everything doing damage was buffed Can't have it both ways
  4. oh wow, so is Hydroid the new "worst frame in the game that NEEDS a rework" the forums are going to drone about now? is there some new popular youtuber video responsible for this sudden interest in Hydroid now? Got to keep your viewers mad about something.
  5. Exacalllibur. I prefer the older, bio-mechanical oddity looking frames.
  6. I'm just glad they didn't make it 20$.
  7. Isn't this practically the idea that Steve showcased when first taking about the kingpin system? Armchair developing is fine and all, but clearly things aren't as simple to implement as they seem when you're actually developing a game.
  8. Honestly, reworking content can't be a priority because we all play it anyway. You can complain about liches all you want, but many people have 3+ lich weapons. Many of us completed PoE, Fortuna and now Deimos. Also-who is DE reworking this stuff for? The players that already appreciate the game or the forum warriors that hate it?
  9. My Mag is energy heavy. I magnetize everything, greedy pull everything, and her armor strip combo is expensive.
  10. Yeah, but at the same time- this is a forum for a specific game. Im not saying no one should criticize the game, but when a positive thread is met with Salt- you have to ask why certain people even play WF and visit its forums. Shouldnt GD also be a place where fans of the game get to actually act like fans of the game?
  11. Warframe lore subverts expectations in weird ways. This "heart" gives them powers? wait- what?
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