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  1. So much of the open world maps arent even utilized. I really hope they decide to revisit it and make it a more dynamic experience. I remember they once promised that the caves on open maps would lead to full procedural levels. They never got to that point. It was practically going to be like the new RJ, but on land.
  2. i know players hate to hear this- but modding is supposed to be about difficult choices. It cant just all be about easy to choose no brainer buffs. This augment is the kind of thing you can decide to use because of its convenience, or drop because you dont need it. Its ambiguous by design.
  3. I don't always replace his 1. I appreciate it's CC and corrosive effects. It may not be absolute lockdown, but it does enough for me. It's not useless like people claim. I can use it at distance and it's cheaper than his 4. It does enough for me to take mobs out with my weapons. Tidal surge is also decent CC and an escape move. Provides mobility while in undertow. Undertow is great to escape danger and heal. I can use it to gather huge groups of enemies and damage them with scaling damage. If I hop out of undertow, I can attack the grounded enemies with melee. I can also CC them wit
  4. I use hydroid find in SP. I'm not sure what players really want from him? A nuke? Complete lockdown CC? Not every frame needs an easy mode button. Hydroid is for players that like a more active style.
  5. YES!!! That is truly the effect i would prefer to return. It made more sense to me too. It's an irradiated floor, not healing plants. I never understood why people went so gaga over that plant effect from the trailer. Rad carpet looked cooler.
  6. Yess!!! i just discovered this. I really wish we had a toggle for prime ability effects. I also prefer Oberons grass to the shrubbery. I immediately went to try it out, this feature is only exclusive to Hydroid though. I really hope this isnt a bug, and iof it is, i hope the consider leaving it as is if we toggle prime details off.
  7. Hydroid does well in SP. His puddle damage scales well, and the rest of his abilities provide good enough CC to keep enemies off their toes. With Tidal Surge he can escape sticky situations and also ragdoll enemies. Tempest Barage can strip a bit of armor and CC while you use weapons. Tentacle Swarm provides similar CC to Tempest Barrage, or gives you a chance to escape. Undertow is good for healing, escaping and scaling damage. Its also good for dropping a group of enemies to the floor opening them up to melee combos. Pretty much my Hydroid SP style is a frantic mix of drowning ene
  8. Honestly, if a new players quits because of a lich, its probably for the best. They are either rushing the game too fast, or dont have patience. also- what new players are complaining about Liches? i only read these anecdotes. If i had to guess, im sure most players would think the Lich was cool. As a new player, i loved all of the mini-bosses that tried to hunt me down.
  9. Dude- i like Warframes grind. You're talking nonsense. Theres only two things that took me weeks to get in Warframe. Ash Prime systems and Hema. They got rid of the tower key system and Hema was made bearable because i did it with my clan and it gave us a goal to chip away at. Everything else has been rather easy to get or max. Beyond the rare extreme case of bad luck- what takes weeks to earn in Warframe? Im truly asking. because i cant think of anything. Personally, i consider a weeks worth of playtime in WF to be about 10 hours, at 2 hrs a day. By that metric, most things can be acqui
  10. Yeah, I don't get why he's trying to prove to me I'm playing a "bad" game, or why he wants me to prove to him he's playing a good game. it's whatever you make of it. Destiny 2 want my cup of tea, so I just uninstalled it. Didn't even waste time trying to "get into it". It would be a even bigger waste of time for me to go to the forums and try to get the devs to turn it into something I enjoy overall. There's too many options out there. Feedback is different from just hating the game. WF is far from perfect. There are things to be improved. I still enjoy it though. On a person
  11. There's nothing to accomplish with you. You're questions are irrelevant. DE makes a game, and I decided to play it. If I am not enjoying myself, I simply play a different game. I don't need to explain why I enjoy it. You seem overall dissatisfied with Warframe. Why torture yourself?
  12. What are you on? Warframe isn't perfect, but I enjoy it. You're asking me nonsense hypotheticals. Simple concept really. I'm "addicted"to Warframe because I enjoy it. You clearly have some personal issues going on if you continue to play despite not enjoying the game. I can't help with that, DE can't help you with that either.
  13. because scammers would continue to scam with a dummy account if only one account suffered consequences and also probably technical reasons with trying to reverse every transaction made from scummy plat deals. The solution is probably not as easy as you think
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