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  1. Meanwhile I'm here completing prime sets at random without trying at times. New system is the best we've had.
  2. yes, this does change things, i agree with you. They probably should increase drop rates if they dont intend to bring him back. I liked the Wolf, i think he should be a reoccurring event boss on grineer nodes.
  3. dont rush to get the sledge. Took me years to finish the Stalker set. No big deal really. Sometimes its a good thing to have one or two items out of 100s be a slow burn to get.
  4. this may sound silly. While i agree that they are cool for gameplay, but for "immersion", the idea of them just walking about is just weird to me.
  5. I liked all of the major updates this year. I felt like they did an awesome job and stayed pretty consistent as far as WF goes. i did hate the enemy nerf at first, but with Steel path, they made up for it. Steel Path started shaky, but the latest changes made it into a pretty good side attraction when you just want to mess around in some endgame-ish gameplay. It was a slog before, but now i can reliably get rewarded in Steel Path and the addition of the rotating shop made every steel essence i pick up feel worthwhile. I liked Glassed enemies and i hope they stay. I dont know why th
  6. to me it made more sense lore-wise and looked better from a visual perspective too. Operator shows true power by projecting themselves and unleashing hell while Warframe slumps over. It was a powerful moment. A true ultimate ability that couldnt be spammed. i dont hate the idea of a fragile utility mode, but the panic button version felt more natural and in line with the lore theyve been hinting at before. Its one of those weird story/gameplay WF quirks. Like Prime frames being the "original frame".
  7. excellent points. i definitely think they were leaning towards Tenno being amorphous energy beings tranferring from Warframe to warframe in the beginning. Even the Vor speech and his transformation with an orb of light in his belly hinted at that. It made more sense to me, and kind of felt meta because the "energy" was us, as the player, controlling the WF through mysterious means. but- fashion frame is endgame. DE couldnt pass up the chance to give us unique avatars. I really disliked the concept at first, but im used to it now.
  8. It would be the first augment not ability specific then
  9. I would've preferred if they were just powerful astral projections from the chair. But I get why DE did it the way they did. I think being able to customize them and make it a playable avatar was a big motivation.
  10. The damage boost is not op at all, I don't know why they thought it was necessary to make us reapply them after every ability use. The elemental boost should be permanent and the holds just needed for elemental switches. In fact, they should import that mechanic over to chroma too.
  11. anyone that cant find something to do in WF should probably take a break and step away for a while.
  12. Steel Essence, Relics, Murmurs, Syndicates, invasions, kuva, .....there is no lack of things to do in current WF. Back when we had alerts it was the only thing random to do on the map. Things are very much different now. Alerts would be pointless.
  13. make his element infusion permanent. That would help A LOT and Its not OP. Transmutation probe should float permanently where it lands like a wisp mote.
  14. Old Ember wasnt "better" but was good if you learned how to use her. The new Ember is just an easy to play Nuke Frame.
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