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  1. All this tells me is that a games playerbase will ALWAYS complain
  2. if it was me, i'd have a way tor trade resources in. All they would need to do is balance conversion rates. Newer resources of course would have ridiculous conversion rates, but some is better than none. It would reward vets for farming, while not allowing them to completely skip the grind. I would also allow trading resources for plat. Not much plat though. Like a 3 year vet could probably trade the bulk of all of their unneeded resources for like 5-10 plat. Not enough to break economy, but enough to make it feel like our resources are worth something.
  3. i think primes should require regular frame to be mastered at least. Even as a new player, i never understood how the prime didnt need the regular version, It just seemed like natural progression.
  4. ive done enough Eidelon runs, so im OK with this.
  5. Saying "hey this feature is cool" is different from "Warframe is basically trash and these games do it far better" rants I've been seeing.
  6. when did people forget to just enjoy a game/movie for what it is? man, i grew up in an era where even bugs were just accepted as part of the games quirks. We still played and loved the game without lamenting endlessly on what WE thought could be better. We just accepted that Megaman couldnt duck, and played the game. Could you imagine back then "Megaman should be able to duck! its so easy to program. Capcom has no idea what fun is!!!"
  7. I'd settle for just more augments period. I'll trade the next new Warframe for a round of new augments
  8. It gets old. I've been to many game forums, and they're all the same. After some time, games attract more and more whiners that feel like they know exactly what the game needs and the forums become more and more unbearable as it turns into a whining ground and NOT a place to discuss the game. Feedback is one thing, but there's a growing group of vocal complainers that fail to realise that no game is perfect. It's rather easy to find some flaw and yell endlessly about it, and then act like it's completely unplayable (yet 1000s of other silent players are completing it without issue).
  9. DE :Experiences devs, make a great product Fan base: no game Dev experience, forum warriors" ok,we got this now. Let us tell you how to create a game. You guys are incompetent" Personally, I trust DEs vision. Good or bad, it's their product. I'm sure they have tons of their OWN ideas that they can't even implement themselves. This post is laughably unrealistic
  10. We should be able to combine a regular frame into a rank 30 prime.
  11. I haven't tested it out in missions yet, but in the simulacrum, I don't even need to use invincibility anymore. I'm easily eating through level 150s now. Maybe enemies are harder during missions, but they definitely feel much much weaker now.
  12. They couldn't keep up with Simaris scans and a few paragraphs of non essential more.... I wouldn't expect much from NW after this season. I see it as completed content now. Probably will just recycle ad infinitum after the next one.
  13. The devs hav tons of things in their To do list. Maybe it did take years to get to certain things that aren't pressing issues. Many of you seem to live in this bubble where the devs have a bunch of free time to theory craft and casually address only popular forum issues
  14. I prefer the older frames because they're less gimmicky and OP, but they're not the best.
  15. It's public. Be prepared to not stay for 20 waves or to wait for people to find caches. If that causes too much angst for you, create a group or go solo. At least you can't be held hostage in endless anymore.
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