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  1. I noticed that players were still obsessed with Warframe butts back then. Now we have Wisp. Proof that Devs listen to the players
  2. There are very few items (out of 100s) in Warframe that takes more than a month to get. Many people are complaining about RNG just to complain. Rarity is the carrot that a game like Warframe is built around. Some things are easy to acquire, others are not. This isn't new to looters. It's not a flaw, it's by design.
  3. 8 players would be super overkill for raids. I think Railjack would've been a good opportunity for new raids with 2 full squads. Have players on ships, doing missions on bases, and others doing something AW.
  4. Ughh..I hated the "stop killing enemies!" Thing about raids. It was really boring if your weren't one of the designated meta frames. I always wondered why they didn't implement more reasons for us to kill in raids. Half of it was about avoiding the enemies. Weird.
  5. I hated that stupid battery thing. I don't know how that was fun in any way. There were too many aspects to it that just weren't intuitive. Matchmaking was horrible too. It could take almost 10 minute trying to find a group of meta slaves, only for the host to quit because he didn't like the final squad. Raids had it's moments, but I'm glad it's gone. There are things DE could've done to salvage it, but I think they just decided to move on to different content. I do wonder how current Warframes and gear would fare in those old raids though. Trinity was a necessity back then, and CC was king. Could probably solo old raids with the stuff we have now.
  6. So do what I do, play everything the game had to offer and make progress towards several things at once. Personally, I like having a constant reason to play RailJack. What's the point of Warframe if it was just a 30 minute grind to get every new item?
  7. It goes both ways. DE needs to hear from people that aren't salty about everything, because most of the times players that are satisfied with the game won't run to forum to rant about how great and engaging a feature is. So commenting in a salt post is a just a counterpoint., especially when that opinion is in GD
  8. I actually miss the glasses enemies. They should become a permanent addition.
  9. 40 capacity is just endgame busy work. It's not meant to be rushed. It's just something to do when you have time and a booster. This is how a level headed player looks at it. You level it when you can. There really isn't no need to chase those mastery points if you aren't enjoying it leisurely. I have some weapons that are 32, some are at 40. I'm not sitting there power leveling each weapon until I hate myself. I like level them up when I get a booster, when I'm bored, when I'm doing a high affinity grind It's an endgame weapon that allows you to squeeze extra power out of it with the added incentive of mastery points you don't even need. You guys want to be rewarded for what you do, but also get mad at rewards because you insist it's forcing you to do it.
  10. I'm canon, I don't think the Warframes kill 1000s of troops in a single mission. I feel like that's just a gameplay consideration.
  11. I don't really think it's fair to call the Tenno bad guys or the equivalent to the grineer and corpus factions. Grinner and Corpus exploit innocent people, the tenno, vicious as they may be, are still fighting for those that can't defend themselves.
  12. Well obviously. I still find it funny that someone had the audacity to say Destiny 2. I had a good laugh at that one. No thank you! Of course it's subjective. The point really is that all games are "flawed" in some way, and Warframe is really no worse than the best of the best. D2, Final Fantasy... These are indeed good games, but I wouldn't play them over Warframe.
  13. This is how I see it. I actually like having things to do and level as a vet. I would hate if things were just given to me. I guess it also helps that I still have tons of things left to do, so I'm never really stuck grinding for one thing, just to bored after.
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