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  1. There will always be a best. If every frames could hurt the eidolon in some way.... People will eventually just gravitate towards the best one. If Mesa can Target nodes, and she's effective, then suddenly she becomes the meta.
  2. I think the weak spot eximus that the forums had a melt down about would've been a far better design than these drones.
  3. I would only used 1 of those extra riven slots on a riven.
  4. or just dont fight him. If you care about Killing Wolf, bring the tools to do the job. I have a catchmoon that makes quick work of him. I can bring that or bring my primary. whats the problem?
  5. Difficult unapologetic enemies. I want killing a room of sentients to feel like an accomplishment, not just sleep eating through hordes of 100s. I would like if Tau was a change of pace, a bit more strategic.
  6. They problem when difficulty modes in Warframe of that 1. It splits player base 2. Players will want better rewards, which will make other players feel like they're getting less, instead of hard mode getting " more"
  7. RNG makes it special. When you get one, you'll feel special. If it's making you rage and wanting to quit the game...just ignore it. You're taking it too seriously It's not meant to be a participation award.
  8. The rewards will return. No need really to extend night wave.
  9. Challenges like this is a double edged sword. What happens is that people will just gravitate to meta frames. Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to exclude meta frames from those challenges, but the whining would be unbearable.
  10. I liked it when I could pair an AW with my Warframe load outs. I don't know why they removed that feature. It should be just like focus schools.
  11. personally, it was awesome to figure out on my own that maxing a warframe to 30 wasnt the end of progression. The feeling of discovery is what hooked me. It felt like wherever i looked there was some kind of depth to explore. It wasn't the devs constantly saying "hey try this!!!"
  12. I dont think your "friends" leaving the game is a bad thing honestly. Warfame is definitely NOT a mainstream kind of game. Either you get it or you don't. If the gameplay doesn't hook you enough that you WANT to research and get better to be better at grinding, then it probably won't be the game for you. I think it's a great filter. Most of us here at "end game" are probably more than just looter fans, we're also tinkerers. Thats all there really is to warframe. Its about tinkering with your build and testing the results. Its isnt about skill, difficulty, twitch responses, or even endless RNG stat juggling like other ARPGs. Tinkering requires research and endless experimentation. Players who dont have interest in that, i feel, will eventually fizzle out anyway. So yeah, an extensive in-game Wiki would be great, but if researching is too much of a problem for you, you're probably better off moving on. That's just how i see it. I really dont blame anyone i introduce to the game for not liking it. I tell them its the kind of game you have to be into, either it hooks you or it doesnt.
  13. this game is so complex, bombarding a player with a bunch of tutorials would probably be a turnoff. IMO a wiki is perfect for this game. Even as a new player, i only skimmed tutorials in game to get a gist and always researched the wiki for a deeper understanding. You dont turn on a game to "learn". you just want to mess around. It would be an absolute bore and waste of time to have my hand held through every system. I dont want a 2 hr quest for every little thing. Ill digest the info when im ready by using a wiki.
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