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  1. Shouldn't that be daughter Halloween shop ?
  2. I'll guess that the reason behind the change for dome charge and revolite is because multiplayer make it so your back to how it was before, tho this hurt solo player the most.
  3. When you look at the crew interface in Dry Dock, if i recall what was said on the stream last week by Reb, the crew get replaced in reverse order from what is shown on the customisation interface. So 3rd crew get replaced, then 2nd, and lastly 1st.
  4. There are ticks to get the mech to move a bit faster even without mods, have the mech dash and jump at the end of it will make it leap a fair distance, it does require a few attempt to get it down and well a ceiling high enough to allow it. Picture it as Hulk taking a running start before leaping.
  5. Please improve the AI to actualy have it focus on the objective when there are one, if after a volitile i position the ship and forgot that ai is set to pilot, as soon as i hop in the artillery chair ai will go back to piloting and start moving the ship instead of making sure it lined up for artillery shot. I could say the same thing happen when trying to shoot at a crew ship, ai will take back control if not removed from it and start moving making it impossible to target crew ship. Command intrisinct was made so it would be easier to play solo or in smaller squad, but if i always ne
  6. either you did not repair at least 6 of the wreckage or did not have full avionics grid maxed
  7. it was already reported can follow on https://trello.com/b/K34ACrAu/pc-update-29100-bug-feedback-tracking
  8. Now that we have more access to the necramech with it in the railjack mission ( hopefully soon to be all missions), something crossed my mind since orphix event. Have the art team make copies of each mech helmets with paint having been stripped and it showing bare metal that cannot be recolored on the top of the head. This would represent the fact that the mech are bumping head against the ceiling in normal mission.
  9. @[DE]Megan you might want to take a look at the Railjack Battle Mod Changes section seem the table have inverted values for MKII and MKIII
  10. Seeing this i can't help but smile and feel sorry for DE at the same time
  11. its not live yet, which makes me think Reb really shouldn't have told us the target date is today. The wait is killing me
  12. not sure they do but would be great for it to be patched in time for the home stream tonight
  13. Oh i think pretty much everyone is expecting the worst from that change. The only silver lining seem to be that at least the way the dev workshop was written DE seem to be aware that this change isnt really the best and might scrap it. Now if they can let us troll with it before scrapping it, would be great XD
  14. While yes this is something that will probably be an issue, i would wait to see that actual change live. The reason I'm saying this is that the only info we have on that change is flux is replaced by warframe energy. We have no clue if they changed the cost of the battle abilities. For all we know cost could be % based now, which would still keep it balanced as far as reagading what frame to use.
  15. This morning Taylor on stream: still no official release date.
  16. I like that idea, but is it wrong that after reading this i picture the Grineer Lich as masochist and the coming Corpus Queenpin as sadist ?
  17. Hopefully this is something Rebecca can give us more info on an FAQ update or stream before the release
  18. I think you pretty much nailed the reason why players are starting to see forma as a bad thing. Over the last 2 years Lich were released (5 forma sink for full mastery) necramech was released (5 forma sink for full mastery, maybe more for proper use) and now rail jack is about to be released as yet another forma sink. What more the Corpus Queenpin will be coming by the end of the years as yet another forma sink. Also not to forget that the Dev Stream mentioned something about wanting to work on the gun damage and that would result in lots of new mods. This is what people are starting to g
  19. This should already be in, when someone is in an enemy ship, the ship will have a light blue circle around it when you target it.
  20. The change to the ship interior is partly to make it fit the size of the exterior
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