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  1. There are several. Actual exploits pushed the scores past 200k. 40k is perfectly doable without exploiting anything. Consider that there are a variety of team comps that can face level cap enemies with no real danger.
  2. Tbh considering the bullS#&$ amount of RNG involved I'm not even trying to farm ephemeras. If you want a word of advice, passively do it if you really want to, but all the "feet" ephemeras are all but invisible to you. It's not worth your frustration.
  3. Because the orokin never took any decision that would put their empire at risk, like unleashing a race of self meliorating hive machines to colonise another system only to have them come back and bite their ass, or engineer a whole strain of mutators to create an horde of biological creatures to throw at the aforementioned hive machines only for those creatures to turn back and bite their ass xD To be honest it doesn't strike me as impossible. On topic of Valkyr, the "lore breaking" is in the headcanon of people. Since she is a berserker people assume she got those powers after being experimented upon by Alad, while there is literally no basis for that reasoning in the lore. On top of that people were criticising the design saying it looks more like the base model than the gersemi one, while a very cursory look would show how the whole body, forearms and leg main lines are taken from gersemi and not vanilla.
  4. Imagine my shock when chroma and mirage prime came out, those were the "new frames" for me, mirage was just released when i started and chroma was released not long after i joined... I hope they'll give wukong first tbh, the rework sounds like a good thing so far. Tho the accessory pack is the most important thing *.*
  5. I'm curious how many of those you knew yourself and how many you pulled from translate xD On topic, while i would love to get more slots, because it would make some crazy ass builds possible, it would also break the game so hard it would turn into whackamole simulator farlster than you can say geronimo. Niw, if we had content at appropriate level for our power that would maybe work but we're currently fighting enemies so far below our power level already i wouldn't upset the situation even further tbh.
  6. And again, either you explain your point of #*!% right off lad, cause you see I'm not in the habit of saying S#&$ without knowing what I'm talking about and all the while being vague and passive aggressive for internet points 😉
  7. Well, i wouldn't say that. You cannot die unless you're high, sleeping or both, and can provide good DPS buffs for both melee and ranged effectively doubling the kill rate of any high power gun. That said i dislike her design like Hildryn's, because it's not flexible. They both have literally one build. Compare that to older frames like Volt, Nova, Trinity, Frost, Nekros which have 3-5 archetypes all relevant... They both are fun, just woody.
  8. It is mostly a legacy thing. Used to be somewhat relevant when smokescreen was a full body animation that rooted you in place and couldn't be cast in the air. Otherwise Ash invisibility is in the same ballpark as loki's so not exactly bad.
  9. Yes, and umbral mods as well. It got to the point i forgot to swap build on Chroma on an Eidolon hunt and the gantulyst beam of death wasn't able to break shields... The only doubt i have is specifically the acid, should be consistent with other attacks but i never tried checking tbh.
  10. Afaik the Eidolons only deal Tau damage woth every attack.
  11. For night form tbh i would use arcanes for armour if you have to. Vitality is enough defence for a nightquinox. For a dayquinox i generally slot QT as a budget one shot saver and forget defensive mods are a thing.
  12. The problem is that the timer is riddled with bugs. You happen to do transference? Well, gotta restart. You move 3m forward or back? Tough luck. Some extraction zones are so small you can barely move at all.
  13. That is not needed either, i don't use even one energise on Equinox
  14. Yeah no, that's a problem of your setup alone.
  15. I think on top of the fluid platinum price the biggest ptoblem is Valve. I think Steam will not let go of that revenue easily. On top of that i think the creators sign some sort of legal agreement that woukd have to be voided somehow, and that might prove a bit difficult.
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