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  1. Watch it be the next one on the chopping block 😄 At this point I wonder why exalted melee even costs any energy when they're being crushed by nerfs over nerfs to the point standard high tier melees give better results.
  2. Well, not really? I mean corrosive is much worse, but IE viral went from a x2 to a x4.25, radiation still does its thing, and heat has the perk of armour strip.
  3. With the changes to status? I'd say it'd be the exact opposite. Think corrosive+heat for full strip, viral heat as a great dmg debuff, viral rad... They kinda got better than they were before (excluding corrosive). Still, farewell o endurance runs companion. You will be missed
  4. I agree with you, I was correcting the other guy 😛 I admit it's kind of an off topic in here, it just happened.
  5. Easy cop out is it? It's free if you ignore it it monetized. Jee. You are purposefully ignoring the core issue of the "f2p" label. If it were actually free, nobody would have to pay for it to be accessible. F2p games on the other hand absolutely require some people to pay for their existence. Ask DE if they'd have survived without the few hundred founder packs, or whales that buy prime accesses on a regular basis. The fact that you can download and play "for free" doesn't remove the need for payment, it just makes it optional to some, but for that to happen you need others to cover your quota as well. DE is a business, not a charity. It's pretty simple math actually, if DE needs X dollars a year to function and to make profit, the combined sum of expenses from its player base needs to exceed that threshold, regardless of the player to player distribution. Say they need about 100$ a year per player, there can be someone paying 100,000$ and 999 people not paying, but if you remove the one guy paying, nobody plays anything anymore.
  6. Sacred Requiem, or just Requiem. Every Astartes in the galaxy will be proud of you.
  7. Yeah, no. This game can be played for free IF others pay for them and for you. And it's designed to push you to pay anyway. The fact that DE has done it mostly correctly instead of in a predatory way is points for them, but doesn't change the fundamentals.
  8. It's a 7 years old bug which randomly rolls the dmg intake into the negative and instantly kills you.
  9. I ignored the grind aspect, but it's hard to be engaged by pointless and easy repetitive missions with no meaningful game play other than a very thinly veiled reuse of existing missions with a worse setting and more bugs. On top of that they are plagued by full content isolation, terrible use of open spaces, no real game play elements in the world and overreliance on pointless minigames like mining and fishing.
  10. Considering how terribly designed DE's "open worlds" are, I'd rather they dropped the concept of more of them entirely until they figure out how to make them at least a playable space past the first 2 weeks of time gated senseless grind.
  11. Wait tenno weren't morally questionable at any point? I missed that. We're engines of genocide, bringing some semblance of balance through senseless extermination...
  12. Treasurer definitely has waaaay too much ehp for its level (it took far, far longer to kill it at Lv 38 than a lv 170 eximus with armour...). Other than that the new corpus ship looks fine, I hope you learnt from Gas City and left Easter eggs around to explore but that's me. Could've been a bit more parkour inclusive like gas city but ehhh, I'm still pretty happy about it. On a side note, the final quest fight is hilariously bad at explaining itself with very weird visual clues but has real potential, after a few blunders it's a really fun fight. Maybe a bit too low on the threat level but it's a quest. I'd love to have other versions of said fight on a higher level tbh.
  13. Tbh if it's done as poorly as ripline, I'd rather not have it.
  14. You can doubt all you want, go check their noclip documentary if you do wish.
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