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  1. Autongnosis

    Nezha as Fantastic support with Reaping Chakram

    That's the whole point, it really isn't. It's another, comparable way of playing. I'll leave you with just one small piece of food for thought. If the high end eHP based Vitality + HC has one shot problems, how do you rate the setup that has 5k odd eHP as more surviveable than the other? You do have to get damaged to lose that 1-5k halo. The window at which the enemy one shots you through halo is, in ypur opinion, higher on 90k+ eHP before Adaptation setup or on a 5k one? As i said before, the invulnerable setup has a risk spike when halo is up and zero risk the rest of the time. The other setup has more consistent risk. And they cater to different playstyles. That's all there is to it.
  2. Autongnosis

    Nezha as Fantastic support with Reaping Chakram

    That's blatantly false. If you're set up like Rio is in this (and many others) videos, you can go much farther with banshee than amy other frame. There is no risk. Your surviveability build doesn't matter one wee bit. Standing on a ledge with hard obstacles between you and the enemy at all times is not skill. I can do the same in the sewers with a volt and a couple of specific weapons. Does standing in the middle of a sink with an invulnerable barrier between you and enemy fire qualifies as skill? Heck no. Rio wasn't even solo. On top of that, i can guarantee you that a 3 man team with none of the cheesy bullS#&$ can go far higher than lv 300 odd as shown without camping a single second. Not camping is different than running around like a hallway hero. You stay close and mobile. This dead end zenistar spamming snore fest is the furthest from a challenging and/or fun endurance run you can go. It's number padding. You can thriw together a comp that goes level cap in a minute of theorycrafting with that much cheese involved, seeing it work at lv 300 is so funny i can't really count that as a review even.
  3. Autongnosis

    Nezha as Fantastic support with Reaping Chakram

    On that i agree. I just realised tho the video you linked in your first post was the umpteenth video of rio showing off a random frame camping a corner with zenistar blocking spawns and dumping zarr rounds down a stairway / chokepoint / whatever. All that while also being sheltered under an ancient specter DR. That takes no amounts of skill. Literally none. Also it doesn't take any "build". You can do the same thing in a banshee with zero surviveability mods and have the exact same amount of success. Now that doesn't necessarily devaluate the whole invulnerable nezha build. I have seen that one in use by people who understand playstyles different than mindless camping with full lockdowns and no risks involved. Again i prefer the other variant but that's beside the point.
  4. Ye terra tusk and nightwatch enemies in onslaught sounds like good fun
  5. Autongnosis

    Welcome back Tenno - Rohice makes things

    It looks really good, cheers 😄 Also respect for the flying focus symbols, they're off to a better place now.
  6. Autongnosis

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Send a PM to the community inbox on the forums. That said the best way would probably still be to send a ticket to support. Not sure why you say that wouldn't work.
  7. Autongnosis

    Mesa prime access good absolutely not

    No mesa needs at least 3000 base armour and 5000 base health, 10000 base energy, an innate 100% boost to all ability metrics and the void orbs passive applied to every enemy instead of just the orbs. Oh, and a small button in the lower left corner that you can click to win the mission rewards without going through the hassle of playing it. /s (in case it wasn't clear enough)
  8. Autongnosis

    We are gods walking.....if we use cheese?????

    I generally run an orthos prime, either built for memestriking if I'm not into meleeing and just want to have an emergency falback, or a standard crit/status hybrid for when i want to melee for real
  9. Autongnosis

    Nezha as Fantastic support with Reaping Chakram

    Oh that much is for sure. Tho what i meant by that is that my oberon prime with 12k-ish eHP isn't a tank by any stretch of the imagination and he survived just fine, the setup i run on nezha has about 8 times the effective health before adaptation so I'm assuming he would have even less of an issue. Let alone for the actual tanks like Mesa, Gara, Trinity, Nidus, Rhino etc. Considering by using health tanking i also get to ditch efficiency entirely i think it's more of a toss up tbh. Both are viable and work quite well. One is more risky during the accumulation phase in that if you mess up you're screwed but then it's riskless, the other is more consistent in risk factor. Also, if you have no eHP to speak of there is a window of opportunity where the enemy can just straight up kill you without triggering invincibility, and it's at a much lower damage output than it is for the eHP tank setup. Again, tbh it's more about preference.
  10. Autongnosis

    Nezha as Fantastic support with Reaping Chakram

    @(PS4)Radehx I'm not sure tbh. I had quite a lot of fun at 2:30h in mot in an oberon and save for nullifiers and the occasional crewman blast at p9int blank range nothing was really one shotting me. I think people tend to grossly overestimate enemy damage and forget about dodging, rolling and other maneuvres to avoid enemy fire partially or entirely, which work well enough even at really high levels (we're talking a few levels shy of 500 here).
  11. Autongnosis

    No more leveling on onslaught!

    Yep i agree on everything but in point: ESO fails for that. It's an AoE DPS arms race where nothing but extreme AoE DPS works. It's also set up in such a way that the problem is the timer and not the enemies which means you're booted out by efficiency when enemies still tickle.
  12. Autongnosis

    Access Bundles VS vets.

    That i fully agree. For instance i still like my affinity booster cause i get to level stuff after the umpteenth reformaing by doing random stuff i enjoy in a still reasonable time, and i hate most keveling nodes (for leveling that is, some are fun for fighting like ESO). Having the option to pick which boosters would still be really good.
  13. Autongnosis

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    1) ye that's basically what i meant by wonky. I was super jazzed when they teased him, went balls to the wall with power range and range on the melee annnnnd... 4m hit range. Wtf. 2) i was saying that more as in, defy being there, survivability mods become unnecessary weight. If you put them in defy becomes not useful, and defy makes them not useful. It's a cycle of opt outs that makes for very uninteresting modding options. Which is a real shame since also other mods do jack S#&$ for him. 3) proud of being a monster. Or are you? Seem to recall albion wasn't populated by monkeys 😄 4) depends, tbh i saw that more as aggro manipulation and defence, not really as an offensive method. Or a creative, player input based DR source.
  14. Autongnosis

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    I'll just drop by with my minimal Wukong playtime to say why i don't enjoy him, more than what i would change. I read your proposals and they don't sound bad at all tbh. The first and foremost thing Wukong needs is to actually respond to modding. Half of his abilities use nothing but efficiency. The rest are either bugged/wonky (range on primal fury) or unreasonably capped. There is literally no reason to build for any ability metric on wukong past efficiency. Unless you like his staff in which case you might want some strenght. That's a huge issue. Even more so because the other big mod group, surviveability, is made completely useless by Defy. Why would i want to build for hp and armour when it's directly counter to how his god mode works. On top of that, his skills do not interact in any way, shape or form. Which is really bad. And as a last note, the model of his staff looks like crap tbh. It's ugly as sin. As fas as your changes go, i think they might be interesting. Tbh i have only two inputs to leave. The first is about Iron Jab. I like your idea of making it into a pounce but tbh i would also add an alternative. You can tap it to pounce at things and do some serious single target damage maybe. Then I'd personally like for a hold cast option that does a frontal tree smash with the staff doing moderate damage and a cone AoE rhino stomp-like lift. You could also use that to make sinergies in his kit, and port that effect to the Promal Fury staff. The other is about defy. I like that you went with the aggro + HP regen way, but an alternative I'd really love to see would be cloning. That could potentially be very fun and could have all sort of interesting mechanics. Peace out.
  15. Autongnosis

    No more leveling on onslaught!

    Drop me a PM in game when you want to do that cause i sorely need company for it and nobody wants to do it...