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  1. Autongnosis

    bring back nezha's healing pulse!

    No it wouldn't. It would overheal everyone and waste 99% of the healing. Orbs can be stacked, which is great. It's also convenient for a number of mods/arcanes that are good to incredibly good (like health conversion, equilibrium etc). Too much burst healing is useless, it's better to get a more consistent and constant stream of health back. Think about Renewal (great ability) vs Well of Life (terrible ability even without considering Blessing). They also added the damage boost to compensate for the loss of burst healing.
  2. He, not so sure about that. I am more of a Night guy tho so my perspective is different, but a +300% str tank/support equinox is nothing to scoff at. Case in point: Why did the quoted post end up INSIDE the spoiler? Wtf?
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you break my heart.
  4. Don't get me started on when i got the strenght bonus on Oberon and the damage bonus on Silva and Aegis... I'm so mad i still haven't managed to catch an Atlas modifier (i missed one or two because of bad luck/timing) because i SO wanna see what hapoens to the Rumblers. An maybe throw in a buffed Nidus and an Equinox in the mix? Now who's TITANIC mofos?
  5. Autongnosis

    anyone still remember Gunblade weapon ?

    If anything the Redeemer completely lacks character. It's a shotgun type gun it could use shotgun status mechanic, or some crit, instead it's flat damage with no other stuff to build upon. Sarpa on the other hand can be built in multiple ways, can actually use combo mechanics, shattering impact, status etc...
  6. Autongnosis

    What are your hopes for Focus 3.0?

    I would love to enable more interplay between operator and frame. I mean, currently the focus works either by directly buffing the operator without affecting the frame or by nodes that are fire and forget buffs like energising dash. I'd rather they work on making nodes do things that make operator and frame work togerher more and do some cool stuff. Ideally the model should be the Kuva Guardians where you use your Operator to do something that enables your frame to do something else.
  7. Autongnosis

    So, what about adaptation?

    He does need some tweaks tho tbh. On tbe mod itself, it's not as broken as it could be, it's still pretty powerful tho. Many frames benefit a ton from that. It does allow for very specific builds that were impossible before, like shield tanks, and an Equinox tank/CC build I've been mulling over for years now. Which imo is good.
  8. Autongnosis

    [DE] power donation is way to broken

    Literally the first thing said in the video is that said bug/exploit has already been patched out...
  9. Autongnosis

    what's the most satisfying weapon you've recently used?

    I have 4 entries: - Latron Prime. Since Rivens were a thing i looked at my baby Latron with different eyes. Long story short i always loved the Latron and it irked me to no end that i couldn't quite get it where it needed to be. Fast forward to rivens and now my Latron has 103% crit chance and i LOVE it. - Rubico Prime. What with the fast reload or i don't know what else, it feels like a hunting rifle more than a sniper. I keep going about with Valkyr *@##$slapping people in the face with hip fire just to turn around and nail a whole row of enemies. It's sooooo good. - Corinth. Best sounding gun in the game, and with a critty you can pull off some ludicrous S#&$ with the airburst. It also looks bulky enough to fit Chroma and Atlas which is just perfect considering most primaries look like toys in their hands. - Glaive Prime. Nothing like landing a 3mln headshot and watch a whole group of extremely overleveled mobs evaporate.
  10. Autongnosis

    Longer Dual Wield Glaive Charged Throw after the Update?

    Actually for me going full charge to release still results in an uncharged throw. As for the timing is definitely messed up, my money is in it not counting attack speed mods anymore. I can't prove it because i have no footage from before but it feels about as long as old charged throw without Primed Fury.
  11. Autongnosis

    A generous community?

    Not sure how ypu can quantify but i have played my fair share of MMO andmor just online games and generally speaking here people are more prone to talking during missions, and to be helpful in general. I've received my fair share of helping hands back in the day, from people explaining things to help in farming primes to actual gifts to people buying long just to help a new guy. So i do the same.
  12. Autongnosis

    Staticor: Splitting primary and charged fire.

    I fully agree. Having a semi auto and a charge trigger type bound to the same key pointlessly cripples the firerate on the semi auto fire. Either a "hold secondary fire for charged attacks" or a "tap secondary fire to switch firing mode" would fit much better.
  13. Autongnosis

    Mara Detron Or Pox For Nidus?

    Depending on the use the answer changes. If you want to use your secondary for damage, the Mara Detron is better. It has comparable status but deals a lot more damage. If you just want a support gun for your 1, the Pox is better. With Fulmination it covers your whole Larva with the cloud and it strips armour fast to all enemies inside.
  14. It's the new spoiler sword from the Chimera Prologue. It gets 2 additional ranks up to 40 for each forma (max of 5) and also has some nifty passives, extra damage to sentients and resetting theyr resistance.
  15. Autongnosis


    I did some mixed testing and while it isn't a miracle mod it's still pretty damn good to be honest. And since the last hotfix fixed the invulnerability bug and touched nothing else I'm about to go on a forma spree ❤️ My Atlas, Chroma, Oberon, Inaros, Khora, Nezha, Saryn, Nidus, Trinity, and Valkyr are about to be much happier as well 😄