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  1. You should run with 2x resource boosters permanently anyway if you're any into riven rolling, otherwise you'll have a terrible time. It's kind of a nice bonus for arbies, tho the drop rate of vitus essence from drones was murdered.
  2. That would be an interesting system actually, might be a bit taxing for matchmaking but it actually could be a nice idea if DE can iron out the rough edges.
  3. I wish there were some challenges also modeled more after the endurance and long term community tho. Not even additional ones, because that could hamper progress for early and mid progression players, but as alternatives - IE you can do the standard two elite weeklies or a set of two different elite weeklies with harder stuff in it.
  4. Because this time it didn't happen, but the last few it was bye bye till 2035 (see khora leveling exploit and other disruption related exploits)
  5. Cause that's definitely better than having access to: - stealth multipliers - condition overload - gladiator mods
  6. Larskpur is a decent fit for ground missions, if you have that on aim crit mod you can also kinda mod for both firemodes separately. It does shine with the explosive mode more since it deals a #*!%ton of AoE dmg, but on armoured enemies it kinda sucks. You need to hose them with the beam mode first. Do bear in mind there are a few things that do NOT work with archguns on the ground for whatever reason, the two biggest being: - they don't proc growing power - they don't benefit from adarza/smeeta crit buffs And i think there's more, but i haven't tested as extensively.
  7. Where's the warframe bingo card thingy when you need it?
  8. My best guess is that it's a side effect of a kinda unrelated fix that allowed to skip a mechanic of the JV raid and also force extraction much faster.
  9. No i meant the bug which allowed you to completely ignore the drain out of bubbles by transfering into a bubble, which left you "inside" the bubble indefinitely. I think the extraction bug is a side effect of that fix. It can probably be reverted.
  10. There is a long standing bug where a frame will get one shot with no apparent or actual reason. It still happens. Happened last week to me as equinox. No clue what causes it. It's not grenades either.
  11. I dunno, they fixed it just fine for the JV decryption phase back in the day. I think they can fix it if they want to, it's just a complex issue.
  12. Yeah, at this point between precepts, damage mods and attack patterns we really should move pets to an 8 mod slot system with a separately moddable "weapon" slot. Just like what Sentinels have.
  13. That's actually true tho. Kuva is the only resource with endless demand in the game. Until you have all rivens rolled to perfection, which means all three stats you want at a max roll with a negative that has no impact, you still "need" kuva. I just found it very baffling that for 3 weeks in a row we didn't get kuva in the store.
  14. While i haven't much to say about ember, other than unless you give some numbers it's impossibile to give feedback on that (particularly for a DPS frame), i must say I'm incredibly disappointed by vauban. The new tesla is a terrible addition to his kit. Why would i want uncontrollable rollers running about on AI controlled paths for a camper. It's a cute idea, but effective? Not so much. The new minelayer grenades are terrifyingly bad. A worse vortex (talk about not having redundancies), bounce 2.0 with no additional use, a generoc damage buff and an incredibly bad AoE dmg grenade? What the #*!%? The old minelayer with all its mechanical problems was better than this. The 3rd skill, also known as generic AoE dmg skill #385926, is just baffling. Why would you cast something lile this when melee and guns exist. And lastly, you combined bastille and vortex losing entire chunks of functionality. I mean, the armour siphon/strip is a cool idea, but why does it also have to come with a drastic reduction in usefulness of the skill? In the process Vauban also completely lost the ability to deal with CC immune enemies like nullifiers, making him into a much worse frame.
  15. Well that might be one reason, the other being that Orokin used terraforming technology that could very well be employed to spike the renew rate of natural resources. On top of that it seems Orokin also knew how to mine asteroids and planetoids in the kuipfer nebula, and how to distill the gas giants' surface strata for materials. Those two resources are hardly gonna ran out in the span of just a millennia.
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