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  1. Not everything needs to be a function of efficiency. Yes, it is easier to do 20 waves 4 times. Some people only do that. I would've quit years ago if that was the only thing this game has to offer. Many people find it fun to just mondlessly bash on underpowered mobs. Some like the thrill of risk and some measure of difficulty instead.
  2. It would actually make her completely broken, but that's for another day. Back to the instant switch and auto block, imo it's better to have instant swap than it is to have that longass equip animation we have. I mean, shortening it up could work but I'll take the proposed change over the current system any day. Also because if you equip melee then start attacking right away it doesn't actually move you into full melee mode until you stop attacking and then complete the equipping animation.
  3. Autongnosis

    Need Advice from Nezha vets (endgame build)

    As others have said, swap out Health Conversion for Adaptation. Because of the cramped fight space, the overabundance of null effects and the predominance of Puncture damage armour mitigation suffers inordinately, particularly when it's tied to a very ability-intensive mechanic like health conversion. Another option is to use the alternative tank setup that focuses on getting the Halo down as fast as possible and exoits the invulnerability phases on cast and on expiry to be invulnerable the large majority of the time.
  4. He, it used to be CC and then CC and then CC actually, thos the meta was less frustratingly hyperactive for sure. I'm not sure how well the traditional RPG system would work here unless DE took down most of their game and rebuilt it at this point, but surely some moderation would be more appreciated. I mean, what can you really do to force player coordination other than puzzles when we can hit a radial dps in the order of tens of millions easily and an eHP level in the billions?
  5. I'm sort of curious how they would handle block mods like guardian derision, and all the block comboes since now rmb puts you back into gun mode. Tho the fact steve said you can interrupt a combo to fire then resume it afterwards it's #*!%ing dope. I must say it's definitely more promising than worrying to me.
  6. Autongnosis

    Is Khora good? Is she worth the plat?

    Khora has: - very good to amazing CC skills - very good healing and defensive support - exceedingly high point defence capabilities - very high to impossibly high resilience via her Venari augment (infinite free revives) - ludicrous AoE damage potential, i regularly crit for upwards of 5mln damage - a very fun and spammy playstyle that's really satisfying; nothing like casting one well placed ensnare on an ESO run and seeing 30+ mobs evaporate on your whiplash It's like someone rolled into one frame the best parts of Oberon, Excalibur and Vauban. She's #*!%ing amazing. That said i still wouldn't recommend spending plat, it's better to just grind her out imo.
  7. I would be very interested in an orbiter expansion with actual personal quarters, not just the single room we have now, considering that from the art showed a couple of years ago we're maybe using 5% of the hull space of the orbiter.
  8. Autongnosis

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    This, so much. The most challenging mission in the game is an Axi fissure or a Nightmare modifier on a T4 void node, because of the stacking damage multipliers. It depends on the perspective tbh. If you are an actual veteran, then no. The one change that was very positive in that note is the Orb Vallis alert level system. Since you dropped out in July you haven't experienced, I'd suggest you give it a go. It's very fun and quite a bit more challenging than mostly everything else currently in game.
  9. Autongnosis

    Hildryn and the problem with Shield Gating

    Arbitrations are hilariously easy, their scaling is so slow you fall asleep long before the enemies get to a challenging level. Inaros is very good at tanking mid level damage without doing anything, so he definitely shines there, but when it comes to really stressing stuff for tanking capabilities he falls flat on his face. The playtime card was played by the other gentleman as a stupid way of trying to undermine an argument, what are you on? On a broader note, if you say that higher levels do not exist for any reasonable purpose, literally any frame can become "as tanky as it gets". What's the point then? People massively overstate the effectiveness and danger level of sortie 3 and below content. I can bring a Banshee there and survive just on redirection no sweat. There is no point in being a tank in this game unless you go past the readily accessible boundaries. The whole conundrum between shield gating and actually improving shields stems not from the content you think it stems from. Because you quite simply don't need that if you don't go further. Shields are perfectly serviceable if the highest lv enemy you see is a sortie enemy. Some player still think this is 2015 and getting to 1 hour in T4 survival is an achievement, and lv 80 enemies are high level. Newsflash, it isn't, and they aren't. If you want to see your potential power stressed you need to go thrice as high now, with most frames starting to feel pressured only at lv 250 odd and higher, and many not being overwhelmed until you go past the high 400 / low 450s on nightmare/T4 content. The narrative of shield gating improving the game because of random instant one shots is a bias induced by confirmation in your brain. It doesn't happen at "sanctioned" levels. Period. Enemies can't do enough damage. What happens is people play like they have an omnipotency delirium, take damage from 7 different sources at once and complain they've been one shot. Shield gating does nothing for that. And pushing this even further, shields need nothing if all you care about is sub lv 110 content. Heck, no health type needs any improvement for that. Even pure armour mitigation against corpus works perfectly fine. If you want to push the shield gating and other health type improvements argument, you need to realise you're not talking about sortie 3 and below, you're talking about lv 250 and above for solo and even further in a grouo.
  10. Autongnosis

    Signs You Play Warframe Too Much

    I agree. I tried Destiny 2 and reinstalled Crysis recently, boi o boi i felt like i was fighting a sea of molass.
  11. Autongnosis

    Hildryn can fly! Who else flies...

    I will be. Not just that. They added a few very important things, on top of (mostly) removing the retarded ragdoll. 1) status chance buff and mod scalability. 2) damage absorbtion. 3) they reworked the way the damage of tornadoes ticks, making it faster. 4) damage and proc transfer on every enemy currently inside the tornado. They turned an unreliable CC ability into a semi-reliably CC ability that can do DPS to completely crazy levels, or be one of the better support skills. I think that's significant enough tbh. Do mind i still agree the flying part of her is still completely broken (in a bad way).
  12. Autongnosis

    Hildryn can fly! Who else flies...

    They did make meaningful changes tho. Particularly on how Tornadoes operate. Zephyr is now much, much better because of it. That said i agree that the flying part is still completely crap, useless and unwieldy to an unwarranted degree. That much is a given. Even just having the hover work like Hildrin's would be good enough. We shall see.
  13. While i can sympathise with those people because i was in the same situation a couple of years back, that is no way of deciding a direction for game design. It's the sad truth, but appealing to the lowest common denominator (performance wise in this case) only cripples potential development. And as a note of reference, any rig that cannot enter the plains to leech through 5 teralyst caps will have huge issues on both Lua and Kuva Fortress tilesets, so those people are already locked out of story content.
  14. Autongnosis

    Melee 3.0 Scaling Air Slam

    Fully agree on more damage, not so much more ragdolling. Maybe i would increase damage and ground slam radius, but keep the knockback consistent. It's not fun to throw away enemies from your bigass sword.
  15. Autongnosis

    Sargus Ruk for Sorties is too Difficult

    ??? You mean that nowadays people find stuff way harder than it actually is because they do not understand the damage system?