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  1. Overall feel of the frame is that you must constantly be spamming abilities with virtually no downtime. No time to fire weapons or even make use of the 4 ability. My assumption with the design is that Protea can create an entrenched defensive area where she can sally forth in time loop and always return to her fortress. I think this would make a unique style of defensive frame with her 4 as a way of taking the fight to the enemy. Grenade Fan: Scale the damage and max the instances to avoid visual overload. I feel like 3 instances is the right number for locking down cardinal points (assuming turret has the 4th). Blaze Artillery: The timeout on turret is way too aggressive especially with the casting animations. Give it a duration stat and 3 instances or remove the cone and restrict to 1 instance. Tone back the damage bonus and scale it to enemies or leave the damage bonus and let it ramp up similar to Mesa. Dispensary: Good but always dispenses in the same order. Increasing the interval and dropping all at once would improve the downtime and make it semi viable when on the move (see Wisp) Temporal Anchor: With the above changes Temporal Anchor makes a lot more sense. It allows movement between safe and unsafe zones with a measure of certainty that you will always be coming back to your personal fortress. Without the changes Temporal Anchor feels like wasted time not spamming your abilities.
  2. Railjack - Weapon Fusion wiped bonus on other equipped weapon TYPE: Railjack Fusion DESCRIPTION: Using the new weapon fusion on my primary weapon it replaced my secondary weapon with a dupe of the primary and left a reverted secondary in my inventory VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: Select the secondary weapon category of your Railjack (this weapon should have a fused bonus already). Then select the primary weapon shown. Now click on the fusion button at the bottom and select a weapon to fuse. Type FUSE in the text box and it replaces the secondary weapon with a copy of the primary. Your old secondary will revert to a non fused state if it was fused already. EXPECTED RESULT: Should have left both weapons fused as expected. OBSERVED RESULT: Duped the primary weapon and reverted the secondary to a non fused state. REPRODUCTION RATE: Did not repro. Was not willing to fuse then lose again just to test. Note: Best temp fix might be to lock out the fusion button when selecting the opposing weapon slot (ie: primary selected, lock secondary)
  3. Update is nice QoL for Archwing missions. Melee is viable for me again and my weapons can actually kill enemies in Railjack. I did notice that you can no longer boost with a melee weapon equipped though. It's a major issue when in Railjack high level missions since slow flight = death by a billion missiles. This makes it difficult to transition from melee back to range weapon without a protracted animation all while being unable to boost. Please give us back boost with melee or at least allow ranged transition to be instant.
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