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  1. As an Ivara main I can concur that her Stealth nerfs are a bit much condsidering she is slowed and has forced drain. Loki was given auto stealth on all weapons with consideration for this exact problem. It makes sense to have the stealth mechanic of all frames use the same rules (Ash, Loki, Octavia...) The worst is that the large Raknids can still see through all stealth. With no indicators they can see you there is no possible way to know if these enemies are supposed to break stealth or are just bugged. Making the Silent mod be useable on Arch-Guns would probably go a long way to helping out with Ivara's issues or even maybe give Arch-Guns another mod to slot in. They could use some love in that department already.
  2. Been farming since morning and ran into a lot of other players who have run a large number of Mission 2's with absolutely no sign of Atmo drops at all. I've gotten plenty of every other item on the table including Repellers but not a single Atmo. Seems a bit suspect after so many runs. Probably needs a look.
  3. There is a thread on this in the Fortuna forums. Tombfinger AoE splash only fires in a backwards cone from the impact point. That's why you won't see AoE damage the target you hit or anything behind it. You can test this in the Simulacrum with groups. Shooting beside or behind targets will cause AoE (only radiation damage). The impact and puncture only occurs on targets hit by the projectile.
  4. Atlas is immune to knockdown while touching ground which helps but it's only one Warframe. I've noticed that having good group comp is extremely helpful in Orb Vallis which allows you to mitigate some of the issues brought by the stagger/knockdown enemies. It really makes playing with good tactics a part of the game that hasn't existed prior. In the end it does make reaching level 4 alert a highly dangerous proposition. Probably best to straight up avoid level 4 unless you are set up to handle it and expect to eventually lose to attrition.
  5. Whelp. Since the recent update I've run into spawning at the start when joining a public game instead of near the host. Door lag seems worse now. Host migration soft locked the game... I thought some of these were fixed.
  6. Keep up the hard work DE heroes. We're all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice.
  7. Hotfix push continues to break game while in mission. Please just kick me from the game when hotfixes are going live. Saves on time.
  8. Hotfix made my account unable to update after a mission. Not a big loss but I hope you didn't break the hotfix system.
  9. Seems like the Air mechanic itself and the enemy scaling is the issue that causes camping in the first place. My solution would be to add secondary fail mechanics into the game that forced movement and the sense of frantic wars against time. Perhaps add some kind of bomb that would depressurize the whole ship causing a set loss of air so that you have to choose between losing seconds or staying safe? Solo to group scaling could even include increasing instances of bombs or having multiples appear. Lastly reduce infinite scaling and cap time allowed by stopping spawns at a certain time limit (so it follows the listed enemy ranks). This also makes things like keys more normalized so you can craft a key drop rate and know what kind of reward is possible. It should be better for you to normalize challenge and allow you tailor the experience.
  10. Divas always arrive fashionably late.
  11. I have to take slight umbrage with this big update considering the Xbox (read Microsoft) controller support being still mostly broken in most menus and hacking mini-games. Does this mean Xbox controller support will no longer continue improving? Was there ever a timeline on matching PC to console level controller support? I may be a second class citizen as a controller pleb but this feels like really bad optics from a player perspective. PS: I do not own a Steam controller so I cannot speak to it's implementation but I am under the impression that it is fundamentally a different control system than a standard gamepad (Xbox, Logitech or any of the other reputable gamepads).
  12. Trying to run Derelict Survival for the Nova Prime Systems and rotation C continues to drop Tower II keys. Is this supposed to happen?
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