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  1. This has always been a major issue that was ignored for new Warframes and reworks. Directional control and powers are on the same thumb. It's why I posted about speed power and direction on the same thumb. It makes most power use impossible while steering.It also makes aimed powers nearly impossible to use while moving with a controller. Gauss could use a form of glancing hit directional adjustment to smooth out navigation. Make his 1 a modal effect and have the blast on end regardless if it is manually activated or when you are stopped due to clipping. Glancing angle can set a threshold for when he "bounces" or "stops and explodes".
  2. This is a steering issue not a power issue. In most maps you will not be able to speed run without having to adjust direction almost immediately. It makes no sense that this power is not modal anyways. I'd be surprised if anyone uses the burst move except in extreme cases or misfires of the full run. Plus modal would be able to simulate the burst with a double press or looking just aiming at a solid object. Arcwings were the same issue. Boost and steering on the same thumb. I don't feel unjustified in my disappointment after fighting for years to fix arcwing just to see a Warframe have the exact same issue.
  3. Short version you have hold for power to run fast while steering is done from the same hand. It's the same issue that took years to fix with Arcwing controls. This needs to be a modal power or we need to start talking about custom controls per Warframe again. I'm disappointed we are still seeing a Warframe that I'm essentially locked out of playing unless I set up a weird controller config. Not sure how this will even make it to console without the standard control setup making Gauss's basic functions nearly impossible to use. I hope someone at DE can get on this right away. It's a really big feels bad man after the history of controller last development.
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